10 reasons why winter is the best time to get a tattoo

The summer is the worst time of the year to make a tattoo, while autumn and especially winter become the best times to go through the needle. You want to know why? Here are 10 reasons why winter is the best time to get a tattoo.

+ Your skin is not exposed to the sun: the sun’s rays can greatly harm your tattoo, especially if it is freshly made. When you do it in summer you should be aware of protect him much more and it can be a hassle.

+ You sweat less: the humidity makes any healing process difficult and, as in summer, due to the heat, you sweat more, it is better to leave the tattoos for the winter. In this age the skin is drier and heals better.

+ No need to bathe in the pool or the sea: with the stifling heat in summer it is almost impossible not to fall into the temptation to get into the water to enjoy a good dip, but the products and substances that are in beaches and swimming pools make it more difficult for the tattoo to heal and also can lead to infection.

+ L Wounds heal better: the cold also accelerates the healing process, so a time of low temperatures is perfect to go to the studio and have a brand new tattoo.

+ Clothing is usually wider: tattoo artists recommend dressing in broad clothing when you have a job done recently and in winter it is a much easier task thanks to those wool sweaters, so baggy and warm.

+ And dark colors: in the middle of summer it is almost impossible wear black, which is what tattoo artists recommend for the following days since they better isolate the tattoo from solar radiation.

+ You have more time to take care of it: As it is cold, we are more at home and we follow the routines more easily. So it is the ideal time to take care of a tattoo, It will cost you less to forget that you should heal it.10 reasons why winter is the best time to get a tattoo

+ You are not brown: the tan can make the colors of the inks look different from how they would be with the skin in your real tone, which is what you will usually have. That could make Your tattoo is not as you expected.

+ You will not have to show a tattoo in the process of healing: A freshly made tattoo is usually at its worst. Sometimes it bleeds or scabs, it is swollen … do you really want to look like this? Minor putting clothes on until he heals.

+ There will be less waiting list in the study: Most people wait until spring or even summer itself to get a tattoo in order to show off their tattoo as soon as possible. So, in winter tattoo artists usually have more space.

10 reasons why winter is the best time to get a tattoo

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