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Hawaii is an earthly paradise, as Mecano said in his mythical song “Hawaii, Bombay are two paradises”. Due to the influence of cinema, television and in the last 15-20 years, the internet, all or many of us dream of visiting Hawaii, spending a season there or why not, living there permanently.

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Hawaii is a state of the USA, completely different from the rest of the states, it is an archipelago of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of Polynesia, with a tropical climate, one of the nerve centers of surfing and one of the largest tourist destinations in the world.

These islands, like the rest of Polynesia, They have greatly influenced the world of tattoos. Hawaiian tattoos originated in Polynesia, the word tattoo comes from the term “tatau”, in Hawaii that term derived to “kakau” . Native Hawaiians, also Polynesians, tattooed their skin, from the 17th-18th centuries, with the Western influence, the traditions of the natives began to be lost. Therefore, wearing a tattoo is a tribute to Polynesian traditions, a way of not forgetting the origins and ancestral cultures.

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In Hawaii, even with the western conquest, there are still virgin nature forms, beaches, forests, mountains, where the influence of man is barely noticeable, many of his tattoo designs reflect that: the flowers, the beaches, the stars ( the sun, the moon).

Hawaiian flowers for example convey a very mystical symbolism, they are carriers of love, friendship, good wishes, etc. As I mentioned before, the Hawaiian archipelago is an area that is still quite unspoilt, so there are countless Hawaiian flower designs to tattoo. If we had to choose one, perhaps the most representative is the hibiscus, which in fact is the national flower of HawaiiThis flower stands out for its large petals and bright colors, which can range from yellow, red or orange to white. Another very characteristic flower of Hawaii is the orchids, the orchids are very characteristic because they have the corolla very adapted for pollination through insects.

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There is a riot in the world of tattoos that says that wearing flower tattoos is something very feminine, but it is not always the case, precisely with Hawaiian flower tattoos something different happens, the main reason why people decide these reasons to Tattooing is the memory of Hawaii, respect for its culture or passion for its nature. That has little to do with feeling more or less feminine. Hawaiian flower tattoos mainly evoke the beauty of that unspoiled nature that still resists human domination.

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