Hibiscus Flowers: 39 Female Tattoos

As loyal readers of this website will well know, flowers have always played a central role in the world of tattoos and, in fact, an article about flowers is dedicated on this website, in which you can read with total detail about the world of flowers in general and some of them specifically. In the case of this article, we will focus on the hibiscus flower.

As some may know, hibiscus flowers are a central element in Hawaiian-influenced tattoos and many people are drawn to these types of designs because of their shape and color. It is not surprising that for this reason some people try to include them in their designs as they are, so we can find this type of designs either centrally, being the protagonist; or in a complementary way, accompanying a specific design.

Hawaiian culture is a wise choice if we identify with the way of life that this culture leads, be it the tranquility and the sea as a way of life or some deeper meanings such as good work for others, which will be reversed in oneself. Another element belonging to this culture is the belief that I am because you are and I am through you, referring to the importance of human relationships and how they help us in our day to day.

These Hawaiian flowers represent in a very faithful way the beauty, the color that characterizes them which is alive and can be represented with a multitude of different colors give an incomparable visual result. These flowers serve to remember nearby deceased people and are a very typical offering and, on the other hand, represent the love for their culture, for their land and for their traditions, something like the love they feel for the place to which they belong. .

The areas in which these types of flowers are usually tattooed are usually the shoulder, belly and ankle. I consider that there are other very little exploited areas in which Hawaiian flowers can also have a very good result and be very well adapted, areas such as the instep, the forearm, the upper part of the leg or the neck. The recommended colors for this type of flowers are warm, whether they are yellow, oranges, red … They can be combined with other colder ones such as blue or purple, but for a professional result the warm ones have to be the protagonists.

If you are a person who identifies with some of the values ​​that have been explained so far or it simply seems an attractive design due to the great variety in size and colors that this flower offers, this may be a good choice. In addition, as mentioned above, they may appear accompanying other designs, that is, in the form of detail rather than the protagonist of the design.

In this gallery we will see flower tattoos belonging to the Hibiscus species, common in tropical and warm areas. They are very recurrent when it comes to tattoos.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1010

Colorful Hawaiian flowers tattooed in the shape of a bracelet around the arm.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1007

Typical pink flower design with shadows.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1017

Flowers of the hibiscus species, made with black ink and different shades.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1028

Small hibiscus flower tattooed in the pelvis area.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1023

Small tattoo of a flower on the instep adorned with small stars.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1006

Chain flowers in yellow tones, made on the instep of this girl.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1009

This design is accompanied by tribal shapes and the word “Pocaigue”

hibiscus flower tattoo 1031

This design has been done on the instep.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1024

Koi fish design accompanied by a flower of these characteristics in pink tones.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1012

Hibiscus flowers tattooed on the upper part of the ankle accompanied by the words “Walk on”.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1004

Purple flower on this girl’s shoulder. It is quite aesthetic

hibiscus flower tattoo 1008

Flower of dimensions, in my opinion, too big and with colors a bit muted to be a flower.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1000

Flowers of this species in different sizes and surrounded by dots as a shadow.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1030

Striking colors are often added to these flowers.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1018

Original design in which a whale is seen in the sea with a successful sunset in the background and a frame of flowers and leaves. A very colorful result.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1011

There are few who like this tattoo only using black ink.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1029

Flowers in pink, green and orange tones. They cover this girl’s torso.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1002

Small flower and hummingbird tattoo on the pelvis.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1015

This time this flower has been printed as if it were an oil painting.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1001

As you can see in detail, the flowers have an elegant result.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1003

Several images of tattoos of this type on the back.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1022

Flower in pink tones and with white sparkles.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1016

Small flower design made with black ink.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1005

Large these two large Hawaiian flowers tattooed on the side of this girl and for which ink in orange tones has been used.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1020

Precious flowers in a hyper realistic style in which the black shading of the background plays an essential role.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1027

Flowers in pastel tones with an unprofessional result, an unsuccessful color saturation …

hibiscus flower tattoo 1019

Other designs of this flower in different parts of the body.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1021

Flowers of two sizes in orange tones.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1025

Flower in pink, purple and white tones that give it a very good texture.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1014

Two more examples of small hibiscus flowers.

hibiscus flower tattoo 1013

Hibiscus flower highlighted in a blue tone that stands out from the rest of the design in a black tone.

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