10 tiny tattoos as a couple that you can carry on for a lifetime

So you don’t go around tattooing your partner’s name on your neck like Nodal and Belinda, we leave you 10 small tattoos as a couple that you can continue to wear even if your relationship does not have a happy ending. It is better to be safe than sorry, so today we leave you 10 ideas that we love and will surely symbolize something very nice for you. 2. Best of all, you will find some recommendations to make them in Mexico.

1. Light and shadow

As he says in a comment in the publication of the tattoo artist Christian Castañeda, two completely different bodies loving and accepting each other.

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2. Rays

For couples looking for something simple but symbolic of the intensity and strength of their relationship, two rays are perfect to capture on their skin. They can look for two styles of tattoos so that each one has its own identity.

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3. Hearts in prism

If you want something more original than a simple heart, you can try one with a prism effect. It is small and extremely romantic.

4. Heart and key

A beautiful one that you can wear together or separately, but really only one person will have the key to your heart. This is a nice idea that you can add your palpitations to.

5. Minimalist triangle

Ideal for those who seek to represent that they have a perfect balance. Minimalist tattoos are really stylish, so go for one that you can wear on your wrist or ankle. You’ll love it.

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6. Pinky promise

The promise to respect, care for and love each other, no matter if they are together or apart. To improve your relationship as a couple, you must first improve your relationship with yourself.

7. Color geometric tattoos

If you want to add a bit of color like red ink, opt to wear the same tattoo as your partner and just change the color like this elephant design. Do you like geometric tattoos?

8. Geek tatoo

Try a fun complementing tattoo, one of my favorites is the spaceship and the alien.

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9. Arrows

Moving forward, but always together. This symbol is perfect for those looking for a delicate but meaningful symbol.

10. Nature lovers

If you are a nature lover and you like to explore the forests in search of new adventures, you can capture it in a beautiful tattoo with two bear tracks.

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10 romantic and original couple tattoos

10 romantic and original tattoos for couples for Valentine's Day

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