Wrist tattoos: 150 different ideas

Wrist tattoos are another world and this is because there are many designs that can fit perfectly in this area of ​​the body, although naturally you can not try large tattoos. But it is an area that is increasingly used for tattooing and contrary to what one might think, it can be concealed and cover the designs with bracelets or bracelets, although it is not easy.

However, everything will depend on the shape of the design as well and that the bracelet is a fixed bracelet. It should be mentioned that it is a very visible area and that even wearing long sleeves can easily be seen and more if we are people who gesture a lot when speaking. Therefore, it is important to be aware that it is a constantly exposed area of ​​the body and we have to be completely sure that we want that design in that area of ​​the body.

It is important to mention something important that has not been said so far, but the area of ​​the body chosen also has different meanings. We will proceed next to explain the meanings that involve tattooing a design in the different areas of the body:

A tattoo on the chest will symbolize passion and love. There are many people who tattoo their children's names in this area of ​​the body or portraits of beloved relatives … A design that has recently gained strength is that of an adult's hand taken by that of a baby, which symbolizes the special bond between father or mother and son or daughter. A tattoo on the extremities such as the forearm is used by many sports people, which implies a motivation to be fit and wear the design on a strong arm. When we look at the tattoo on the back, it can be a more reserved or shy person, although this may clash with the designs in this area of ​​the body usually being the ones that have the greatest dimensions.

The tattoos on the wrist represent, speaking for the area of ​​the body in which they are found and not only for the design, important elements in our daily life and that are present in our day to day. An example of them is the symbol of infinity, for example, which is carried by people who think of infinite youth, enduring relationships and trust their friendships. Therefore, not only does it depend on the area of ​​the body that can give extra information, it is important what design we are tattooing and being aware as mentioned above that it is a very visible area and that we can see each other at all times (when writing, when using the computer, when we talk talking …). By way of closure, the designs in this area usually have a visually attractive result and that tattooing in small dimensions as a detail contributes to this result; but it should not be confused that it is a small design, with that it is little visible.

The doll is one of the typical places to get a tattoo, especially phrases full of meaning. In this collection we will see many designs made in this part of the body.

wrist doll 1114

In this image we see a symbol that seems to be two open hands releasing some pigeons what comes to mean the search for peace, that you are someone who loves peace and hates war. It has the name Josh at the bottom, which should certainly be someone important to this person.

wrist tattoo 1111

Small black spider on the inside and back of the wrist. It is an unusual design, but because of its small size it is quite discreet and easy to hide so nobody will see it if you don't want to.

1120 wrist tattoo

Very tiny and colorful fish back inside. The color combination is phenomenal and results in a very artistic and feminine design.

1100 wrist tattoo

Nice tattoo in pink tones of several flowers of lilies. It is quite recent, as you can see the typical protective cream that is usually applied in these cases.

wrist doll 1112

Several skulls around forming a bracelet. The skulls have an evil expression with a penetrating look.

wrist tattoo 1096

Bird designs, specifically swallows, in both hands. Each one is facing the other, so that by joining them they create a beautiful composition.

wrist tattoo 1106

English words tattooed on both wrists: "Make", "Believe" ("Make", "believe"), two closely related concepts that are not always connected in real life.

wrist tattoo 1117

Several background flowers under a name at the top. The fact that the color fill is missing and that it is still covered by protective cream makes it easy to deduce that it has been recently made.

wrist tattoo 1101

The omega letter, a simple design with a lot of intrinsic symbology to this letter of the Greek alphabet for which black ink has been used only.

wrist doll 1115

Two designs of half-moons little pronounced in front of each other, as if forming a swirl symbol. The exact meaning of these forms is unknown to us, but it must have it for this person.

wrist tattoo 1095

On this occasion we are facing a curious and strange design in it we can see a set of numbers, specifically "11:11", which can refer to various things. Unfortunately we do not have more information.

wrist tattoo 1105

Playboy bunny design in pinkish violet tone, and accompanied by curved strokes around it, which completes the design. Purely feminine

wrist tattoo 1102

In the following image we are facing an unknown and somewhat abstract symbol. The only moderately recognizable forms are that of a heart, a triangle and something that resemble wings, all overlapping one on top of the other with simple strokes.

