50 beautiful phrases to tattoo in Spanish about love, life or friendship

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? If you are reading these lines it is because the answer is probably affirmative and perhaps your idea is also to tattoo a beautiful phrase in Spanish. You have come to the right place. In Diario Femenino we have prepared a selection of 50 beautiful phrases to tattoo in Spanish about love, life or friendship which can become your favorites for your next tattoo. Read each one and echo its meaning, you will love it!

The best phrases in Spanish for tattooing

How to choose the tattoo you are going to do? Knowing that you want a tattoo is simple, but don't find the right design. The first thing you should think about is in the area of ​​your body where you want to do it, so you will know the space that you have available for the tattoo. Second, you must choose the tattoo artist, remember to go to a center that meets all the necessary hygiene and safety measures, better than better if it is a recommended site. And third, you must think if what you would like is a drawing or a phrase with an important meaning for you. If this last option is yours, you just have to read the following list and choose your phrase in Spanish to get tattooed.

We have prepared a few phrases in Spanish that talk about life, love and friendship, all of them analyzed so that you understand their meaning well. You can bet on one that is original and fun or one that has a special meaning for you. Keep in mind that a tattoo It is a decision that should not be taken lightly so read these phrases as many times as you want until you say: 'this is mine'. Ready? Let's go there!

The best phrases in Spanish of love to tattoo

Let's start with some phrases in Spanish that talk about love, all of them are perfect for writing on the skin. Remember that you can use it as is or make small changes so that they are to your liking. You will see that there are phrases taken from books and others written (with much love) by ourselves. We hope you like them!

1 In a kiss, you'll know everything I kept silence

Pablo Neruda.

A phrase by the poet Pablo Neruda that It be absolutely right in the world And you sure have heard more than once.

two Love never dies

Of course not, love and hope is the only thing that lasts in this life and in the other.

3 All you need is Love

The Beatles.

It's a Beatles phrase, it was a television show, it's something your best friend has always told you … It is perfect for your tattoo!

4 You, me and destiny

And nothing more, we don't need anything else to be happyDon't you think How romantic we are!

5 Do not ever let me fall


Do you remember Amaral's song that said 'don't let me fall in sleepless nights …'?

6 Be yourself

Only being yourself you will discover the true love.

7 Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes

Jackson Brown

The heart, no matter how much it is in charge of reading the feelings, is also able to gain ground to reason. Especially when you're in love!

8 Never stop dreaming

And what most invites us to dream? Yes, you are right, love!

9 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Another iconic phrase you've heard hundreds of times. Maybe these should be Your lyrics in Spanish for tattooing.

10 Love is the essence of life

The same we are saying all the time but with other words. You only have to choose the ones you like best.

eleven Where there is love there is life

Mahatma Gandhi.

Love is that feeling that everything can, even what seems impossible.

12 Maybe it's just about finding someone who keeps looking at you when you close your eyes

Elvira Tailor.

What a beautiful phrase!

13 True love works miracles, because he himself is already the greatest miracle

Loved nerve.

Love can do everything and heal everything, for something they say it moves mountains …

Beautiful phrases in Spanish for tattooing that talk about life

And after seeing the best love phrases to get tattooed, it's time to do the same with those words that talk about life, its meaning and how to understand it. Surely you like them all and also sure that there is one that makes you smile more than the others.

14 Your home is where your heart is

Everyone's home can be anywhere in the world.

fifteen Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

Oscar Wilde.

Phrase that speaks of the fact that we all deserve a second chance To change and make things better.

16 The show must go on

Song of Grégory Lemarchal.

The show must go on …

17 If there is a future there is a way

And you know that the road is made by walking so There's not excuse what worths.

18 The moment is now

Therefore do not waste it and try to achieve what you have set as your goal.

19 We all deserve a second chance

Of course! And that opportunity should be given the best of intentions.

twenty Live every day like it's the last

Or what is the same, take advantage of time, it is gold!

twenty-one Everything in this life happens for a reason

What do you feel calmer after reading this? Maybe it is the perfect phrase What were you looking for for your tattoo?

22 The road is destiny

There are times when we are so aware of destiny that we forget the importance of the road.

2. 3 Believe in yourself and you will achieve everything you set your mind to

The self confidence is the basis of everything, never forget!

24 To be or not to be

Shakespeare, Hamlet.

That is the question. We say 'be' and make the most of it.

25 Life is Beautiful

Yes, it is the phrase of the well-known film that comes to tell us that as bad as things go life always has its good side.

26 Pure Life

Is Costa Rica's motto and one of the most beautiful phrases to get a tattoo.

27 We are all fans. Life is so short that it doesn't work anymore

Charles Chaplin.

Definitely a phrase to reflect.

28 Life is a play that does not matter how long it has lasted, but how well it has been represented


We must make the most of our time and do our best.

29 It's crazy to hate all roses because one pricked you

The little Prince.

And keep it up: give up all your dreams because one of them was not performed.

30 Everyone tries to do something big without realizing that life is made up of small things

Frank Clark

Everyday things that seem unimportant really mean everything.

31 Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall


That is the most complex, getting up, but of course you can get.

Phrases that talk about friendship to get tattooed

We can only see the best phrases in Spanish to tattoo that talk about friendship. Read each one carefully and understand what they mean. Phrase tattoos only have a personal meaning if its meaning has reached our hearts. Will you find your favorite here?

32 You are my compass

A few words that you can tattoo thinking about that friend or friend you go to when you have lost the north.

33 Giving up is not an option

Falling is allowed and getting up is mandatory.

3. 4 Everyone has scars

You already know it, and you'll also know that those scars decrease if you have friends next to you.

35 Enjoy the silence

And do it next to your most precious friends.

36 Time and friendship heal everything

Who has not felt better after a talk with her friends forever?

37 Friendship is the most valuable treasure

You can opt for the classic version that says: Who have a friend, have a treasure.

38 Friendship, like flowers, can never wilt

Real friends last a lifetime and their love is never lost.

39 Nozzle friendship, not worth a nightmare

A phrase made that is absolutely right in the world. Here is another one: Real friends can be counted on the fingers.

40 Good friendships are forged in youth

Another phrase made that comes to say something like that the friendship that is created in adolescence is that it remains eternally.

41 Friends are the best travel companions

When we say 'travel' of course we are referring to life.

42 No true friendship can be destroyed

As much as the years go by and however long the distance may be real friendships always remain.

43 A friend is the one who arrives when the world leaves you

If you feel alone you always know that you can count on your best friend.

44 If citizens practiced friendship with each other, they would not need justice


Well, now that we think about it, it is going to be that the philosopher's phrase is absolutely right.

Four. Five To say friendship is to say full understanding, quick confidence and long memory; that is, fidelity

Gabriela Mistral.

Friendship brings us eternal happiness.

46 You must secretly rebuke your friend and praise him in public

Leonardo da Vinci.

If you have to say something sincere to your friend, do it in private. If you have to tell her how much you appreciate her, do it in public.

47 Friendships last shortly when one of the friends feels slightly superior to the other

Honoré de Balzac.

The equality and respect are indispensable conditions for friendship

48 Dont walk behind me, i can not guide you

Albert Camus

And if you want to tattoo the whole sentence, it says like this: don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Just walk by my side and be my friend.

49 The bird has its nest, the spider its web, the man friendship.

William Blake

Friendship becomes the spider web that holds us So we don't lose our balance.

fifty My friends have made the story of my life

Helen Keller.

And it ends like this: in a thousand ways they have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges.

And you? Have you already chosen your favorite phrase in Spanish to get tattooed?

What do you think?

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