12 Christmas tattoo ideas

Christmas and its Christmas tattoos is one of the favorite times of the year for many of us. And there are some of us who love her so much that we need to have her on our skin. On these dates of sharing, in Magazine Feed we want to share with you these tattoos that left us in love.

Obviously, Christmas comes with its traditions, especially when it comes to food and sweets. And OOOBVIO can’t miss the candy canes. With this cute tattoo it is easy to remember when you were a girl and you were looking for any excuse and moment to enjoy one of these delicious sweets.

12 Christmas Tattoo Ideas 12

This design is one of the simplest and simplest that you will see on this list. But that by no means means that it is not loaded with Christmas spirit. One of the most common accessories during these dates, captured in a minimalist and elegant way. You like?

12 Christmas Tattoo Ideas 11

When Frozen hit theaters, many of us went crazy over the movie. We love the plot, the music and the characters. And one of the favorites, at least on Magazine Feed, was Olaf. This funny snowman is perfectly captured in this watercolor style tattoo.

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This next design is one of the cutest we’ve seen in a long time. Besides that, it has all the elements that symbolize Christmas: mistletoe, snowflakes and a cute gingerbread man holding a candy cane. And the cherry on the cake, his hat and “kawaii” eyes.

And now that we talk about snowflakes, this next design is amazing. Simple and minimalist, as well as feminine. It is said that all snowflakes are different, and in this design we can see the individuality of the girl and, if we want to get poetic, her different facets in a single design.

Of course there is no Christmas without a tree. The way the tattoo artist used color in this design leaves us speechless. A good tattoo is in the details, and this one did it. Minimalist, colorful, perfect!

But for a tree to convey the Christmas spirit, it needs lights. This design, in addition to its Christmas look, invites you to think of romance. Very cute and cuddly, don’t you think?

Have you ever wondered where all those ornaments that your mother got when these dates came from? This cute design has it all and screams “Christmas.” The level of detail is amazing. But of course, it is a large piece that covers the entire thigh.

With dates comes cold, and in some lucky places, snow too. And we all know perfectly well that if there is snow at Christmas, there are little snowmen. With hat and everything.

Furry friends are also part of the family, so this girl decided to tattoo her bulldog with a cute Santa hat. The tattoo artist perfectly captured the look of the dogs of that breed.

We all heard the story of Rodolfo the reindeer and sang his song when we were little. This peculiar character taught us the value and importance of having our own individuality. And also, the design is very beautiful. What do you think?

This last of the Christmas tattoos, personally, it makes me one of the most beautiful I’ve seen lately. Subtle, feminine, minimalist and Christmas. There is a lot of class in designs like this.

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