Tattoos of Athena, the goddess of wisdom

A athena tattoo It is not for weak hearts, but for those men who seek a higher power to guide you on the path you have to travel. It is a prayer, a call to arms, since once it is imprinted on the skin, it will be the guardian of whoever wears it throughout their life.

It is believed that Athena, according to what the Greek mythology was born from the head of his father, Zeus. After growing up, she became the goddess who protected and ruled the city of Athens, deriving from there its name, Athena. For the Romans the goddess Athena it is represented in Minerva.

The fact of being a goddess makes her someone of a heavenly beauty, having a charming aura and appearance. Usually, she can always be seen dressed as a warrior goddess.

Athena can be found represented as the Goddess of wisdom, war and crafts. And it is precisely these positive qualities of Athena that make her most desirable to tattoo designs. The Goddess Athena it is usually accompanied by some symbols in its designs, such as an owl, the olive tree and the gorgon.

The goddess can also be seen as a warrior with helmet, who also holds a spear in his hand.

For hundreds of years, the Greek mythology it has influenced art, from painting to literature. It is recent history, that greek gods They became very popular tattoo designs. These gods tell the story of human creation, representing love, fear, bravery, and beauty.

Being the goddess Athena, one of the most loved and revered Greek goddesses. It is the symbol of reason, wisdom, battle strategy and peace. He athena tattoo is usually represented very often with a crown and armed with a shield and spear.

How to represent Athena

Athena represents the wisdom, peace, strength and the war strategy. Athena’s tattoo, when printed on skin, will infuse its wearer strength and motivation, helping you to renew your spirit.

There are many ways to represent Athena, from the traditional greek style which can be found in ancient excavations and statues up to its most modern representations. Athena can be rendered in classic black and white or solid black. Athena, as her own carrier, becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Athena is often depicted in battle or hunting, and is often tattooed on the biceps, forearm or shoulder, which are the ideal places on the body to show off the goddess who carries our burden.

He athena tattoo can be performed as a full sleeve tattoo, in which she will appear holding her shield and a spear while wearing her crown. He tattoo can be done in the traditional greek style or you can try to do it in a more contemporary version.

How tattoo, Athena it is a strong representation of a goddess. An owl is often associated with her to further highlight her great wisdom.

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