58 inspirational phrases to tattoo with your best friend: always together!

Sample phrases to get a tattoo with your best friend
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As the famous saying goes, who has a friend has a treasure. And, what would we do without those friends who love us so much? Those people who, although not linked by family ties, unite you much more than that. You consider yourself sisters, and whatever happens you will be together.

For many years that have passed, however difficult things may have been, you have remained united in the face of any adversity. And we are sure that you have no words left to thank that great friend for everything she does for you, just like you for her.

What better than getting a tattoo that represents you? Something that is engraved on your skin and that reminds you of each other forever. But, there is still more: what if instead of a drawing it is a phrase? How good it sounds! To help you in your choice, we have chosen 58 inspirational phrases to tattoo with your best friend. Surely, once you read them all, you won't know which one to choose … Always together!

1 You multiply my smiles … And you reduce my sorrows

We are going to propose an idea that you surely like. What do you think if you tattoo the first sentence and your friend the second or vice versa? You will have a very cool tattoo that you can boast a lifetime.

two Having you by my side is the best thing that happened to me

Surely thousands of good things have happened to you in your life, but there is nothing better than having your best friends around.

3 We do not remember days, we remember moments

Translation: we do not remember days we remember moments

Surely you remember all the times you have spent with your great friend, and we are more than sure that it is those memories that make you happier.

4 Keep your friend under the key of your own life

William Shakespeare is the author of this wonderful phrase about the value of friendship and, above all, the value of keeping your friends.

5 Always with you

'Always with you' tattoo for your best friend and you
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Translation: always with you

A phrase of the simplest and simplest, but that has an enormous meaning in his words. Are you always going to be together? Get this tattoo!

6 The sister I never had

If it has happened that you don't have sisters and your best friend doesn't have one, you can tattoo this phrase. Despite not having had the luck to have a blood sister, at least you have met … And that is very valuable.

7 Friends are fellow travelers who help us move forward on the path of a happier life

It is practically impossible to achieve happiness while being alone. Your friends, your partner or your family can help you get it.

8 Friends are angels who give you wings when yours do not remember how to fly

When you go through a bad time, the people who remain by your side are your friends and your family. Never forget your friendship!

9 A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

Good friends are able to make you see life in a way that you would never think you would see. And they sweeten your way!

10 Friendship does not need words

Silence is sometimes the best ally of people. And although there are people who do not understand them, surely your best friend fully understands each and every time you say nothing.

eleven Friendship is to do for another person what would be done for oneself

Surely by reading this sentence you have thought about that best friend you love so much. And surely for her you would do everything you would like them to do with you.

12 Do not let me fall

You can print this simple phrase on your skin in any part of the body, as it is very discreet and simple. How about?

13 The road to a friend's house is never too long

The distance between your two places of residence will never be too much because at every step you take you will be more excited to see your great friend.

14 Friends are those who stand up when your wings disappear

There are times in life that we go through very bad times, so much that it is impossible for us to follow our path of life. But there are our friends to pull us all that is needed.

fifteen Onde estiver … I'll be with you

Nice tattoo to do with your best friend
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Translation: Where are you I will be with you

Wherever you go, whatever you do, trips where you travel, your best friend and you are going to be together forever. And this tattoo means exactly that, so if you dare, do it because you're going to look great.

16 Difficult roads often lead to beautiful Destinations

Translation: Difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful places

This phrase can perfectly define your friendship, just as you can talk about your own life, don't you think?

17 There is no harm that 100 years last nor friend that shame does not cure

The friends are those people who encourage us even though we think that our whole world has collapsed. The penalties, with friends, are less penalties.

18 Friendship is a shadow that will accompany you for the rest of your life

Friends are those people who one day come into your life and, if they are real, they will never leave it.

19 I carry your heart with me

Translation: I carry your heart with me

As much distance as there are between two friends, they are always together in their hearts. Do you agree with this phrase?

twenty You draw the most beautiful smiles on me

These words can serve both your best friend and your partner or a special person, don't you think? Surely they all cause you huge smiles with so much ease.

twenty-one One step at a time

Translation: one step at a time

Even if you are separated or your lives have taken a completely different path, you will always walk at the same time.

22 A friend is the image you have of yourself

We usually have friends who look a lot like us, right? Believe it or not, you should look at your best friends and you will know how to see yourself in them.

2. 3 A true friend will always arrive on time

When you have a problem or anything happens to you and you need your best friend, she is the first to be there. And it will surely be the last to leave your side.

24 My only heritage is my friends

One of the most valuable things we can have in life are friends, those people who are there to show you that the family is not just blood.

25 To infinity and beyond

Disney-inspired tattoo for you and your best friend
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Translation: to infinity and beyond

Do you like the popular animated movie 'Toy Story'? Then you will love this phrase! The best known words of the film can be transformed into your hallmark with this tattoo.

26 We sleep under the same moon

Translation: we sleep under the same moon

We have already talked a lot about distance friendships, but they are undoubtedly the ones that occur most. As far as you are from each other, you will always remain united, don't you think?

27 If we fall, we fall together

If life goes wrong, it will go wrong for both you and your best friend. You are two, but you seem only one.

