10 reasons why it is cool to get a tattoo

+ It makes you part of a community: more and more tattooed people, so when you finally dare to take the step you become part of a group with members as cool as you.

+ Your self-esteem goes up: several studies show that it is that wearing a tattoo can make you feel much better with yourself.

+ Your tattoos reflect your life: Every time something relevant happens in your life, you run to the studio to show off your new ‘trophy’ in the form of a tattoo.

+ You feel like a walking canvas: because you think that your tattoos are not only ‘little drawings’, but they have a great artistic value.

+ Your mother is horrified: that’s one of the reasons that makes them cooler and is that if people of a certain age don’t approve is that they are very cool.

+ They reflect your personality: Your tattoos are so cool because they send the message to the world of who you really are and make your intentions clear from the beginning.

+ Your famous favorites carry them: David Beckham, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Justin Bieber … and if they are cool and wear them, you too.

+ They adorn your skin: it does not need to have a specific meaning, tattoos are beautiful in themselves as long as they are well made and serve as precious ornaments.

+ They bring you good memories: We always recommend getting positive tattoos because when you see them, they give you good vibes instantly.

+ Are trendy: It is the main reason why they are cool. A few years ago it was worse seen, but now cooler if you wear them if not.

And you, why do you get a tattoo?

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