Celebrities who regretted their tattoos

Getting tired of a tattoo or wanting to remove it for its meaning is quite common. Many celebrities have gone through this process for one reason or another and there are also many who have retouched or covered his tattoos to get rid of them the fast way. Here are some of the celebrities who regretted their tattoos.

+ Tattooed for love

Eva Longoria He used the laser to erase his ex-husband from his skin.

While Heidi klum changed Seal’s name to stars.

Melanie Griffith he made up his famous ‘Antonio’ and covered it with sticking plaster for a time.

Angelina Jolie The dragon and the ‘Billy Bob’ on his shoulder were first laser erased and then covered with the coordinates of the birthplaces of all his children.

That of Johnny Deep it is without a doubt the worst option of all, at least in the way he carried it out. The actor decided to transform his ‘Winona Forever’ in ‘Wino forever’ that is, ‘drunk forever’ and the ‘Slim’ (‘skinny’) that was done by Amber Heard in a ‘Scum’ (‘scum’) when he separated from her.

+ Repent of the meaning

One of the most famous cases in Spain is that of Dani Martin, who covered a “boy” with a black arrow.

Kelly Osbourne A keyboard that he carried on his arm and that was made when he played that instrument (and which he did not even approach) has also been deleted.

The same has happened to Mark Wahlberg. The actor was tattooed a portrait of Bob Marley and the Wild Cat and they have already disappeared from their skin.

+ Superstitions

Megan fox he decided to erase the tattoo he was wearing Marilyn Monroe because I thought it was drawing negative energy.

Something similar must have thought Britney Spears when he passed through the laser the Hebrew letters on his neck, which meant “responsibility and control over his own life.” After going through some very hard moments in his life, he took it off and curiously, it is now when he seems to have regained control of it.

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