49 phrases to be tattooed on the hand: original and simple words

Tattoos are addictive, if you start doing them you can’t stop. Especially when it comes to phrases and words with their own meaning. Are you thinking of getting a tattoo on your hand? Then you cannot miss the compilation of 49 phrases to tattoo on the hand that in Diario Femenino we have done. With which of these original and simple words you stay? You will love them!

When thinking about your tattoo, you should know that you can write a phrase on the palm of your hand or on the back, on the wrist or on some of your fingers. You will have to choose according to your tastes and according to the letters that the phrase has, a single word is not the same as a whole phrase, no matter how short it may be the space in the hand is small. Another thing to keep in mind is the typeface that you are going to choose, it is worth looking at a few before deciding, so you will have the success that you are looking for so much; There are traditional ones, in italics, in bold, and many other modern ones. Ready to discover your favorite phrase to tattoo on your hand?

one Life goes on

Three letters that will make you remember that everything in life happens for something.

two Family

The words that you are going to see in this list like this of ‘family’ are perfect for tattooing on the hand and in capital letters.

3 Think positive

Three other words that will remind you that negativity has no place in your life. Sounds good right?

4 Love yourself

Love yourself and do it and above all.

5 Life is an experiment

There are times when trial and error is more necessary than ever.

6 She is art

Of course ‘she’ refers, in this case, to you.

7 Sees it

Another word you should get tattooed in capital letters so it looks good.

8 The truth ahead

Of course! Lies do no one good.

9 Be free

The truth will set us free, how many thinkers they will have said this phrase before us!

10 Think high and you will fly

Short phrases like these are one of the favorites to be tattooed on the palm of the hand.

eleven Be happy

Be happy, you can add this other: every day of your life.

12 A ray of sunshine that always shines

Tattoos are for oneself but they can also be used to send messages to others, don’t you think?

13 Be yourself and you will be happy

Happiness consists of learning to be yourself, no matter how much others try to show you otherwise.

14 Everything happens for a reason

Translation: everything happens for a reason. Hand tattoos in English are the order of the day, why not try?

We continue with the compilation of phrases for a tattoo on the handWill you find here your choice for your next tattoo?

fifteen Love and friendship

Two words that fill life with meaning. Let the one who agrees with us raise her hand!

16 Time heals everything

If you are one of those who does not quite believe it, this tattoo is for you.

17 Life is lived madly

How else were we going to enjoy it?

18 Luck must be chased

Well true it is! Don’t think that luck is given to us, we have to earn it!

19 Self love

The love that each one must have for herself and that must never be forgotten.

twenty La vie est belle

The phrase in French that tells us that life is always beautiful although sometimes he tries to show us otherwise.

twenty-one Live the moment

Live each day as if there is no tomorrow.

22 Just you and me

That’s it, don’t add any names, let your hand tattoo have some mystery.

2. 3 Be here now

The present is the time in which to live.

24 This is life

You may tattoo this other phrase: life is how we want to do it. It’s up to you!

25 Remember what makes you smile

So you will have a guaranteed smile every day. You can put it in capital letters and very large so that everyone who passes by can see your tattoo.

26 Live every day and every night

This living to the fullest is our thing, what if?

27 Take me far

Translation: take me far. You decide where!

28 Believe in yourself

It is the only way to achieve everything you set your mind to.

29 Infinity exists

And you can add this other: I’m going to show you.

30 I love you

A message of love for all the special people in your life.

31 Life is verse

What a beautiful phrase! Well, it is also super original for a tattoo on the hand.

Now to finish with our list of phrases for a tattoo on the hand we have this selection of the most special. Tell us if you liked it.

32 Never give up

Or you can also go for the classic: never say never. The two are perfect.

33 Never, never, never give up

The same as we have said before but in English. Never give up!

3. 4 In imperfection is beauty

Yes, as you hear it, you just have to look to realize it.

35 I am because you are

Translation: I am because you are. A very cute love phrase, right?

36 The life is magic

Well, yes, it will be that this phrase is absolutely right. Do you like it for your tattoo on your hand?

37 Freedom

You can put the word alone or add next to it: love and peace.

38 LOVE is written in capital letters

It would certainly be a tattoo that would attract the attention of more than one.

39 Free

Another word that you can capitalize.

40 To the moon and back

We know that it is a classic that has been said many times but we love it, do you?

41 I dont change you for anything

A tattoo on the hand to be done without names.

42 The moon lights my way

Ideal for lovers of mystery and night.

43 I shine like a star

A perfect tattoo to show how much we love ourselves.

44 I am the best

An ideal tattoo for all women in the world.

Four. Five The moon and the stars

Translation: the moon and the stars. What beautiful words!

46 Life is short enjoy it!

You have to live life to the fullest.

47 Follow your dreams

And also your goals and remember that nothing should prevent you from achieving them.

48 The hapiness is in the little things

Knowing how to see it is one of the most important things there is.

49 You are my true love

You do not need to write anything else, is a great phrase for your tattoo in the hand or on the wrist.

Have you already decided which of these phrases to tattoo on your hand you prefer?

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