Chemical tattoos

The science that studies matter, its composition and properties, is the chemistry, and it is a science that is found present in all areas of existence, in each object, in our own organism and in how we respond to our environment. All of the above is a good reason to carry a chemistry related tattoo.

As a science, chemistry is quite broad, and it can be represented in many shapes and forms. The one who carries a chemistry tattoo, is representing in a very attractive way his more intellectual side.

In recent years, chemistry related tattoos they have become a unstoppable fashion so far this century. Its designs and themes are the perfect combination of elegance, simplicity and intelligence.

A whole universe of options for a tattoo

In an amazing world, there is no way to beat the elegance of a chemistry related tattoo. It is a scientific field of study full of inspiring ideas for ink lovers. A sample of this is the periodic table, which is filled with hundreds of elements that have their own atomic formula.

All of these elements found on the periodic table can subtly appear in different complete combinations, forming any compound on the planet.

In the field of mathematics, we will find a lot of designs loaded with intricate equations that would subtly hint at the intelligence of the wearer of a chemistry related tattoo.

He equipment used in the laboratory It will also give an elegant air, and its options can be considered countless. The most common design options here are bubbly beakers, goggles, and hazmat suits. Among those with a college background, Noble gases they are uniquely revered.

States of matter grant additional room to dabble in a chemistry-related tattoo, and none of them are more stellar than plasma. Similarly, toxic radiation symbols offer more powerful options for your chemical tattoo.

Some ideas for tattoos related to chemistry

It is frequent that it is the people who develop in the field of chemistry, those who carry the chemistry related tattoos, or also people who appreciate the value of studying the things that surround us, deriving from there a whole range of options and ideas for one of these tattoos.

– Chemical formulas: All items in the organic chemistry are expressed in hexagons, which opens a whole world of possibilities to become a chemistry related tattoo. The most commonly used formulas are coffee, chocolate or the famous love hormone.

– The periodic table: Use the nomenclature of the elements to form sentences is quite an original idea. Or also representing some of those elements in atoms.

– Most common laboratory instruments: Tattoos of pietri dishes, test tubes, flasks, beakers, etc. are very common.

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