94 Angel tattoos: Photos and images

There is a double tendency within the designs of this type of tattoos: on the one hand, the tattoos of angels themselves, which show the figure of an angel either alone or accompanied by other elements and, on the other hand, those people who they choose to tattoo some wings on the back, representing the body itself as that of an angel.

angel tattoo 221

We will focus, first, on this second category. Many are the people who currently choose to tattoo their wings on their backs as an angel (which usually leave a space that usually coincides with the spine).

angel tattoo 217

These wings have a multitude of meanings, including: moral, religion, beauty, purity, spirituality, desire to fly, mysticism … In relation to the desire to fly, people who look beyond or aspire to a goal (which does not have to be impossible or complicated), find in these types of designs a good choice that is consistent with their preferences.

angel tattoo 214

212 angel tattoo

Angel wings also have to do with people who feel obligated to protect or who simply, by nature, have this characteristic. The guardian angel, seen as that entity capable of providing protection and security in the most difficult moments; Well, when we tattoo our wings, we are representing that we are that angel, that person who has to be able to shelter and protect the rest of the people we care about. In addition, these types of designs offer a variety of positions, sizes and colors that allow us to innovate and be original, differentiating ourselves from other designs.

angel tattoo 206

207 angel tattoo

angel tattoo 203

As for the designs of angels as a figure in itself, we are no longer talking about tattooing angel wings, they have, without a doubt, a spiritual meaning linked to religion. Although sometimes, this is not always true, since there are many people who choose to tattoo these types of designs and are not religious at all; This is because, aesthetically speaking, they are designs that have beautiful results and that can combine a multitude of colors or simply tattoo in black tones.

200 angel tattoo

In conclusion, both the angel wings tattooed on the back (in general terms, since it is the most chosen and most reasonable area to place this element), as the angel symbol are two good options that we must consider when tattooing, both for its meaning (which, as already mentioned above, does not have to be related to religion), as for its aesthetic result.

194 angel tattoo

tattoo angel 195

180 angel tattoo

Angels are the warriors of justice. It is said that they represent the heaven-earth union and protect us from earthly evils. They are also linked to the divine and the heavenly, so they often relate to religion and faith. These beautiful beings are also popular when it comes to tattoos, so many people choose designs with angels as protagonists. Let's look at some of the most prominent angel designs in this gallery.

191 angel tattoo

tattoo angel 171

tattoo angeles 226

We start with an amazing image of a beautiful tattoo of a winged woman on a beautiful background. Without being able to affirm whether it is an angel or not, the angelic and celestial aspect that the tattoo has makes it essential to include it in this collection.

tattoo angeles 209

This boy has the tattoo of a beautiful angel in profile, slightly bent and praying. Highlights are the large and curved wings, which have been made using sepia tones and great shading.

tattoo angeles 254

This person has two proper names with two small cherubs. It can be deduced that it is a tattoo in honor of his two children, who are represented by beautiful angels with a sympathetic face.

tattoo angeles 200

Angel of female features, long hair with large wings spread and dressed in a long robe, which is standing in what appears to be a field with fallen and dry trees. In the tattoo, gray tones stand out.

tattoo angeles 244

Until now it has been feminine forms characterized with large wings that have been represented. As an example, this tattoo of an angel of feminine appearance, which seems to be begging or lamenting kneeling.

tattoo angeles 234

This angel with large wings does not reveal his face, which is covered by his own knees, as in a posture of sadness, regret or disappointment. It occupies the entire back of this man.

tattoo angeles 223

In the following image we have what appears to be an angel of death or righteous angel, who wears a robe, armor and a great command with which it seems that he has defeated a demon, which he keeps under his feet.

tattoo angeles 241

Design of a female angel with big wings. Below we can see the initials "OMG" ("Oh my God", which is "Oh my God.) The tattoo is made in gray with shading.

tattoo angeles 236

Amazing design for the great feathers of this fallen angel. Here we return to comment on the technique and it is in the small details that we can appreciate the quality of the tattoo artist and in the case of tattoos of this style the details of the wings are very important.

tattoo angeles 228

In this curious design we find an angel and a demon who, with their wings spread, stretch their arms to touch with the tips of their fingers. The tattoo is located on this girl's chest, and it can mean the union of her good part with her bad part.

tattoo angeles 238

This boy carries on one side of his body the design of a man dressed in normal clothes and with large wings in black and red ink.

tattoo angeles 233

Beautiful image is in which we see several divine beings tattooed on the arm.

tattoo angeles 239

This design could be a kind of hybrid between nymph or fairy with angel wings.

tattoo angeles 230

tattoo angeles 215

Design that occupies the upper part of this person's back. It is the head of an angel looking down next to wings on the sides that reach the shoulders.

