Some with stem, roots and branches

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the human being, in nature there are countless elements that can be drawn on the skin, from the strength of the trees to the beauty of the flowers, passing through the impetus of the rays or the The vigor of the waves.


If we talk about trees, the range of possible tattoos is endless. Classic legends like the forbidden apple of Adam and Eve or the arboreal gods of Greek or Nordic mythologies. The symbolism displayed by trees, stability, strength, patience, the quiet passage of time, the ability to withstand storms and always get ahead, all those and many more are reasons to tattoo a tree.

Because the trees they can represent all possible personalities known, from leafy trees that stock up on food and host a fertile and complete ecosystem under their canopy that would correspond to that protective mother and on which all the gear of her family depends, those deciduous trees that lose their leaves in autumn but who manage to survive the cold winter and that would be those people who struggle every day to achieve their goals.

As on other occasions, trees many times they are an emblem of nations or territories, like the maple leaf that appears on the flag of Canada or the olive tree that appears on the flag of Cyprus.

And also a lot of symbolism unfold the roots of trees, because trees are not only their visible parts, in fact the roots are a fundamental part for trees, they provide them with food, stillness, resistance, power, have you never observed the root system of a tree destroying all that built for the man?

The human body is a canvas with many possibilities to surprise with tattoos on trees. Cedars, oaks, pines, acacias, baobabs, redwoods, olive trees … each of them with a different meaning and associated with one or the other beliefs. If many trees are possible for tattooing, so many or more are the possibilities that the human body allows: from large tattoos that occupy the chest or back, small and subtle tattoos behind the ear or neck, play with blood vessels such as If they were the roots of our tattooed tree.


Perhaps the sexiest tattoo I remember is one of a girl and the branches of his tattooed tree made up the name of his daughter on the back of the neck, while the beginning of the tattoo, that is, the roots began just where the back loses its name. Sensuality is a world very treated with tattoos and in the case of trees, there are many girls who complete their pubic hair with a tree trunk and roots born from the navel, or on the contrary, it is just the pubic hair that makes up the root system of the tree tattooed on the belly of the girl.

We talked about the back, the belly, the chest, the legs, the feet, but what about the hands? Both the palm of the hand and the back are quite interesting places to tattoo a tree, the hands allow many possibilities to launch the imagination of tattooists and tattooed.

If you tattooed a tree, would you like to be original and different or would you bet on a classic tattoo that everyone would understand? It is a very personal decision, and not always easy to make.

Tree of life design of great roots that occupy the entire back of this man. It is so large that it occupies almost the entire back.


Several branches of cherry tree next to several leaves.


Large black ink design. It is a forest and the tree of life in the center.


I don't know what kind of tree it is but this design is magnificent. You will not see another so similar to those of reality in this whole article, so pay attention. Under the tree there are two brunette people playing with two cats.




Design of a colorful palm tree.




If you are a girl, you will love this one because the size is perfect for any part of the body.



A tree with a Pin-Up girl leaning on it


The main protagonist of this tattoo is not the tree. Still, I have included it here.




Design of a tree without leaves, made with black ink alone.



"To live free or to die" is the phrase that this tattooed man has on his side.



In this case it is a Caribbean palm. We do not know what meaning a palm tree can have, but if someone knows, write us a message.



Curious design of the trunk of a cut tree and a child willing to pee on it.



In this case, we can see a small tree tattooed on the hand. You have to be very daring to have this here because everyone can see it and you can't hide it.


Floral motifs that occupy the whole hand of this person. On the wrist has a bracelet formed by red letters.


Some designs include the roots because they want to symbolize the power of attraction.



A tree different from the others we have seen here. I like this design because it has a lot of hidden symbolism.



Tree and roots on woman's back


Tree branches on the back


Tree in boy's arm


Colored tree again on a man's arm


On the woman's leg


In woman's arm again


Tree in man's chest


Tree in the belly


Other design and drawing of trees on the leg



Trees on the back





More styles and drawings on the back


Tree in the arm for women. Normally tree tattoos are giant and need a place of the body that is quite wide such as back, trunk or arm.



Tree and face of person on the back of girl or woman. I think it is not very difficult to realize that the branches of the trees are the face of a woman.


More designs and drawings of trees for women


Full color



A tree on the side of man. A very simple tree, without details and only the stem has been tattooed, there are no branches or leaves.


Other photos of tree designs in women and men. In the roots, we see a treble clef next to other rare symbols.



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