Can I get tattooed if I am taking antibiotics?

Black and white or full color tattoos, small ones that go unnoticed or large that attract attention as soon as you see them … More and more people are encouraged to get a tattoo, or two, because, they say, once you start You can't stop anymore. Can I get a tattoo if I am taking antibiotics? What if I am going to have surgery in a few days? Is it advisable to tattoo while having a cold? We answer all your questions.

According to tattoo experts, the best thing is not being medicated when it comes to getting a tattoo, it is more, if you just finished with a treatment, you must wait at least 4 days so that the medicine has been completely removed from the body. There are certain types of medications that have very little influence when getting a tattoo, but there are many others that do, as is the case with broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Antibiotics make the blood more liquid during and a few days after treatment. So if you get a tattoo, it could be dangerous and the drawing would not be well done since the blood would interfere with the ink.

We know that you may really want to get the tattoo that you have been thinking for a long time, and we also know that there are antibiotics that are taken for 10 days and others that are prescribed for a month, but the best thing is wait to completely end the treatment to get the tattoo You can ask your tattoo artist and tell him your case, as well as go to the doctor to inform you properly. It will be they who tell you in detail the steps to follow and why, keep in mind that each medication is different and has its own characteristics.

In this case, something similar to what we have said in the previous point occurs. If you are constipated, it is best to wait for recover completely. Think that your defenses are lower and that you could be more exposed to a possible infection during or after getting the tattoo.

At the same time, if you have the rule, you will be more sensitive and more exposed to pain. Again, wait for the period to get your tattoo removed, nothing happens if you already had the appointment and you have to postpone it for a few days. Remember that it is not going to help you take painkillers, it is proven that they do not help relieve the pain of the tattoo, moreover, certain substances present in them can even affect the blood.

Whether surgery is necessary because you are sick or it is a cosmetic surgery operation, It is not advisable to do any tattoo the days before the operation or after. During the pre-operative phase you should be as careful as possible, think that the last thing you want is to have to worry about an infection caused by a tattoo.

You will have already informed yourself of the risks of any operation, and you will also know that the organism is more exposed to possible infections and complications. For this reason, it is better wait until you are one hundred percent recovered of surgery

In general, doctors recommend doing repose after an operation before recovering normal life. Depending on your case, you must wait a month or two Before getting the tattoo you had in mind, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor to tell you the instructions that you have to respect.

First health, then tattoos.

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