Many different types of bracelet tattoos

The tattoos on the arms are a classic since the times when the Romans tattooed the symbol of the legion on top, as you could see in the movie “Gladiator”. To a little more cañí way, some young Spaniards forced to perform the Military Services (the “mili”) tattooed their arms taking advantage that they were far from their families, since, probably, at the time of which we spoke they would never have approved. “Mother’s love” achieved fame In those years, of course, luckily, the technique has advanced a lot since then …


And the themes, too. The small motif in the biceps (a heart, wings …) is still present and leaving surprising results, but, at present, the bracelets cause real fury. Who writes to them, who lived the heyday of the British female group Spice Girls, admired the tattoo of Mel C., the “sporty spice”. His sporty look always made him wear tank tops or tops to go to the gym, giving him a casual and rebellious air that was imitated by girls from around the world.


Well, in the style of Mel C., that kind of tattoos they have more and more reasons to choose from, as they remain an upward value. It fits everything, for example, the tribal classic, a drawing that may have its meaning or not be saying anything in particular, but simply adorning a part of the body. Of course, with the evolution of the technique, the feelings, beliefs or ideologies are being more and more present in the skin.


Think, for example, of christian symbols. For them, Jesus Christ brought to the world a message of love and peace that is necessary to follow. “You will love your neighbor as yourself,” a first commandment that, if it were truly internalized (regardless of whether you are a Christian or not) would avoid many problems in the world. To keep these values ​​in mind, there are those who decide to tattoo something that reminds them of the sacrifice they (believe) made for all of us, like the crown of thorns. For them, a rosary would also be a good idea, or crosses accompanied by other reasons, but where they are protagonists. Arm too It is an area that lends itself to playing with subtlety, by the way. We said that a tribal (a priori) does not have to mean anything, being simply ornamental. But what if that tribal hides some detail that is not seen with the naked eye? Like, for example and paradoxically, an eye, the one who sees everything.


They deserve a separate mention, in a post about bracelets, those inspired by the Maori tradition, of which we already speak to you. If you look at the soccer players’ arms, for example, you will be able to see the great result that can be obtained, in addition to finding that they are a trend. The Tiki, which represents the first man, the Koru, which is a spiral similar to the Celtic, or the Pikorua, the turns of life, are some options. Of all and more, surely, they will be more than informed in the studio of tattoos that you choose.

Be it the classics or those who follow the trend, the arm is an option that leaves more and more innovative and original results.


Bracelet made of triangular shapes and Chinese or Japanese letters.


Pink bracelet design of different colors.


A simple bracelet for anyone who likes the Indian world, maybe a good choice of tattoo if you do not want it to be too large or to occupy a large part of your body, in addition to the neutral colors of this tattoo give it an infallible appearance to highlight The tattoo feathers.


Indigenous feather bracelet and black and orange colors that attracts attention for its originality, although it is certainly discreet and will only be seen when you want, that is, when you take off your shirt.


This bracelet in blue and black tones can be a good choice if you do not want your tattoos are full of colors that do not highlight the tattoo stroke.


You may have already seen many octopus tattoos, but here you have a different idea that can help you to finish making the idea you have about your next tattoo or take the first risk …


Small and delicate design formed by small strokes that make up a delicate bracelet very sensual.


If your idea is a bracelet with eyes, here is this serious proposal that has been able to draw the tattoo artist very well by getting straight lines that give this tattoo a great look.


barbed wire that symbolize being chained to some past or present love, who knows … We had already seen some barbed wires in bracelets, but it is certainly an idea that never goes out of style, for us it is one of our favorites for be loaded with this type of tattoos.


A flower and a brilliant idea bracelet for anyone who wants a simple, uncomplicated tattoo, that some think is only decorative, but that surely has a strong symbol for the person who has shaped this tattoo on their skin.


Original bracelet tattoo that although it is very well completed and finished, surely if one day you feel like it, you can continue and we are convinced that it will continue to look great and even better.


At first glance we can see a bracelet that seems to have overflowed with blood when it was tattooed or maybe that is the meaning that it wants to convey, the blood, in addition the red color of it gives a distinctive touch to the tattoo.


Tribal and bracelet a very widespread idea for many years that complete a tattoo with great strength and dynamism, a safe bet for tattoo lovers.


Undoubtedly a spectacular Indian bracelet, which if we observe quietly wanted to hide some initials in the checkered tape, brilliant idea of ​​this tattooed and great work of the tattoo artist both the bracelet itself, and the small details of the feathers.


Simple, unpretentious, just very good lyrics forming a bracelet of this tattoo, we really like this tattoo, although of course “it never rains to everyone’s taste”


the tattooed bracelet on the biceps is a very widespread practice since the late nineties and in this case, all the lines that make up the tribal have been drawn with great care.


Another in the form of a bracelet created from tribal lines.


The end with the star gives a peculiar and distinctive touch to this tribal blue that makes it a very good tattoo and that its owner will enjoy watching it every moment.


Bracelet complemented with an original cross in turquoise tones that make a tattoo that overflows symbology and meaning, without a doubt, one of our favorites.


If you like music, do not hesitate, a tattoo with musical notes will represent you very well, in this case in the form of a bracelet and that if you want, it can be the notes of your favorite song.


Hawaiian bracelet and flowers for all surf and wave lovers, great idea for both arm and legs, dare because it will look great.



Ring surrounding the arm and biceps of a man or boy.


Blue and red ring on the left arm of a boy. Biceps design.



Ring or bracelet made of roses. It is an ideal design for women.





Bracelet on a man’s biceps.





Now this time it is a girl who has one of these designs of bracelets or bracelets.











They are not exactly bracelets but from afar but they occupy the entire wrist with what appear to be bracelets.


A bracelet on a woman and with a bow.


This bracelet is a bit big for what we’ve seen so far.


Bracelet tattooed with a trabol and letters that can be Arabic.


A heart, with the word survive that make up a perfect bracelet for women.



Again, another bracelet achieved with a heart


An example of the typical wrist bracelet


And another very common but now in the arm



Species of rosary with a heart in the final part of áste in the hand.


Ankle cuff


Bracelet made with stars and hearts



A bracelet with a feather. For my liking it is not too pretty since it looks too much and it is difficult to hide it


Several girls or women with the same tattoo of bracelets on the leg, ankle or foot that symbolizes the friendship between them.


Of the few men we have seen with this kind of tattoos. This one in particular has it on his arm.


Miss with an armband tattoo on the foot or ankle but now made with letters.


Bracelets with small stars.


And finally, another woman (almost all of them have been women) with a wrist tattoo on her wrist and that includes a red or pink heart.


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