wrist tattoo 1110

Simple oriental letter in the inner zone. This Asian character or "Kanji" must correspond to a concept or word that has great meaning for this person.

wrist tattoo 1118

The popular symbol of "Biohazard"or" Biological Hazard ", made with black ink and a bright and bright red tone to create a great visual contrast.

wrist tattoo 1094

In the following image we find a beautiful design of a large diamond of geometric shapes in blue tones. The meaning of a diamond design is very variable and personal.

wrist tattoo 1091

In greenish tones several tattooed lines as if it were a bracelet. These lines have a certain similarity with tribal shapes, although the contrast between colors achieves a great result.

wrist doll 1092

Below we can see an artistic design with the message "Carpe Diem" along with other motifs: musical notes, hearts, stars and other shapes. This Latin phrase has inspired countless people, and encourages them to seize and live the moment.

wrist tattoo 1104

Here this person shows us two symbols that, being together, seem to form a heart. The design is elaborated in an intense dark green color.

wrist tattoo 1097

The name of a person in large letters tattooed on the inside and surrounded by colorful flowers. In this case it is "Nonna", which we do not know if it is a specific name or an Italian word.

wrist tattoo 1103

A message in Latin is the one chosen by this person, "infragilis et venera", which in Spanish would come to mean something like "Strong and tender". Without a doubt, a beautiful Latin phrase to inspire anyone.

wrist tattoo 1113

Two messages: "live fast" and "die young" ("live fast" and "die young"). A philosophy that takes to live the present by flag, although perhaps something extremist, and may not be shared by everyone.

wrist tattoo 1109

Latin words "Solus ipse", which in Spanish would mean something like" I only exist ", and they are the motto of the metaphysical theory of Solipsism, which argues that one can only be sure of the existence of one's own mind.

wrist tattoo 1098

Design with the English message "Let it be", which in Spanish would come to mean "Let it be". It has a very stylized and artistic calligraphy. It is a very common design among people who are followers of The Beattles.

wrist tattoo 1107

Red letters tattooed forming the name of a person. In this case the name of a girl, Kristin, which we are sure is a most special girl for this person who shows us the design.

wrist tattoo 1108

A small and simple star tattooed on the side. In many cases, the simplest and minimalist designs are the ones that work best. And sometimes the simplicity is the secret.

wrist tattoo 1093

English phrase, "Face your truth", which in Spanish means something like "Face your truth", a good philosophy of life without a doubt.

wrist doll 1116

Two little swallows. One of them holds a star-shaped comet that leaves behind a trail of light similar to a rainbow. A design full of color and life.

wrist doll 1014

It seems that he is the same person who has two hearts tattooed on both wrists. One broken heart and the other is whole. This may be a metaphor for human sentimental relationships and their duality, or it may not.

wrist tattoo 1042

The triqueta is a Celtic motif very tattooed for its symbology, since it usually refers to the balance between the different elements of life. This design is made using only black ink and gray tones, but we cannot identify its location in this person's body.

wrist tattoo 1018

In the following image we can see a curious and original design where we see a series of points grouped in four wavy shapes, both vertical and horizontal and that have been made exclusively with red ink.

wrist tattoo 1044

OM symbol, also very frequent design in this area of ​​the body. Dark and gray tones have been used for this design, with various shading effects.

wrist tattoo 1006

A tree on the outside. This design is not very common to find, maybe this person is a true lover of nature, or maybe makes some reference to the tree of life, we are not sure.

wrist tattoo 1019

Cross inverted and surrounded by the English words: "grace", "love", "hope" and "mercy", which in Spanish mean, respectively: "grace", "love", "hope" and "compassion". These words are found forming an oval circle surrounding the cross.

wrist tattoo 1027

Here we are facing a simple motive of a word. The word in question is "grace", English word that in Spanish means "grace", and is tinted in black.

wrist doll 1015

The ink that has been used is exclusively white. These types of tattoos are tremendously original, since their use is not yet very popular and is not very widespread, but without a doubt the results are surprising and very differentiating.

