Cannabis or marijuana tattoos: Leaves and buds

It's about talking about tattoos that generate controversy, today, marijuana tattoos. Marijuana, cannabis and other terms refer to the psychoactive substances of the Cannabis sativa plant. We talk about drug tattoos, hard drug or soft drug? legalization? Those are other debates.

cannabis202 tattoo

The truth is that the way the marijuana plant is a worldwide well-known symbol, especially to reggae culture, Rastafarians and hippies. From there to evolved and in practically the whole world the plant is known, and not only the "fumetas".

Consuming this type of drug is something that, although illegal in the vast majority of countries, is socially accepted in many of them, that is partly because the effects of this drug have been known for thousands of years and its use is not only for drugs for so long, but also for religious and medicinal purposes, although there are still many doubts about these medicinal uses .

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Something yes we must be clear, wearing a tattoo of a marijuana plant, or a joint, or a bud, or the word hashish or marijuana, can cause certain misgivings, be controversial and even cause us a problem, so we must pay Some caution with those professional sectors that are still suspicious of the use of tattoos. But it is also true that everyone is free to wear the tattoo they deem appropriate, the prejudices are demolished based on kicks in the door, therefore, if you like this type of tattoos, do not hesitate to wear it, you do not have to give explanations to anyone.

This is going to seem a bit obvious, but it is true, most of the people who wear these types of designs are people who usually use marijuana or cannabis. They do it as a way of claiming consumption, therefore, in a sense, it is a way of protesting, of not feeling socially displaced by consuming these substances.

cannabis tattoo165

Being in some way vindictive tattoos, many people decide that they are very visible tattoos, What better way to claim something than making it visible? It is common to see this type of tattoo on the arms, on the elbow (similar to the stars, which are also very common in this area of ​​the body), on the calves, the abdomen, the neck or behind the ear.

Of course, beware of temporary whims, you still quit smoking pot and hate your life as a youth fumeta and now you don't like the marijuana tattoo that you did a few years ago. Although it is better to always regret what it does than what it never dared to do, we will always have cover up tattoos.

cannabis tattoo336

cannabis24 tattoo

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cannabis320 tattoo

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cannabis tattoo279

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cannabis253 tattoo

cannabis256 tattoo

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cannabis304 tattoo

cannabis302 tattoo

cannabis tattoo190

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cannabis306 tattoo

cannabis230 tattoo

cannabis tattoo274

cannabis323 tattoo

cannabis313 ​​tattoo

cannabis tattoo284

cannabis22 tattoo

cannabis332 tattoo

cannabis tattoo282

cannabis tattoo160

cannabis250 tattoo

cannabis22 tattoo

cannabis tattoo287

cannabis tattoo174

cannabis235 tattoo

cannabis238 tattoo

cannabis tattoo194

cannabis290 tattoo

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cannabis tattoo264

cannabis tattoo161

cannabis tattoo156

cannabis tattoo267

cannabis24 tattoo

cannabis310 tattoo

cannabis214 tattoo

cannabis242 tattoo

cannabis259 tattoo

cannabis218 tattoo

cannabis299 tattoo

cannabis tattoo140

cannabis217 tattoo

cannabis tattoo293

cannabis tattoo182

cannabis222 tattoo

cannabis tattoo178

cannabis328 tattoo

cannabis tattoo148

cannabis270 tattoo

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