53 beautiful short phrases for tattoos in Spanish, English and French

Are you thinking of getting tattooed but you don’t know what to do? Have you weighed the possibility of writing some beautiful words that have a special meaning for you? If you need inspiration, take note. We propose you 53 beautiful short phrases for tattoos in Spanish, English and French. Let the ink run through your body!

A tattoo is going to be forever, or almost always. Therefore, it is necessary to stop to think well what you want to draw on the skin. We give you some tips so that you are sure of your decision:

+ Take the time you need to choose the tattoo you like best. No hurry.

+ Find a good tattoo artist and check his work to see how his style is.

+ Think well about the place where you want to tattoo it, especially if you want it to be discreet and That doesn’t hurt too much.

+ Choose a phrase with a meaning important to you

+ As important as choosing beautiful words, is to choose a typography that you like and to transmit what you are looking for: seriousness, innocence, beauty …

We try to inspire you to find the best short phrases for tattooing.

Love is always the best source of inspiration to get beautiful phrases. We give you some ideas to make choosing your tattoo a bit simpler task.

one All you need is love

As they sing The Beatles, ‘All you need is Love’.

two Don’t lie, just love

‘Don’t lie, just love.’ If you have been through a relationship full of deceit and lies, this tattoo will help you compensate for mistakes.

3 You are mon soleil

‘You are My Sunshine’. Dedicate your tattoo to that person who illuminates each of your days.

4 You and I

If you are a fan of the simplest tattoos, this ‘you and I’ will honestly convey what you feel next to the person you love

5 You’re my Everything

If there is someone who means everything to you, This tattoo will always remind you of him or her. By the way, do not forget to correctly accentuate all the words of your tattoo.

6 Mr and Mrs

On one finger, your partner can tattoo Mr. And you on yours, Mrs. In this way, you will be together for a bit of ink.

If you consider yourself very familiar and friends with your friends, you will love these phrases. They are short ideas for you to pay homage from your skin to all those important people who have formed or are part of your life. Can you stay with only one?

7 Nevertheless, she persisted

“In spite of everything, she persevered.” If you want to pay homage to a friend or woman in your life who has overcome an obstacle, get a tattoo as original as this.

8 My support

Can you imagine a tattoo in which only “my support” could be read? Along with this short phrase you could draw something that reminds you of that special person you are referring to: a butterfly, your favorite food, a sign that joins you …

9 Family is everything

If you consider your loved ones to be first for you, Get this tattoo. Your loved ones will love to know that they have inspired you to make you such a beautiful tattoo.

10 They are my compass

If you feel that your family always guides your steps in the right direction, let them know that they are your best compass.

What short phrase are you going to write with ink on your skin

eleven Let’s dance like children

With this tattooed phrase In the skin you will remember those long summer afternoons playing and dancing with your brothers and cousins.

12 Love me for who I am

In the good and in the bad, you are as you are because of the inheritance that your family left you, so, this beautiful tattoo It helps to remember where you come from.

In times of downturn, it will be good for you to read some of these phrases. And, so that you never forget, tattoo them on the skin. Unleash ink!

13 You are not too old and it is not too late

“You’re not too old or too late.” You still have time to start fight for all your dreams because … it’s never too late!

14 Life goes on

Because although sometimes it seems that the obstacles are too high and the potholes too deep, life goes on. This is a tattoo as good for a woman as it is for a man.

fifteen La vie est belle

‘Life is Beautiful’. This short phrase so beautiful will give you courage in the days that life seems darker than ever.

16 I fell 3 times, but I got up 4

There is always a reason to continue with the road despite obstacles and falls.

17 I refuse to sink

If next to this phrase you tattoo a small drawing of an anchor, it will have A much more special sense.

18 What will be will be

Whoever reads this tattoo can not help but sing the chorus of the famous song. It is a phrase that, although it is very sound, is very original as a tattoo.

19 Every little thing is gonna be alright

‘Every little thing will be fine.’ If you are a pessimistic person, it will be good for you to get tattooed such an optimistic phrase How is it going.

twenty Open your eyes

If you do not live with your eyes open, it will pass and you will not have noticed. Do you want to be part of your life or just be a witness to it?

twenty-one If you can dream it, you can do it

As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” If you fight for something that excites you, you will get it.

22 To give up is not an option

Always forward! If you think that giving up is never an option to consider, get this tattoo.

One of the best techniques to raise your self-esteem every day and learn to love yourself a little more is to repeat how magnificent you are. Imagine how much it can help you if you can read on your own skin a motivational message like these.