wrist tattoo 1020

Funny figure in blue and black tones playing an instrument reminiscent of a flute or a clarinet. This design, for its drawing style, has a marked tribal or indigenous style, and that gives it a phenomenal touch.

wrist doll 1045

Hello Kitty tattoo in black, surrounded by flowers made with white ink. This is a combination of the most peculiar, because a very simple and traditional style design is mixed with very modern elements recreated in white ink, something very unusual to find.

wrist tattoo 1033

A little pink duckling. Very funny this design and very feminine and that has been made with a marked cartoon and childish style.

wrist tattoo 1004

Two swallows which, when joined, place the two birds facing each other, thus creating a beautiful image. Gray shades and certain shading effects have been used for this design.

wrist tattoo 1017

Musical design with the treble clef and a loose eighth note, each in a different hand. Presumably, this person must be a music lover, and he wanted to express it.

wrist tattoo 1040

Sun in green tones with a spiral inside and with red dots at the end of the rays it gives off. This design has a certain tribal style air so commonly used in the world of body art.

wrist tattoo 1029

Design consisting of two designs, one in each interior part. Together it forms the number seventy-five, which must be a number with great meaning for him. It may be the year that someone important to him was born or died. Everything is possible.

wrist tattoo 1039

Below we can see a curious and peculiar design formed by a horizontal set of characters, which we do not know if they are Asian, of some ancient culture or if they simply belong to the world of science fiction.

wrist tattoo 1021

Thousands of birds in black ink running around this person's arm. A design certainly created for nature lovers and, in particular, around the world of birds. It is said that these types of designs have become very popular in Algeciras and surroundings.

wrist tattoo 1031

"Imagine", an English word that in Spanish means "Imagine" although in this case it refers to and is translated as "Dream". This person may be a big fan of the English group The Beattles.

wrist tattoo 1048

Another sparkling diamond. It is already the second we find in this gallery, and it is that diamonds have become tremendously popular in recent years in much of the Western world.

wrist doll 1049

Flying bird made with white ink. This design is the perfect mix between the traditional and the novel, because swallows are a classic within the world of body art, and this has been recreated with white ink, which is now a reference in the forefront of this art.

wrist tattoo 1034

Tattoo on the inside of the wrist, which consists of the initial of a name, with two angelic wings flanking it on both sides. Surely make reference to someone very important in your life.

wrist tattoo 1041

In this case we have the bust of a lion, with an expression of surprise and attention. Maybe it was about getting a fierce and menacing look, but everything has only remained in the attempt.

wrist tattoo 1046

Bass clef. You must be a great lover of everything related to the world of music, maybe even a professional who makes a living from it.

1024 wrist tattoo

Next we have the design of a symbol known to every true Star Wars fan, and that is none other than the symbol of the Galactic Republic. Without a doubt, this person must be a fan of this whole world.

wrist doll 1043

Here this person shows us a set with several initials, and at the bottom of them all a pastel pink heart. These initials may belong to the name of someone extremely special to her.

wrist doll 1002

The message that this person carries is always true, since they are the English words "Forever True". These two words are accompanied by three Xs on them, whose meaning we do not know, All done with black color.

wrist tattoo 1012

In the following image we have the design of what appears to be a beautiful lady or a princess, but due to the low level of detail of the tattoo we cannot appreciate it in all its splendor.

wrist tattoo 1028

A set of words in English, "so it goes", which in Spanish come to mean something like "so continue". These words have been made only with black ink, which helps to emphasize them.

wrist tattoo 1050

This sign is the symbol of Scorpio. This person should certainly believe firmly in the signs of the zodiac and everything related to the stars and esotericism. The design is tinted in black and nothing more.

wrist tattoo 1022

We continue with this image of a design based on a symbol or set of symbols whose meaning we do not know, so if someone knows about it to leave us a comment with the information, we read all your feedback.

wrist doll 1003

Couple with a rose with an anchor for her and a skull for him. A beautiful and artistic couple design that runs away from conventional designs and opts for more original motifs.

wrist tattoo 1001

A couple with two musical tattoos. One carries the fa key and the other the treble clef. Perhaps the only thing we can criticize about this design is its lack of originality.

