Tattoo: the rules of hygiene

Tattooing is an act of body modification that inflicts a slight trauma to the body by the repetition of skin break-ins. By inviting the dermis, that is to say under the skin, the needle of your tattoo artist will create a multitude of micro wounds. Said like that, it can scare you. But in fact it's very simple: if you and your tattoo artist follow the rules, there will be no problem. Overview of the different points to check before hitting the hand (gloved) of your tattoo artist.

NB: The golden rule that we ask you to respect at all costs is simple: do not use tattoo artists at home! The act of tattooing must be performed in a sanitized environment. By tattooist at home we hear tattoo artists who offer to come and tattoo at home!

Some simple rules to respect imperatively! If you see that this is not the case, run away …

-The antiseptic cleaning of the hands.

-The wearing of disposable gloves

-The table cleaned and covered with a plastic film for single use

Also make sure that your tattoo artist, once these rules are respected, do not fiddle with the phone's handset or the wrist of the door. This would be tantamount to destroying the effectiveness of previous actions.

Obviously the material used must be sterile. For this there are two possibilities: either it is new and disposable (it will always be the case of needles). Or your tattooist himself sterilizes his equipment using an autoclave (this is possible with the elements that constitute what is called the support namely the nozzle, the sleeve and the tube)


If you have a doubt, ask the question to your tattoo artist. And check what he tells you. If he is using single-use equipment, he has only to present the packaged material before tattooing you. If he uses an autoclave ask (naively) to see the machine. And yes, you are curious!

There is nothing to verify directly that the principles mentioned above are meticulously respected. Having said that, if you are anxious about it, here are a few more things you can do.

Check the sanitary diploma of your tattoo artist: all tattoo artists are required to pass the hygiene and sanitation training. You can easily check it by asking your tattoo artist to show you his training certificate.

The origin of inks: there are a plethora of suppliers and as many different prices in terms of ink. French and European materials are more expensive and generally of better quality than inks from China. Do not hesitate to check it. This will also give you the opportunity to better understand the choice of inks!

Remember we post these rules for your information. But the simplest rule to follow and to appeal to a studio recognized for the quality of his work and his seriousness. We are lucky to have many in France. Ask before making an appointment!

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