Can I get tattooed before (or after) an operation? Risks and indications

Tattoos, those drawings that we make on the skin and that show a part of our personality or our tastes, are increasingly fashionable. That is why we strive so much that you take into account each and every one of the necessary considerations before getting a tattoo. Can I get a tattoo if I have a date for an operation or surgery? Lets go see it!

Get a tattoo before an operation: yes or no?

One of the most frequent questions regarding tattoos is whether one can be asked before an operation or surgery. The answer is a definit no. So if you had an appointment with a tattoo artist and they have already called you for the operation that they had programmed you, you will have to cancel and postpone the tattoo. The reason? The risk of skin infection.

When you get a tattoo, this is something that you already know, the skin is more sensitive and is exposed to possible infections, something to avoid at all costs if you are going to have surgery in the next few days. The skin is not in the optimal conditions to face a surgical intervention. No tattoos or any other skin treatment like that if you have an operation date.

Another reason why you should not get a tattoo on any area of ​​the skin if you are going to have surgery in a few days is because of the risk of infection. If there is any complication and the tattoo becomes infected, the operation will have to be postponed, something that is not recommended at all. The first is the first!

When you are going to have surgery, you must be in the best possible conditions, your skin must be taken care of and without risk of infection and your mood should be healthy. Nothing to have to be thinking if you made a mistake when getting that nice tattoo ahead of time.

How long should I wait to get a tattoo after an operation?

It is seen then that you should not tattoo before the operation, it is then that you begin to wonder if you can make the drawing that you like so much once the surgical process is over. Of course, but since the skin is also exposed during those days, you must wait until you are fully recovered from the operation. Do not hesitate to consult with your doctor, he will give you the exact guidelines to which you should pay special attention.

Depending on the type of operation, you must keep postoperative rest for at least a month or two. Once you have recovered your normal activity and the doctor tells you that you are fully recovered, you can think about getting the tattoo that you had to postpone.

Remember that it is not advisable to get a tattoo on the lower back, on the wrists or on any freckles. This could prevent you from getting injections or the corresponding treatments if you have to be intervened again on another occasion.

How to care for the freshly made tattoo: basic recommendations

Do we see the basic recommendations to follow once you have done the tattoo you wanted so much? We present some key points that you should keep in mind:

+ Cover with a dressing or a transparent film for no more than two hours as you do to protect it. Once you get home, take it off and start taking care of it.

+ Wash with warm water and neutral soap.

+ Apply the moisturizer indicated by your tattoo artist.

+ See a doctor if you see any signs of infection such as fever, pain or inflammation in the area of ​​the tattooed skin.

The healing processes they are slow and vary from person to person so you will have to follow these steps all the time it takes to heal your tattoo.

Health is not at odds with beauty! [/ embed]

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