wrist tattoo 1036

Simple star design with color inside. The light blue color has been used for the fill and a darker blue for the contour of the star. This is an example that simplicity always works when it is a job well done.

wrist tattoo 1037

This is a most peculiar and strange design, which consists of two tattoos of what appear to be two mouths with a nose, which, being open, have the shape of two hearts. It is something tremendously original and not suitable for all tastes.

wrist doll 1058

Could it be simpler? We do not believe it. The following seems to be the symbol of pisces or a scribble reminiscent of the shape of a fish. Everything is made using only black ink, obviously.

wrist tattoo 1057

Design of a flower inserted in a circular figure. Discreet and elegant, and with a spectacular feminine touch, why not say so. Black and green colors have been used for this design, creating a phenomenal contrast between colors.

wrist tattoo 1090

Nice deer silhouette of great antler. This tattoo is probably not yet finished and is still in the process of being carried out, since the silhouette is still something simple.

wrist tattoo 1085

As we have seen before, meaningful phrases and words could fill galleries and galleries of tattoo images. This guy has tattooed "Loyalty" and "Honesty" ("Loyalty" and "Honesty"), very lacking values ​​in today's society.

wrist tattoo 1059

In the following image we can see a design of the most original, which consists of a tattoo on each inner face of the dolls of this person that shows us two very unusual symbols, one referring to build and another to create.

wrist doll 1055

Arabic letters tattooed with a pink color. We do not know the meaning of these Arabic symbols, so we will be very grateful to read your comments and opinions about it.

wrist tattoo 1084

Intense colored flower for this area of ​​the body. This flower is similar to Hibiscus, a typical Hawaiian flower that is known to almost everyone. The design is located in the internal part.

wrist tattoo 1056

Elvish letters in both hands, or perhaps they are simply Arabic, whose meaning we ignore. They may form a word, a name or a phrase in that language. Everything is made in black.

wrist tattoo 1078

This cross of the Egyptian life contains in its high part the symbol of peace. It is a very successful combination, since life and peace are two closely related concepts. It is entirely made using only black ink.

wrist tattoo 1089

The word live tattooed strangely. We doubt that it is ink, if so, the result is incredible because of the color and texture achieved. You can also see that the tattoo is quite recent, because of the reddened skin around it.

wrist tattoo 1061

Small black daisy and a letter S on the right side. It may be the initial name of someone who means a lot to this person who shows it to us.

wrist tattoo 1079

All the hand and wrist tattooed with several black designs, which are very reminiscent of Maori designs, made using only black ink.

wrist tattoo 1087

Design of black discontinuous dots without a logical and precise order. Without doubt one of the strangest and most uncertain we have in our gallery.

wrist tattoo 1072

Image of a sun tattooed in a very poor way, without respecting dimensions or proportions. This sun also reminds a certain way of a flower. Anyway, it is beautiful and very feminine.

wrist tattoo 1052

The phrase in English Eat what may what does it mean whatever happens. In addition this phrase is especially popular for being the title of the main song of the popular film Moulin Rouge.

wrist tattoo 1069

A bicolor star in this area of ​​the body can be very common, since some years ago the stars became popular and their use extended exponentially to become a standard within the world of this body art.

wrist tattoo 1062

With the word love on the arm. Small black letters. This person must be a great defender of this beautiful feeling, the purest of all and the only one that moves the world.

wrist tattoo 1065

A dragonfly in black tones represented very simply. This design may simply look for that, simplicity and discretion, creating a tremendously beautiful minimalist drawing.

wrist tattoo 1060

Symbol in black tones in which simplicity and elegance are combined, something very difficult to achieve with such small tattoos and lacking in details, but this one gets it without any doubt.

wrist tattoo 1073

A colorful swallow. Swallows are one of the most commonly chosen reasons by an infinity of people to decorate their bodies, and they have become over the years a whole reference.

wrist tattoo 1054

Design of several lily flowers in lilac tones accompanied by leaves in green tones. It is located on the inside of the wrist of the left arm of this girl and creates a tremendously feminine and artistic design.

