15 reasons why you look at a tattooed boy

Confess it, it's to see a tattooed boy and you look back. Something they have to attract us, maybe it's because they remind us of others tattooed men that we love like David Beckham or Adam Levine, but the truth is that we have all dreamed of waking up surrounded by muscular arms and full of ink. These are the reasons why we would all want to date a boy with tattoos, with many tattoos.

+ They are sexy: a well done tattoo always manages to increase the attractive of a person, especially in strategic areas such as arms or chest.

+ They are mysterious: many of his tattoos will have a hidden meaning that you will discover when you know him better.

+ They are not afraid to express their feelings: the meaning of your tattoos will be clear For you and for everyone.

+ They are at peace with their past: that's why they dare to wear tattoos from a long time ago, because even if they have changed, They accept how they were before.

+ They have artistic concerns: If a boy wears tattoos, it is because he likes art as a form of expression.

+ They compromise: there is no greater commitment than getting a tattoo, which is for a lifetime, so They are not afraid of long relationships.

+ They are sacrificed: Yes, because wearing tattoos implies accepting that life is not easy and that you have to make sacrifices to get what one wants.

+ They are brave: getting tattoos hurts and also have to live with the inquisitorial looks Of many people who don't know you.

+ They don't care about the opinions of others: and that will not be left influence by third parties in the decisions you make as a couple.

+ He has an interesting job: in the most boring jobs it is not allowed to show tattoos, so surely is dedicated to something much more fun and vocational

+ He is passionate: He likes certain things so much that he has them tattooed on his skin, imagine what he would do for true love.

+ They are idealistic: They believe that they can get everything that they propose in life and that it is worth Fight for your dreams.

+ They have no prejudices: they don't judge others by their appearances, as others do with them. They know that mistakes are made that way.

+ They have an open mind: so they are able to hear the craziest proposals and accept them willingly.

+ They are not traditional: They are not afraid to leave the script prescribed in their lives.

+ They will like your own tattoos: and most importantly, too they will like your tattoos, and they will find you as interesting as you do to them.

As you read, there are plenty of reasons why we like tattooed boys. And you, why do you like them?

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