5 original tattoos for women

5 original tattoos for women

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo and do not finish deciding? When we tattoo our skin, we look for a design that represents us, that indicates features of our mentality or philosophy and, in addition, that they are unique and different. We want a tattoo that be only ours and, therefore, it is very difficult to find the most suitable design for us. But in a HOW we want to help you and, therefore, in this article we discover you 5 original tattoos for women that can serve as inspiration to choose the design that best suits your personality and your preferences.

Tattoos of the Moon, the female star

One of the original tattoos for women are those that represent the Moon. And the moon is a star that is closely linked to femininity: the lunar cycles are 28 days, just like our menstrual cycles, and their cycle changes can become very influential in our person. For this reason, opt for a moon tattoo It can be a very good idea if you want to wear a tattoo that is suitable for women and also connects with your deepest nature.

There are many options when getting a tattoo of this type, however, here we will give you some original proposals that can inspire you:

  • The lunar cycles: It is one of the prettiest tattoos that exist and will be ideal if you are looking for a large tattoo. You can represent all the phases of the moon in a vertical tattoo that you can do on the back, on the leg, on the thigh …
  • Little moon: If you are more of minimalist tattoos, then you can also choose to get a crescent tattoo somewhere on your body. On one side of the finger it is a very original site but, also, you can opt for other sites such as the shoulder, behind the ear, on the wrist, etc.
  • Full moon: It is another of the most original tattoos. It is about that, instead of opting for the typical crescent symbol, you opt for the moment of the cycle in which it is at its best. In addition, the full moon will be perfectly in rounded areas of your body such as the shoulder, elbow, neck, hip, etc.
5 original tattoos for women - Tattoos of the Moon, the female star


Wild Animal Tattoos

Nowadays it is also very fashionable to show the part more warrior, more independent and more wild We have women. Far from cultivating the classic image of a sweet and innocent girl, now we opt more for other ideals where we are seen as we are: animals that at the same time can be sweet as wild animals. For this reason, today tattoos abound with animals such as wolves, lions, tigers, among many others.

The best is that Choose the animal that best represents you. To do this, you must analyze the values ​​that are associated with this animal and see if they fit with you. For example, in the case of tigers we have that they are independent, strong, lonely and self-sufficient beings. Choose the animal that best suits you and opt for an original and different tattoo.

Here are some good ideas to make your tattoo original:

  • Add flowers: To give a feminine touch to the tattoo, something very common is to add flowers. You can add them on the head or on the top of the design and, if you want, you can color them or leave them in black and white.
  • Animal / Woman: Another idea that is perfect for your tattoo is that you create a mixture between the animal and the woman. For example, you can make yourself a howling wolf and overlap the image of the wolf and that of a woman who is also howling.
  • Geometric: They are very aesthetic and very original. Geometric tattoos fit perfectly on the body and create a more minimalist and artistic design. You can make the whole geometric animal or divide it into two parts and that one is the realistic and the other the geometric.
5 original tattoos for women - Wild animal tattoos

Image: Tattoostime

Mandala tattoos for women

Another of the original tattoos for women that we want to recommend is the mandalas tattoo. It is a design that is aesthetically very beautiful and, in addition, can be very colorful (if you wish). It adapts perfectly to the female body thanks to its rounded shapes, something that allows it to be done in multiple areas of the body.

The mandala is a tattoo that can mean many things but, above all, It is a spiritual drawing, which invites calm, meditation through movement, to connect with the world around us. It is a design that is widely used in Buddhist cultures because the practice of painting mandalas is considered an active meditation exercise.

If you want to opt for this type of tattoo, here are some good ideas that will help you make it more originatesl:

  • Mandala on the hip: It is one of the most amazing places to get this tattoo. The side of the hip, before reaching the gluteus, is a very rounded area and, in addition, very feminine. The tattoo will adapt perfectly to this part of the body and you will get a beautiful result. We love!
  • In the shoulder: If you want a large tattoo, the shoulder is a perfect place for you to make a mandala. You can do it only in the front area or take the entire upper arm and tattoo a large mandala that can go down to half an arm.
  • On the nape and back: Another very original idea to tattoo a mandala is that you do it on your back. But instead of opting for the center, something that everyone does, a good option is to start the design on the back of the neck and, from there, descend down the back. Amazing!
5 original tattoos for women - Mandala tattoos for women


Phrase tattoos for women

Within the original tattoos for women, we cannot ignore one of the most personal and meaningful ones: tattoo phrases, quotes, songs, etc. In this case, we forget for a moment of more iconic and pictorial meaning of the drawings to go straight to the point with phrases that are meaningful to us for whatever reason.

You can choose phrases of authors that you like, songs, reflections that you like or that they represent you, etc. The best thing is that you try to find a phrase that is original and that is not typical of "Carpe Diem" because that expression is not at all original. Find something that is yours and with which you identify as much as possible avoiding the best known topics or phrases.

Once you have chosen your phrase, you can choose to tattoo it on so original sites like the ones we recommend here:

  • In the clavicle: If the phrase is short, you can tattoo it on the clavicle horizontally. Opt for a beautiful and small calligraphy so that the result is not too flashy and integrates well with your body.
  • Rib tattoos: It is another of the best places to tattoo a short phrase. Here you can fit one or two sentences and you can wear them when you wear a bikini or when you wear wide shirts.
  • Under the chest: It is another of the most original sites to get a tattoo of this type. The phrase is usually tattooed just below the chest following the curved line that this part of the body has. Elegant and very sensual.
  • A large text: In case you want to tattoo a larger text, the best corner of the body for this is a side of the shoulder or, also, the thigh.
5 original tattoos for women - Phrase tattoos for women

Image: CafeMom

Geometric tattoos: very original

And we finish this compilation with the most original tattoos for women talking about one of the most popular and surprising designs at the same time. We talk about the geometric tattoos, a type of design that can be seen in iconic tattoos such as, for example, in geometric hearts, geometric elephants, etc., or in simple tattoos where you simply bet on tattooing a geometric figure as a circle, a triangle, etc.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can choose one type of tattoo or another. You can play with the double reality that tries show nature in geometric forms or directly opt for a geometric tattoo. As you prefer!

Here we leave you some meanings of the different geometric shapes so you can choose your design better:

  • Triangles: they usually represent the four elements of nature or, also, the duality between masculine and feminine
  • Circles: represent perfection and balance
  • Philosopher Stone: they are different geometric figures together and represent balance and maximum well-being
5 original tattoos for women - Geometric tattoos: very original

Image: Next Luxury

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