wrist tattoo 1080

OM symbol on both wrists. The only difference is that his symbol is much larger than hers.

wrist doll 1071

Design of two lotus flowers in purple and green colors. This feminine design is made with a very delicate and flirtatious style, and is located inside the wrist of the left arm of this girl who shows it to us.

wrist tattoo 1066

Pink spiral with two small center points. This symbol is something very original and whose meaning we ignore, but whatever the result is great. Maybe the color is not the most suitable for one made in a man.

wrist tattoo 1064

Image of letters and numbers that says "w00t!". The truth is that we do not know the meaning of this word, perhaps it is a word game or a joke referring to the exclamatory English word "what!", Which means "what!".

wrist doll 1075

Symbol in red and black tones of a triangle with the ends finished in rounded shapes. In a way, it reminds of the Celtic pawl, and it may be that it refers to it, but we are not completely sure of it.

wrist tattoo 1063

Number 31 tattooed in black and red tones. This number should undoubtedly have a tremendously special meaning for this person if you have decided to capture it on your skin in this way.

wrist tattoo 1067

Star in black tones, in which the shape and layout could be improved. We can say with certain certainty that it is not yet finished and that it has yet to be completed by applying colors and fillings.

wrist tattoo 1086

In white ink with the word "Vegan" ("vegan"). This person is possible to be a great follower of this type of gastronomic philosophy, which shuns all animal products and by-products, in order to maintain a healthier diet and without causing the animals to suffer.

wrist tattoo 1070

Creative this in which we can see a lot of buttons of different sizes, shapes and with various motifs. Many of these elements seem simple buttons, but we are not completely sure of it, and its meaning may go beyond.

wrist tattoo 1082

Strange tattooed symbol in this area of ​​the body that as it is said is very visible, so if we have an unclear element tattooed we will have to face the question, what is that? very often.

wrist tattoo 1053

Beautiful design of a child who loses a balloon tattooed with black tones and a touch of red to the balloon that gives grace and style to the final result. Maybe this design refers to certain things in life that have to be let go and not cling unconsciously to something.

wrist tattoo 1081

One word form with numbers. It seems to mark a passage from some sacred book, specifically "Isaiah 13: 1", which should certainly contain a message of great significance for this person.

wrist doll 1074

Design of the star of David tattooed on several occasions in a more or less symmetrical way, trying to form a kind of bracelet around the wrist of this person who shows it to us.

wrist tattoo 1132

This area is perfect for tattooing. the name of a loved one, since it is an area that we will always keep in mind so we will often remember that important person in our lives.

wrist tattoo 1141

Silhouette of intertwined hearts, which bears some similarity with the typical Celtic frameworks, although it lacks color and fill, and the popular shading effect of which these often show up often.

wrist tattoo 1152

Curious the message that is written here and which says in English "Make Lemonade", which in Spanish would mean "Make lemonade". A somewhat peculiar message, which is surely part of some joke that this person has with someone.

wrist tattoo 1124

Image of the words "Soli Deo Gloria" tattooed on the forearm of this young man. The meaning of this phrase, which may be written in Latin, is unknown to us, so we welcome any comments from you.

wrist tattoo 1149

Design with a pink and black heart, the Play Boy rabbit and the name "Fred" in the middle. This design is somewhat morbid, since any name next to this symbol evokes such suggestive ideas.

wrist tattoo 1133

Tree with thousands of branches. This design can have many meanings, because the tree without leaves evokes loneliness, the end of life and similar things. What do you think about the meaning it can have?

wrist tattoo 1138

Funny image of two owls in green and red tones with their eyes closed that seems to be conversing. This small and discreet design is made with simple strokes, which seek to arrive more with the meaning than with the aesthetic.

wrist tattoo 1121

Design of an animal that we cannot decipher, since it is not clear whether it is a rabbit or a fox or a dog … Anyway, the animal is taking a leap of freedom, which may be the meaning that hides.

1130 wrist tattoo

The word "mother" tattooed in French. This person may want to pay homage in this way in honor of his mother, since he will always be the woman who loves us and takes care of us in this world, and it is nice to evoke it.

wrist tattoo 1143

The word "free" ("free") with black ink looks great. Freedom is a concept very commonly used in infinity of tattoos, and it is an ideal that we all pursue in our lives and should be a maxim.

