59 ideal phrases to tattoo on the neck in Spanish, Latin and English

Do you also like tattoos? Surely your answer is a resounding yes, and surely also that you are looking for and capturing ideas and designs for your next tattoo. In Diario Femenino we have prepared a very special selection with the 59 ideal phrases in Spanish, Latin and English to tattoo on the neck, all of them with their own meaning. Do not stop reading because you are about to find your favorite.

The phrases that you are going to read here are perfect for a nice neck tattoo, in addition, they all come with their translation and their meaning. Before you start reading the phrases for a neck tattoo keep these considerations in mind:

– The sentences should be short because the neck has little space.

– Compare before choosing this or that font, only then can you find the one you like the most.

– Think if you just go tattoo the phrase or if you are also going to accompany it with a small drawing.

– Go to a studio that meets all the requirements and try to get to know your tattoo artist a little to see if he really inspires confidence. This rule is valid for your neck tattoo and all the others that you are going to do.

Now yes, it is time to see the best phrases for a neck tattoo, We started!

one Be happy

Translation: be happy. You can add: here and now

two One day at a time

To live it and enjoy it to the fullest

3 Family is everything

A tattoo that you can get on your neck as a reminder

4 The force is with me

Today and always, only then can I be invincible.

5 Seeing is believing

A fun phrase that is sure to become the favorite of more than one.

6 If you imagine it is possible

And since our imagination has no limits …

7 You are my destiny

What sentence so romantic!

8 Nothing is forever

Live in the moment because you don’t know how long it will last.

9 Never give up

Translation: never give up.

10 I am everything

To me and my loved ones, and they are everything to me.

eleven Life goes on

A motivating phrase where they exist.

12 Everything happens for a reason

A perfect phrase to write on the neckDon’t you think

13 This is life

Philosophical phrases are also a favorite to get a nice tattoo.

14 Love me for who I am

Translation: Love me for what I am.

fifteen The moment is now

Don’t hesitate to make the most of it!

16 I wish you were always here

A phrase that is a nod to that person who occupies a special place in your heart.

17 I am the protagonist of my story

So I decide what will happen next.

18 My life is mine, only mine

And nobody else. Of course yes!

19 Life tries to think big

And also to act big

twenty Magic lives in me

And in my heart.

twenty-one Whatever you do, do it for you

Only then can you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

22 You will never succeed if you don’t take the elevator

It is a funny phrase that is well worth choosing for tattooDon’t you think

2. 3 Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom

Translation: Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom

Let’s now look at some short phrases in Latin suitable for a neck tattoo.

24 Alea iacta is

Translation: The die is cast.

25 Omnia vincit love

Translation: Love conquers all.

26 Beatus ille

Translation: Happy that time.

27 Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus

TranslationLet’s enjoy it while we are still young.

28 In extremis

Translation: In the last moments. (Only for the most daring)

29 Plus ultra

Translation: Beyond.

30 Come, vidi, vici

Translation: I came I saw I conquered. (It is sure that you already knew it)

31 Nune aut nunquam

Translation: Now or never.

32 De gustibus et colon bus non est disputandum

Translation: There is no dispute about tastes and colors.

33 Delirium tremens

Translation: Delirium and trembling.

3. 4 Ad hoc

Translation: For a specific purpose.

35 Forest fortuna adiuvat

Translation: Fortune smiles on the brave.

We close the compilation of phrases for a neck tattoo with this listing. It will be difficult to choose just one as a favorite!

36 Who controls the media, controls the mind

The mind is super powerful. You just have to believe in it.

37 I’d give everything I know, for half of what I don’t know

An anonymous phrase that is absolutely right in the world.

38 Happiness is facing fears

And you how brave What are you going to do?

39 Life is simple

And it is also full of wonderful things.

40 Before speaking think

Before choosing, look at all your options.

41 Thinking is easy, how difficult is acting

What do you also think that this phrase is absolutely right?

42 Learn to learn from your own mistakes

Only then will you guide your steps on the right track.

43 I have a wonderful mind

Of course yes!

44 The moonlight is the best there is

We are lovers of the night.

Four. Five The stars are friends of the sun

What a beautiful phrase!

46 Well done is better than well said

Translation: Well done is better than well said. It is a phrase by Benjamin Franklin.

47 Once you choose hope, anything’s possible

Translation: When you choose hope, everything is possible

48 Never leave home without saying I love you

Sometimes we forget how important it is to say this phrase every day.

49 My whole universe revolves around me

It couldn’t be any other way.

fifty Love and happiness is everything in this life

So they must be your goals.

51 If you could make one wish, what would it be?

The tattoos they can also be for thinking and reflection.

52 Happiness must be earned

Only then can we be totally happy.

53 Dreams guide my steps

Ours too. Without a doubt, a phrase that will become the favorite of a dreamer like you.

54 The little things are the ones that really matter

It is there that the meaning of existence is found.

56 May your thoughts never torment you

No one can hurt you as much as your own thoughts.

57 Life wouldn’t be the same without you

Let each one think of the name of that special person.

58 The truth sets us free

Sure that you have also heard this phrase more than once.

59 It is time to discover what my path is

A phrase to be tattooed on your neck in small letters and to read every day in front of the mirror.

Have you already chosen which of these phrases is the one you are going to tattoo on the neck?

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