8 small tattoos for women

8 small tattoos for women

There are a variety of designs of perfect tattoos for women. Depending on the tastes of each, the chosen tattoo can be that of a bird, a moon, a flower, and so on. To end up opting for one or the other it is important that you think a little about your preferences, your tastes and your way of seeing the world, because, in this way, you can choose a drawing that, over time, continues to mean something to you. Avoid fashions and opt for a personalized tattoo, adapted to your tastes and in an area that you like about your body is of vital importance to always feel comfortable with it. In this article, how are we going to give you 8 small tattoos for women They can be an inspiration and help you choose the best design for you.

Small flower tattoos

If you are looking for inspiration to be able to become a small tattoo You should know that, among women, floral motifs or details of nature are a very recurring choice. Since ever the flowers have been related to beauty and femininityThat is why many women choose to tattoo a small flower somewhere on their body and thus be more related to nature and beauty.

There are many types of flowers that you can make: wild flowers such as roses, tulips, lilies, etc., flowers from medicinal plants such as lavender or, also, another type of design that, in addition to the natural sense, has another meaning more spiritual as is the lotus flower. In this other article of a How we tell you the meaning of the lotus flower tattoo.

8 small tattoos for women - Small flower tattoos


Heart tattoo for women

The hearts are also small tattoos for women They can be perfect in any area of ​​the body. In addition, because it is a simple design, you can choose to make it a very small size, such as the first image, or one that is more medium and that you can combine different sizes.

Given the roundness of its forms, it is a tattoo that will fit perfectly in any part of your body. And what does it mean? It can be a symbol of the love that reigns in the world, of the good feelings, of the love you feel towards yours, and so on.

8 small tattoos for women - Hearts tattoo for women

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Anchor tattoo for women

One of the most fashionable tattoos today and that is perfect for any part of the body is the anchor tattoo. It is a design that has multiple meanings, for example, it is a sign that can remind you of your family, your home, your "anchor" in the world, and so on. Above all, this is a good tattoo for people who live far from their family or in another country and the tattoo reminds them that, wherever they go, their anchor goes with it.

If a couple gets this tattoo, the meaning adopts more romantic connotations since what you are indicating is that your anchor is the other person, your partner is your foothold, your home, your place of safety in the world. For this reason, a couple can take it but also some sisters, friends, and so on. In this other article of a How we tell you in detail what is the meaning of anchors tattoos.

8 small tattoos for women - Anchor tattoo for women

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A small wolf tattoo

Wolves are also perfect tattoos to decorate a part of your skin. It is a design that can acquire different sizes and if you only choose to draw the face of the animal, you can put it in areas as original as the finger or ankle.

This tattoo can offer many meanings: from being a symbol of night, darkness and mystery to signifying the loyalty and love you feel for your family, partner or friends since wolves move in packs. In this other article we discover the meaning of wolf tattoos so you can decide whether or not it fits with you.

8 small tattoos for women - A small wolf tattoo


Elephant Tattoo

Another of the small tattoos for women that we have selected for you is that of the elephant, an animal that is revered by Asian cultures such as the Hindu or the Thai but that, also, has multiple symbolic meanings and, therefore, is ideal for tattooing the skin.

Also, let's not forget that it is a very beautiful animal and that it has a trunk and beautiful and giant ears, so you can give the game a lot of play. Among its most common meanings it highlights that the elephant brings good luck, especially if the trunk is up; but it is also a symbol of wisdom (elephant memory) and strength. In this other article you will see all the meanings of elephant tattoos.

8 small tattoos for women - Elephant Tattoo

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Bird tattoo

Many women choose to decorate their body with a bird or several that are flying through the skies. It is one of the most common tattoos there is and the reason is that it has a very suggestive symbolism: symbolizes freedom. That a bird undertakes the flight can be understood as a person embarking on the flight, open its wings and rise to the heavens to live as he likes.

It is a sign of freedom but, also, it can mean beauty, independence or have more spiritual connotations as if the bird were an animal related to God since it can fly over the heavens. In this other article we offer you the meaning of bird tattoos.

8 small tattoos for women - Bird tattoo


A small moon

Within most recurring tattoos in recent times, the moon stand out above others. Why? It is clear that it is a tattoo that we have always seen on the body of many people and, in fact, could be considered the "old school". But the designs that were traditionally seen in the bodies were those of the moon in waning or rising phase but never a full moon, much less the moon phases.

Now this type of tattoo is in fashion and we can see many women with a small moon somewhere in their body or with all the phases drawn on the back, on the arm, on the leg, and so on. In this other article we discover the meaning of moon tattoos.

8 small tattoos for women - A small moon

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Small tattoos with phrases or words

Phrases or words are also often part of tattooed bodies. Many people decide to tattoo a message to never forget it and be part of it: inspirational phrases, optimistic words, words that describe you … There are many phrase ideas for tattoos, even short phrases for women tattoos that you can choose for yourself and, the choice of it, will depend on your way of thinking and seeing life.

From simple words like "smile" (smile) to longer phrases like "believe in yourself", "never stop dreaming", "life is beautiful", and so on. Search, research and choose the message you want to record on your skin to never forget it.

8 small tattoos for women - Small tattoos with phrases or words

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