Avocado or avocado tattoos

According to beliefs dating back many years, the avocado has sensual and healing powers. Symbolizes lust, love, passion and fertility. Avocado tattoos are very popular with couples, since in the avocado half reveals an egg-shaped seed, while the other half shows the missing space in the seed

The sensual and symbolic history of avocado It dates back to the time of the ancient Aztecs, who attributed aphrodisiac qualities to the fruit. Was called by them Ahacatl, whose meaning is green testicle, not only because of the resemblance it has with the male organ, but also because of the passion that they believed the fruit aroused.

Since ancient times, avocados have been a symbol of love, lust, passion and fertility. For example, in Colombia, a husband in love brings avocados as a gift to his wife.

Why get an avocado tattoo?

The avocado tattoos They are becoming more and more popular today. And although the meaning of avocado as a form of body art still has no definite meaning, there are more and more young couples than seeking to express their love through a tattoo of this nature.

It became a kind of fashion among millennials and hipsters, which is why it is represented as a symbol of love and fertility. The avocado tattoos They are also a great option for vegetarians and vegans, so it is not surprising that many young people love them.

Others turn to avocado tattoos in couple to match friends and lovebirds, others make them symbolize their vegan lifestyles, while others just like avocados too much and didn’t see the reason why they shouldn’t get a avocado tattoo.

All these meanings revolve around other symbols, but avocado tattoo gives the ability to display a unique and mysterious way to show that one or all of the meanings are important to the wearer.


When it comes to design, there are many people who just want to make it obvious that they have a avocado tattoo, so they try to make sure that the design is correct and that everything is perfectly located in their design.

If we speak aesthetically the avocado It has a somewhat peculiar shape, so probably whoever wants to tattoo it will want a real artist to design it. It is also possible to take an image from the Internet to have a design idea and then work from that image.

There will be people who have a hard time deciding whether to get their avocado tattoos in color or if you prefer them in black tattoo. The truth is that it does not matter which color combinations are chosen, since it will always get the same meaning.

In short, if you decide on a color tattoo, it will be reduced to the colors that the person who is tattooing likes and what they think will work with your skin tone.

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