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Did you know that in many cultures the heart was believed to be a fundamental part of the soul? And not only that, but he was also the one who marked the path to feelings and reason as well. A belief that is undoubtedly still very present today as there are many representations that are still made of hearts, including tattoo designs. Do you know what the heart tattoos? In Diario Femenino we tell you the romantic and deep meaning of these tattoos and we also talk about the types that exist to serve as an idea and source of inspiration in your next design. You’re going to love it!

The simple shape of a single-stroke heart or the perfection of an anatomical heart, in truth, means it all: life, dreams, love, feelings, freedom and passion for oneself and towards the loved one . In Diario Femenino we have created a kind of dictionary with the deep meaning of heart tattoos and also of the most popular types that there are, knowing them will give you clues as to whether this design is going to be the next one you have on your skin.

+ True love

What does a tattoo of a heart represent? Well, what you already know very well: true love. If it bears a letter or a name, it speaks of true love to a specific person, if only the heart is drawn it can speak of love in general, that which we all long to have in our lives sooner or later. Some even say that it serves as some kind of good luck charm To attract love, what is an idea that sounds great?

+ Love for life

Love of loved ones and also love of life; A tattoo of a heart represents the infinite love for life and for the beautiful things that it gives us. In turn, it serves to remind us that, despite the bad times, life is a treasure that should always be valued.

+ A heart tattoo speaks of dreams

They say that those who wear a tattoo of hearts are dreamy people, with the feet on the ground, but dreamy, it is not for less because this type of tattoos is also attributed the meaning of dreams innate to human beings. What would you say are your most cherished dreams? You don’t have to say them out loud, just say it for yourself, as an exercise and reflection.

+ A heart tattoo represents freedom

Love, dreams and also freedom. Apparently different meanings but that are really united. Heart tattoos represent freedom and the desire to fly in search of destiny, especially if it is a design that has large wings in bright colors.

Now that we know what the meaning of a heart tattoo is, we can go on to see the types that there are and what is the nuance of each one of them, attentive, that more than one will surprise you.

one Winged heart

As we told you before, a tattoo of a winged heart symbolizes freedom and the desire to love in freedom. In turn, it speaks of the free spirit. These designs are usually done in color and in large size.

two Broken heart

Do you know someone who wears a tattoo of a broken heart? Well, you should know that it is most likely that he did it after a relationship that did not work out. These types of tattoos are usually accompanied by a phrase in Latin or English. The variant is a bleeding heart that refers to lost love.

3 A design with daggers

If the dagger is next represents braveryIf it pierces the heart, it speaks, once again, of the pain in the face of lack of love. This design was widely used by soldiers and the military.

4 Real or anatomical heart

Many times the heart is represented in its simple form, as if it were a child’s drawing, however, other times it is drawing as a faithful representation of a real heart. In this case, symbolizes passion, health and courage.

5 Colorful heart

Heart tattoos in a color other than red have a duality as they can refer to life and death, happiness and sadness. Only the owner of the tattoo will be able to get you out of doubt.

6 And if it is a design with details …

The tattoo of a heart can be represented alone or with details such as a key, a flower or an amulet. Here we must mention the lives of two lovers who are united by destiny; romanticism and the purest feelings.

7 Three hearts tattoos

This particular tattoo symbolizes the past, present and future. You can talk about both love and the experiences of each one. What is a design that draws a lot of attention? Well now you will no longer have doubts about its meaning!

8 On a scale

A tattoo of a heart on one scale and a brain on the other symbolizes the balance between reason and feelings. It can be a simple heart or one with a geometric shape.

9 Single stroke

Simple, pretty and minimalist, single stroke heart tattoos express love for oneself and for those who have formed and are part of our life. There are even those that are blurred because they are also a nod to the past and to those who are no longer with us.

10 Intertwined hearts tattoos

In black and white or in color, these types of designs are linked to two people who love each other with a sincere and pure love, common is that the other person wears the same tattoo of two intertwined hearts.

The best place to get a heart tattoo is the one you want, however, it is worth knowing the most appropriate areas depending on the size of the tattoo, it will give you a clue to know how you want yours.

+ In the back. Perfect if it is large, with color and with ornaments.

+ On the wrist. For the simple and small, it can be accompanied by another design.

+ Ankle. Other very popular area for tattoos of this type. Simple, very beautiful and very easy to hide if you wish.

+ On the fingers. You can do it on one finger or on several and make it a design that complements each other, it will look great on you!

+ In the leg. In this case the tattoos can be larger. It is a very attractive area, so choose your design well, lest you regret it later.

+ In the shoulder. Very appropriate for a design of a heart tattoo because of its closeness to the chest, if you get one in color it will be very beautiful and elegant.

What do you think the meaning of heart tattoos? Can you tell which one is your favorite?

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