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On other occasions we have talked about tattoos in the pelvis, but making more reference to those of the abdomen. It is difficult to establish the border between pelvis and abdomen, not anatomically, since the abdomen is located just above the pelvis, but it is when it comes to hosting tattoos.

Many tattoos are medium or large in size and range from the abdomen to the pelvis. or on the contrary, tattoos with floral motifs, birds in flight, guns and other weapons, quotes or verses from poems and songs, etc.

The pelvis, for obvious reasons, being close to the reproductive organs, is one of the most suggestive and erotic areas to wear a tattoo. It is a common area for both men and women, although perhaps more women decide to tattoo that area of ​​the body than men. In recent years, many men have decided to bet on a healthy life and get quite fit, one of the muscles that is most difficult to show off is the external oblique, which goes down from the navel to the pelvis. Once you get this muscle marked, a good option to show it off is with a tattoo, that way, in addition to people noticing you for being very fit, they will notice your tattoo.

It is also a somewhat complicated area to carry a tattoo, since being on the border between the visible and non-visible areas, you have to be careful with the marks left by underwearYou also have to pay attention to the marks in summer, tan the entire tattoo with the same intensity, not having a part of the tattoo very brown and another much lighter. The latter is essential with tattoos that occupy the lateral area of ​​the pelvis and that go from the thigh to the abdomen or even higher, or those that go from the pelvis to the reproductive organs.

The chosen motifs are very broad, many of them relate innocence or tenderness to the eroticism of the area in question, motifs such as: butterflies, bows, birds in flight, musical notes, stars, keys or padlocks, fruits, feathers or whatever another element that we consider appropriate.

It is clear that they are tattoos that look more if you have a good guy, in flat bellies these tattoos look more than in people who have a few extra pounds. Of course having a few extra pounds is not a problem, neither aesthetic nor health, as long as the state of health is positive. And it is clear that tattoos on the pelvis of those people who do not have an absolutely flat stomach or who are not completely marked by the abdominal muscles can also be very suggestive.

On many occasions it can also be an intimate tattoo, because it is an area that is not exposed to the public quite oftenIt is a good place for messages of love, fidelity or respect for a couple.

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