23 motivational phrases to get tattooed: Eat the world!

If there are days when you get lazy until you get out of bed … get one of those tattoos! We propose you 23 motivational phrases to get tattooed with which you will want to eat the world.

If you have always wanted to get a tattoo, but you need inspiration to find one that fits you, check out the following list. Let the ink run!

The following phrases will get you a smile Every time you look at your tattoo They will encourage you to strive for what you desire so much and to overcome any obstacle. Take note of these motivating words for your tattoo.

one If you can dream it you can do it

If you are able to visualize it and you have enough desire, nothing can with you. Always keep your goal in mind, and for him! To never forget the need to fight for your goals, get this tattoo.

two No rain, no flowers

If it does not rain from time to time, the flowers may never come out. After all the bad times, better times always come. It is a beautiful phrase full of meaning that you can accompany with drawings of small flowers around.

3 Love the life you live

Love the life you live. Live the life you love. This beautiful tattoo will be the envy of everything for the intense and important meaning that it entails. Everyone will want to copy it!

4 Good things come to those who know how to wait

Waits are very hard, but they can be very valuable. As this phrase explains for tattooing on the arm or leg, when you least expect it, the best will come to you.

Do not get too complicated with bombastic words or very long phrases to give the perfect tattoo for everyone. We propose you Motivating phrases for tattooing that are simple and short. They are ideal for smaller areas of the body such as the wrist, foot or neck.

5 Never give up

Giving up is too easy, but it doesn’t take you anywhere. And so you don’t forget how important it is to always walk forward, tattoo this simple phrase in English. Do not give up!

6 Without fear

Sometimes it is necessary to be afraid, as it prevents you from committing some crazy things. However, you must prevent fear from paralyzing you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

7 Right place, right time

Many times, good luck is being in ‘the right place at the right time’. This tattoo is the most original!

8 Stand up!

Before each fall, get back on your feet! This motivating phrase is simple and perfect for a tattoo on any part of the body. You can also write it in Spanish, which would be: Get up!

If you don’t love yourself, who is going to do it? If you have trouble maintaining high self-esteem, tattoo some of these phrases. They will help you reinforce your perception of yourself and remind you how wonderful you are.

9 I’m not perfect, but it’s me

Perfection is boring, but you have to learn to love yourself with our own mistakes. A tattoo with this phrase will help you keep in mind how important it is learn from failures to move on.

10 He is not the sun. you are

“He is not the sun. You are”. This tattoo invites you to take charge of your own life. This is the time to start guiding you through your decisions, instead of letting others take them for you.

eleven The future is in my hands

If low self-esteem is preventing you from being independent, you should know that no one but you has the power to decide about your future. The future is in your hands!

12 I love me

This tattoo is simple, but very effective.. Some people tattoo their partner’s name or make it clear from their skin how much they love them. But who better to dedicate a tattoo to yourself?

There are times when a single word is enough to convey great meaning with your tattoo. If you like minimalism, get a one-word tattoo. We give you some ideas!

13 Creation

Where would you get a tattoo that could read ‘creation? Facing the destruction that surrounds us on a daily basis, we propose This tattoo much more motivating.

14 Lovely

In these types of tattoos, it is important to choose a word that has a beautiful meaning for you. But it is also vital to choose an elegant typeface that conveys what you are looking for.

fifteen Tiger

If you are a tigress, this tattoo is thinking for you. Will transmit you great energy and strength for the moments when you are more down. This typeface is very flattering and is perfect for any word.

16 Smile

In order not to feel like a fallen coat again, get this tattoo. Every time you look at it you will feel like stepping on the ground with much more energy.

17 Wanderlust

The buzzword of the moment is ‘wanderlust’ that serves to describe The passion for travel. If you are afraid to calculate the hours of your life that you have spent on an airplane, this one-word tattoo is perfect for you.

If you don’t settle for a phrase in Spanish, look for the most beautiful words in other languages. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of French, the freshness of Portuguese or the elegance of Italian.

18 A sourire coûte moins cher que l’électricité, mais donne autant de lumière

This phrase by Abate Pierre means: ‘a smile costs less than electricity, but provides the same light’. Being such a long phrase, it is an ideal tattoo for the chest or back.

19 Mille modi Veneris

“There are a thousand ways to love.” Tattoo this Latin phrase in homage to those loves that are still misunderstood.

twenty Tudo happens for or bem

If you know that everything will be fine, nothing will be twisted. We love this tattoo in portuguese It will inspire you to look with positive eyes tomorrow.

twenty-one Non é mai troppo tardi per essere felici

Because ‘It’s never too late to be happy’, get a tattoo with this phrase in Italian. Do not lose hope and bet on what you like, because sooner or later happiness will come to you.

22 Hakuna Matata

Every time you remember that you have this phrase tattooed in Swahili, you will start singing the famous song. From that moment on, It is completely impossible for you to remain sad.

2. 3 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ The best of us comes out when we expose ourselves to reality without lifeguards. Going beyond will allow you to grow and squeeze all your possibilities.

What phrase to tattoo you like best? Would you do any of these tattoos?

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