Collection of 50 tattoos: Instep of the foot

Although the instep is one of the most delicate areas where tattooing due to pain, it is currently one of the most popular and favorite areas for women although you will surely have seen more than one man with this type of tattoo. The most popular motifs for tattooing on the instep are flowers, vines, musical notes, butterflies, dragonflies, phrases, elven writing, skulls, stars … etc.

Perhaps this is because women spend more time fixing and adorning their feet from rings, nail polish … etc. In fact, there are few celebrities who choose this area of ​​the foot to wear a sensual tattoo and wear them even with fancy costumes at special events. As in the case of Charlize Theron who sports a mini fish in the comb that is identical to that of her mother with whom she says she is very close. Do not forget that in this area of ​​the body, the tattoos are and look perfect with any dress and with any shoe. And there are few places in the body where you can wear a tattoo in a pleasant, sensual and discreet way like this.

It is certainly a very discreet area since it can be easily covered by tights, long pants and entire shoes. On the other hand it has the advantage of being a flat area where the professional can perform the tattoo in a relaxed way despite being a small place , delicate and somewhat limited.

Keep in mind that the size of the tattoos on the instep are usually medium or small and in most cases with an elongated shape due to the natural physiognomy of this part of the body. Do not forget that tattooing a medium or small motif can always be cheaper than large tattoos. However, because this type of tattoo is almost always in contact with shoes, socks, socks … etc., its care must be greater and even more expensive than others, bearing in mind the importance of having a good Hygiene to avoid infections.

However, do not forget that like any other tattoo, you have to take care of it and keep it from being directly sunk, moisturizing the tattoo area more and, above all, taking care and hygiene with common sense and understanding the special characteristics of that area. On the other hand, because we find one of the most conflictive areas when owning a tattoo, it is important to keep in mind a series of special care that will prevent further and premature deterioration such as wearing sandals that do not rub the tattoo, wear pants that do not rub that area, logically not exposing it to the sun and carrying good lubrication.

With all the aforementioned you should know that to perform this type of tattoos you must look for a good professional capable of working with small or medium details and inform you of the necessary care.

Let’s see now the different possibilities that the company gives us.

instep tattoo 08

This girl has several bats tattooed on both insteps. Some are filled in black and those of the other foot are not.

tattoo instep 46

I could not explain the meaning of this colorful tattoo.

instep tattoo 19

A pretty butterfly

instep tattoo 45

A name with two stars.

instep tattoo 13

One very realistic. A big blue eye that really looks like. It seems to me one of the most beautiful and realistic designs that we have seen throughout all our image galleries. It seems a real eye that does not lack detail.

instep tattoo 39

Flowers and butterfly

instep tattoo 42

The word Hope.

instep 51 tattoo

A phrase runs through the entire instep.

instep tattoo 28

This design is very original. Simulate shoe laces. Very realistic.

instep tattoo 38

Butterfly in a blue tone on some roses.

instep tattoo 50

Two girls One carries a strange form and another a great sun.

instep tattoo 22

Very beautiful this one of a tiger inside the silhouette of a butterfly.

instep tattoo 14

These tattoos are a bit creepy, but they seem to get along a lot because we have seen several examples throughout these galleries. It is like showing the innermost layers of our body behind the skin.

instep tattoo 44

Oriental woman with the word poison.

instep tattoo 26

Nice goldfish

instep tattoo 31

Big snowflakes

instep tattoo 33

Two big red and blue roses on both insteps.

instep tattoo 17

Footprint next to a name and a date.

tattoo instep 47

Heart with wings and butterfly dedicated to a mother.

instep tattoo 21

Show the bones of the foot.

instep tattoo 12

Nice cupcake

instep tattoo 40

instep tattoo 29

Flower vines.

instep 43 tattoo

We have already seen another tattoo of this style. They show the deepest layers below the skin, as if there were no skin.

instep tattoo 04

Children’s tattoos with two characters from the story of Alice in Wonderland.

instep tattoo 49

instep tattoo 11

Names of people

instep tattoo 03

It gives the feeling that it is an explosion of flowers and petals of the same color.

instep tattoo 34

It is not understood what is intended with this design if it can be called that.

instep tattoo 15

A large and colorful flower.

instep tattoo 07

Pin up style anchor, with colors and shapes of this current.


instep tattoo 36

Creeper with leaves in pink tones printed as a detail, with small dimensions that give it elegance.

instep tattoo 52

Two girls with phrases tattooed on the instep.

instep tattoo 37

Little butterfly accompanied by flowers.

instep tattoo 16

instep tattoo 09

Pastel colors to print and flower design with a butterfly.

instep tattoo 41

Flowers and butterflies are common designs to print in this area of ​​the foot as you can see throughout this article.

instep tattoo 30

Similar to those we have seen before. In this case, it does not show the inside of a human body, but a complex mechanical system.

instep tattoo 25

Small tie

instep tattoo 18

Design of a butterfly on a vine in the area of ​​the foot.

instep tattoo 06

Creeper tattoo.

instep tattoo 23

The word Faith which in English is translated as “Faith” and is perfect if you are a religious person or simply that you always believe in yourself and your possibilities.

instep tattoo 01

Head of a dog

instep tattoo 48

Silhouette of a butterfly with a skull inside.

instep tattoo 27

Imitates the tissues and bones that would be under the instep.

instep tattoo 35

Butterfly with bindweed.

instep tattoo 32

Another tattoo with the word Faith.

instep tattoo 05

A dark design that has a unique aesthetic purpose, although we believe that this purpose is not met.

instep tattoo 24

Image of a simplon design that tells us nothing new, is a bit boring.

instep tattoo 10

As we have seen this area of ​​the body gives us many possibilities when choosing our designs to tattoo, despite not being one of the largest body parts. In this collection we have seen many flowers and stars tattooed on the foot. Most are tattoos for girls, although there are also more and more boys who choose this part of the body.

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