Cherry tattoos: the most attractive meaning

Are you a fan of tattoos? Surely yes, it is a body art to which more and more followers are added. It is not for less, a tattoo is a work of art but also a way of expressing how we are and how we feel. Have you ever stopped to think what does a cherry tattoo mean? In Diario Femenino we are going to tell you about it, but … a hint before we start: it has a lot to do with femininity and natural beauty. You will see how curious!

It does not have just one but several, and the thing also depends on whether it is large or small and whether it is accompanied by other elements such as the cherry blossom, stars or swallows. Tattoos of this type have become very fashionable lately, not only because they are very popular, but also because they are an expression and a work of art. So let’s see the meanings attributed to a cherry tattoo. You will love it!

+ Fertility, purity and true love

Cherries and therefore tattoos of this style located anywhere on the body signify fertility, chastity, innocence, marriage and also purity. In turn, it refers to true love, that which they say is only found once in a lifetime, because, being a fruit of red or garnet color and sweet taste, they are a clear reflection of these innate feelings and passions to be human.

+ Natural beauty

Can there be something more beautiful and more natural than a cherry blossom? Exact! This is another meaning of cherry tattoos: the natural beauty that human beings have, especially theirs because this flower served and serves as an ornament for many women in certain regions of Asia. What does it sound like to have seen more than one girl with cherry decorations in her hair? Well, you know why.

+ Lovers in love

Some say that another symbol of this type of design speaks of lovers, especially if the two have a small tattoo in the same place. And there are those who say that really two cherries alone symbolize the lips of a lover and the desire to meet his other halfTherefore, there is also a certain erotic connection.

Now that we are clear about what a cherry tattoo means, we can only see the symbolism of some specific designs, the most popular and the ones you like the most.

If the tattoo of the cherries It’s in the tree represents the innocence of a girl, in many regions it is even associated with virginity or chastity. If the cherry is represented tree fall talk about the changes what are to come around the couple.

The tattoos in which it is seen a cherry and a mouth or a hand that plucks a cherry from a tree, besides love, they speak of passion, eroticism and desire.

When the cherry tattoo is surrounded by flames, then it will be clearly symbolizing desire and lust.

There are more classic designs, which were very fashionable a few years ago, in which the cherry is surrounded by stars, flowers and / or swallows small in size. In these cases, cherries are still the main object of the tattoo, however, it must be added to what has already been said the meaning of interest in nature, birds, the outdoors and the desire to be able to fly and leave the earthly.

He cherries tattoo It is a very attractive tattoo and although more women usually do it, it can also be a good idea for men. What matters is that the meaning has a lot of symbolism for the person who gets this tattoo so that they do not tire of seeing it as the years go by on their skin.

Have you been surprised the meaning of cherry tattoos? Would you get one? Let us know!

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