2. 3 You are so much more

You are fantastic! You are the pear! You’re the best! And so that you do not forget, tattoo it on the skin with a phrase as beautiful as this which means ‘You are much more’.

24 L’amour de soi at premier lieu

‘Self-love first.’ Because nothing will seem to be going well until you learn to value yourself as you deserve.

25 Perfectly Imperfect

You know you have flaws, but still, what do you know you’re still perfect? This short phrase is perfect for tattooing in any area of ​​the body and, incidentally, increase your self-esteem.

26 Everyone has scars

The scars remind us of our history, what we have experienced and what has made us get here.

27 Je ne regrette rien

‘I do not regret anything’. Each of our acts, both good and bad, they have constituted us as we are right now.

28 Don’t forget to love yourself.

‘Don’t forget to love yourself.’ If you don’t love yourself, who will do it. Mental note: you have to learn to love yourself.

If you are one of those people who always have their heads in the clouds reflecting on life, You will love these phrases. If you want a different tattoo, take note of these ideas.

29 Stay wild

“It’s still wild.” If you are one of those who think you have to live life until the end, this tattoo is perfect for you.

30 Enjoy as if it were the last day

Sometimes, we are not too aware of how quickly time passes and we forget to enjoy what is really important.

31 A clou chasse l’autre

A nail takes out another nail, one thing leads to another … Everything comes out and everything goes on.

32 Let it be

We return to The Beatles songs to find phrases as significant as this, which means let it be.

33 “L’Essentiel est invisible pour les yeux”

‘The essential is invisible to the eyes’. These words of “The Little Prince” by Saint-Eupéry are perfect as phrase for an inspirational tattoo.

3. 4 Live the life you love

‘Live the life you love’. You have so much ahead waiting for you, there are so many open doors waiting for you to transfer them, so many dreams waiting to be fulfilled … So, Live the life you love!

Short words and phrases to tattoo on the arms, legs, back, etc.

If you want everyone to stay with their mouths open when you show them your tattoo, take note of the following ideas. We propose some original phrases They can inspire you to choose the tattoo you like best.

35 Just feel

Stop thinking and just feel. Sometimes it is necessary to forget everything around you and be guided by feelings.

36 Show must go on

‘The show must go on’. Whatever happens, you have to get up and follow our path. Time will end healing all wounds.

37 She is art

‘She is art’. Simply. A concise and meaningful tattoo.

38 No more drama

If you are one of those who make a mountain of a grain of sand … No more drama, girl!

39 We are all a little crazy

Let the first stone be thrown out of those who do not consider themselves crazy in life. How beautiful and fun madness can be!

40 Wild hearts can’t be broken

‘Wild hearts cannot be broken.’ Do you break easily?

41 Enjoy the silence

Sometimes, the only way to see things with a little more clarity is reflect in silence.

42 I am a mess, I confess

“I am a mess, I confess.” Raise your hand who feels identified with this tattoo (surely more than one).

Sometimes a single word conveys much more than any phrase. Therefore, we propose some words with a lot of meaning that you could tattoo on any part of the body. If you are looking for a discreet tattoo, you will love these ideas.

43 Resilience

According to the dictionary, resilience is the ability to adapt to the new situations that occur in your life. If you think this is one of your qualities, do not hesitate to tattoo this phrase.

44 Lives

We are so involved in our routine life that sometimes we forget to take our head off the phone to breathe. This tattoo will remind you daily.

Four. Five Sublime

What a beautiful sound this word has, right? If you want everything in your life to be a little more sublime, it’s a good word to get tattooed.

46 Destination

Do you think everything is written? Walk happily to your destination so that the road is the best possible.

47 Promise

If one of the qualities you value most in a person is their fidelity, this tattoo in which you can read ‘promise’, will be great. Being a short word, it can look good in any area of ​​the body where you want to do it.

48 Fearless

‘Without fear’. There is no better way to end all fears than to convince you that they do not exist. Tattoo it so you don’t forget it!

Do you want to get a tattoo on your arm or shoulder? Do you prefer on the back or leg? We give you some fantastic ideas of nice short phrases that remain forever in your skin.

49 Home is where your heart is

“Your house is where your heart is.” When you feel lost, listen to your heart. It will take you to the one you consider your home.

fifty Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Because appearances don’t always show the truth. Because everything is subjective. Because it depends on how we look at it.

51 L’amour est aveugle

If you believe that love is blind and that the heart is the one who commands and guides, tattoo this beautiful short phrase.

What short phrases inspire you to get a tattoo

52 Until the end

If you are one of those who always reaches the end of all matters, This tattoo identifies you.

53 Believe in your dreams

‘Believe in your dreams’. Fight for what you want and pursue your dreams.

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