28 Friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies, a heart that lives in two souls

What do you think of this definition of real and true friendship? We love it! Propose it to your best friend, and you can capture it on your skin forever.

29 My soulmate

Some simple and concise words that you can tattoo your best friend and you in the place that you like. And, in addition, it is a most beautiful phrase that reflects the value of your friendship.

30 A friend is a gift that you give yourself

Life gives many gifts, such as your family members or your partner. But friends are also a huge gift with which to achieve happiness.

31 Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

Translation: walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

What do you think of this beautiful phrase in English? The truth is that friends make our lives much easier, and even if we live dark moments they will always be there to support us.

32 A friend is like a clover, hard to find and gives good luck

Friends are able to give you the best of luck. You are fortunate to have friends who make you smile every time you need it and that, believe us, is a great luck.

33 Our bond is everlasting

Translation: our bond is eternal

For many years that pass your friendship seems to be eternal … And it will never really break!

3. 4 Friendship is to think of the other person first

And it is to put your needs before those who will be with you no matter what, do you agree with this phrase?

35 Ohana

Tattoo 'Ohana' to make it with your best friend
Photo Pinterest: @onlinetattoosideas

Do you know what the meaning of this Hawaiian word is? Ohana means family, but not the one that is of blood but the family we choose to spend life with us. Our friends are the main protagonists of that word.

36 You're like a star: I can't always see you, but I know you're there

Although there is a distance between you and your best friend, you know that whenever you need her, she is with you. How beautiful is friendship!

37 Thank you for crying my sorrows and laughing my joys

Thank you phrase to your best friend for being there in the good times, but also in the worst. Thank you!

38 Think, Dream, Believe and Dare

Walt Disney is the author of this phrase that could define your best friend and you perfectly. What do you think for a tattoo?

39 Distance will never break up a friendship

Translation: distance will never break a friendship

Beautiful words to reflect on the absence of a great distance when it comes to true friendship.

40 A true friend reaches your hand and touches your heart

Only by shaking hands can your friend be able to reach the deepest part of your heart. And, above all, stay there forever.

41 Tour pour un, without pour tous

Translation: All for one, one for all

This famous French phrase from Alexandre Dumas's 'The Three Musketeers' can be great for getting a tattoo with your group of friends. You will be divine!

42 Friendship like ours lasts a lifetime

A simple phrase that perfectly summarizes your friendship. Because only you know what you are for each other …

43 How beautiful life is when I remember that I have traveled with you

A phrase as inspiring as it is beautiful that is sure to make you and your friend phenomenal. What do you think if you tattoo it in the side area? It will be perfect!

44 Our friendship is like the sea, the beginning is seen but never the end

Real friends are lasting, that is, they will accompany you throughout your life. Surround yourself with the best!

Four. Five You see all my light and you love all my dark

Beautiful phrase to get a tattoo among friends
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Translation: you see all my light and you love all my darkness

This phrase is one of those perfect for you to tattoo each one, a part. In this way, every time you are together, the phrase will be complete. What a beautiful idea!

46 Who have a friend, have a treasure

We already wrote this phrase at the beginning of the article and, now, we present it as a tattoo. What do you think of a tattoo? It will look great!

47 The best part of life is friendship

Friendship is very beautiful, and you will surely agree with us that it makes our lives easier and easier.

48 A real friend comes when the rest leaves

Friends are the ones who will always be there when the rest of the world has not even realized that you are going through a bad time. Valórales!

49 The fun of the road is getting lost with friends

The best follies and greatest experiences or adventures occur from the hand of your best friend. And how good you have fun together!

fifty When the friendship is true the distance does not exist

Although your best friend lives on the other side of the world, if your friendship is real, we are sure that the kilometers will not be a big problem for you.

51 A good friend will understand until your silence

Understanding people's silence seems difficult, but it is not so difficult. When there is trust, you can even share the silences and understand them perfectly.

52 Not only do you know my stories, you have also lived them with me

You don't tell your best and worst moments to your best friend simply because she doesn't need any… She has already witnessed them in the first person.

53 A friend is the one who knows everything about you and despite that he loves you

A funny phrase about the value of friendship and trust among friends who really love each other.

54 Friendship is even prettier than a sunbeam

The beauty of friendship has no limits, even in this sentence it is compared to the sun. What do you think of these words?

55 You keep me wild… You keep me safe

Phrase to tattoo with a good friend
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Translation: you keep me wild, you keep me safe

Everything your friend does for you summarized in a beautiful phrase that can be useful for any moment. Take note!

56 Friendship corresponds, is not appreciated

You have to be grateful in life, but the best way to thank your best friend is to do for her everything she does for you. Do you agree?

57 Your friendship for me is priceless

People who make your life prettier are priceless, right? Rate everything they give you and do the same with them to thank them.

58 A friend is the person who shows us the course and travels with us a part of the way

A good friend will support you during the worst moments of your life, but also in the best.

Have you already decided with your friend what is your favorite phrase? You have so many ideas to choose from that it will be harder than you think … But, once you do, you will not regret it!

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