15 back tattoo ideas

The back It is the perfect canvas to get tattoos of all kinds: large, small, full color or black and white, minimalist, hyper realistic or whatever you can think of. It is the widest skin area of ​​the body and for that reason all series of symbols and drawings have a place. Do you need ideas? We offer you 15 ideas to get one or two or three tattoos on your back.

+ Woman’s body: these types of tattoos are perfect for claim your body and how much you love being a woman. If you are a boy, it will serve to show the respect and admiration you feel for them.

+ Mandala: Located on the upper part of the back or even invading it in its entirety, the mandalas look good on almost any part of the body since, although they have a great spiritual meaning, they are beautiful.

+ flowers: we like how they look with words on the stem that runs down the entire spine. Each type of flower has a different meaning.

+ Ship: boats are one of the most classic tattoos that exist and they look great to one side or at the bottom. They are used as symbols of protection.

+ Geometric: combine various geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares It can lead to tattoos as interesting as this one. Each shape represents a series of different concepts.

+ Arrow: arrows represent a path and a direction towards a specific goal. We like how they are running the column.

+ Elephants: This tattoo is a tribute to the family by representing all its members as if they were elephants.

+ Names: they are usually done in smaller places but on the back they are usually drawn on the side, in the upper part or in the lumbar.

+ Triquette: Celtic tattoos are very beautiful in this area of ​​the body. Trisquel, in this case, is a symbol of life, death and rebirth.

triqueta and tattoos on the back

+ Skeleton: it is increasingly fashionable to get tattoos bones and muscles on the skin. The effect, if done well, is incredible.

+ Goddess Isis: It is the tattoo that Rihanna wears under her chest and that is just as good on her upper back. She is the Goddess of motherhood and birth.

+ Horse: the back is the perfect body area to tattoo a horse in full gallop, a symbol of freedom.

+ Tree: Another of the most popular symbols to wear on this part of the body are trees. They represent life in all its stages.

+ Phrases: You can do like Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox and use this part of your body to tattoo yourself quotes from your favorite books or inspirational phrases.

+ Dream Catcher: They look great in the center of the back. Dreamcatchers represent protection against nightmares and negative events.

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