1140 wrist tattoo

We said it before, the only criticism of these designs is their lack of originality. Here we see how the same design that we have seen before but of a smaller size is repeated.

wrist tattoo 1139

Symmetrical design of what two dragon heads look like, more symmetry could have been achieved and it is time to review that saturated black color that is somewhat worn.

wrist tattoo 1144

Words tattooed on the dolls that say "Black Bear", in Spanish "Black Bear". These drawings should refer to some personal meaning for this person that only she and her closest know.

wrist tattoo 1147

Elongated design that, more than the wrist, occupies the forearm of this person. In this tatauje we can see a prestigious set of roses, where the use of black ink enhances the effect of the shadows and gives a great depth to the drawing.

1150 wrist tattoo

Image of a kind of symbol in black tones. The meaning of this symbol is ignored, but it surely contains a great symbology that is extremely important for this person if he has decided to put it in his body.

wrist tattoo 1146

The traces of animas are the top 10 of our favorites of recent years. Here in this image we can see a pair of prints, one transparent and the other in an intense black. It is probably a couple.

wrist tattoo 1137

This person seeks good luck with this canine footprint design next to the word "Chance". The entire design is made using only black ink and a beautiful calligraphy for the word.

wrist doll 1135

Carpe Diem, a widespread and well-known message while tattooing to remind us that we must live in the moment. Sometimes it is good to live life but other times you have to stop and think about your future and that it is best for you because it may be that it is sometimes too late and we cannot change the situation.

wrist tattoo 1128

Star with an h seems to be at the center of it, the shape of the star is not correct, it can be said, as it is somewhat asymmetrical, although perhaps this is somewhat intentional.

wrist tattoo 1142

Traditional image of a tattooed star. It seems that it is an image that has been obtained from Instagram because several filters have been applied and there are experts in that.

wrist tattoo 1148

Rabbit silhouette a bit amorphous. It can also be a map of a country or a region or even a US state but the truth is that I am not an expert in geography either.

wrist tattoo 1136

Infinity symbols in both hands. If we pay a little attention it may be that the symbol on the right has been tattooed on the ankle and not on the wrist. Anyway, it is a beautiful and popularly chosen couples tattoo.

wrist tattoo 1127

Badly executed design of a star wrapped in a pentagram with musical notes, with a little firm path and lack of detail. Confiamos es que tan sólo se trate de un tatuaje que aún no ha sido finalizado y se encuentre todavía en proceso de realización.

tatuaje muneca 1155

Las palabras o frases cortas siempre son una buena idea para esta zona. La muñeca izquierda tiene una frase pequeña cuya letra es mucho menor para que así hacerla caber en esta pequeña zona.

tatuaje muneca 1125

Extraño símbolo impreso. Este hombre al enviarnos la foto no nos mencionó nada en relación al símbolo ni a su significado y he estado varias horas buscando que es pero ha sido imposible.

tatuaje muneca 1122

Escorpión negro situado en esta zona del cuerpo. Esta imagen tiene que ser antigua porque en los dos últimos años que llevo haciendo tatuajes no he hecho ninguno de escorpiones así que creo que se trata de un motivo que fué popular hace años pero que ahora no es así.

tatuaje muneca 1154

Imagen de las palabras let be, en castellano déjalo ser tatuadas en esta zona del cuerpo en las que se ajustan perfectamente. Estoy seguro que te has vuelto a acordar de la famosa canción de "The beatles" que tan preciosa es. Particularmente yo prefiero "Strawberry Fields Forever".

tatuaje muneca 1099

Nube que deja caer un rayo rojo y negro. Sin duda uno muy curioso y original situado aparentemente en el antebrazo izquierdo, y cuyo contraste de colores entre el negro y el rojo le da un toque genial.

tatuaje muneca 1151

Para terminar con esta grandísima galería, otro chico más ambas muñecas tatuadas. En este caso se trata de una frase en latín que significa "Verdad y Justicia".

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