tattoo angeles 208

tattoo angeles 256

This design is very realistic. We observe a hooded and mysterious angel with two scared children.

tattoo angeles 240

Beautiful design with an angel in profile that holds a scroll. We see a pigeon at the top.

tattoo angeles 216

This beautiful angel with a crest expression is accompanied by positive messages about family and life.

tattoo angeles 235

Here we see a somewhat odd design: an angel with no face features that emerges from a hole in the earth and rises between two modern-style buildings.

tattoo angeles 252

This tattoo also magnificently performed has a great angel as the main element.

tattoo angeles 222

Design of a cross with wings. There are quite a few designs like this.

tattoo angeles 201

Nice design of "Tinker Bell", the fairy of "Peter Pan".

tattoo angeles 249

This angel certainly represents justice with scales in both hands.

tattoo angeles 205

Tattoos of this style are often associated with religious motives.

tattoo angeles 248

This girl has two angel wings on the back of her neck.

tattoo angeles 257

tattoo angeles 229

Pretty realistic and defined design of an angel with extended wings.

tattoo angeles 253

tattoo angeles 246

This person wears an angel with the face of a girl. Possibly it is a deceased loved one. This image seems to me of absolute beauty, the quality of the design is amazing.

tattoo angeles 245

Next to this drawing of a little baby with wings is the name and what we assume is the date of birth of the baby.

tattoo angeles 213

This angel embracing a cross is accompanied by the message "No more pain" ("no more pain"), the name of Amparo and a date.

tattoo angeles 206

This naked and long-haired angel stands out for its rare wings.

tattoo angeles 220

There are many who are dedicated to babies and newborns.

tattoo angeles 212

tattoo angeles 237

Huge design that occupies the entire back: a large female angel with large wings and thousands of stars and shapes of all kinds.

tattoo angeles 219

tattoo angeles 258

This angel of justice is oppressing a demon

tattoo angeles 243

This girl has preferred the back of her neck to tattoo her pretty cherub.

angels 225 tattoo

tattoo angeles 211

This angel stands out for the bloody tears in his eyes.

tattoo angeles 204

tattoo angeles 217

Beautiful image is also.

tattoo angeles 232

tattoo angels 202

tattoo angeles 207

This design refers to the light / dark or life / death duality. We see an angel and the representation of death next to a message: "without darkness there can be no light"

tattoo angeles 214

tattoo angeles 251

This girl wears the design of an angel on her knees deflating a rose.

tattoo angeles 242

tattoo angeles 255

tattoo angeles 247

This design has a peculiar peculiarity, the wings simulate being sewn to the skin of the back of this boy.

tattoo angeles 221

Dark design of a male angel with big blue wings and a sword in his hand.

tattoo angeles 227

angeles 250 tattoo

tattoo angeles 218

tattoo angeles 203

Cute little angel sleeping.

tattoo angeles 231

And now, little angels or babies.

Small Angel Tattoo 1005

In this tattoo we see the face of Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns and three small angels at his feet.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1017

Small Angel Tattoo 1009

Gloomy angel design with skull head with horns, tail, wings and holding Cupid's bow and arrow.

Small Angel Tattoo 1034

This little angel that holds a dove has in his head a border with the name of Anthony and a date, possibly referring to the birth and death of the person in question.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1014

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1011

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1037

Asian characters tattooed in black ink on the lower leg, very common tattoo among boys.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1021

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1033

Small Angel Tattoo 1012

1024 angel small tattoo

Very ornate in black and gray tones. It barely allows us to see the interior details.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1035

Little angels of blurred lines holding a heart and natural motifs in pink and green.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1031

Three little angels with several names that seem to belong to each of them; You can refer to the children of this person or siblings or important people in your life.

Small Angel Tattoo 1006

With arms crossed and very realistic face.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1022

Small specimen lying on a human hand.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1028

Two divine beings printed in a very careful way with many details and fine paths.

Small Angel Tattoo 1001

Small angel and warrior angel design, both tuatuados on each arm.

1000 angel small tattoo

Little angel drawn in the center of a heart and accompanied by the name "Erin"

Small Angel Tattoo 1018

Cartoon of a funny angel with a multitude of well executed colors.

Small Angel Tattoo 1026

Angel entwined with ribbons and with a trumpet, a very characteristic element that accompanies angels on many occasions.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1032

Beautiful tattoo of two angels expressing love with a kiss.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1027

Holding a scroll with the name of Owen.

Small Angel Tattoo 1020

In a gray tone with a small red bird that stands out from the rest of the design.

Small Angel Tattoo 1016

Curious shape of an angel represented in an unusual body position.

Small Angel Tattoo 1010

With cap and the name of Angel H under

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1030

Typical image of angel resting his chin on his hand.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1019

In red and black tones represented in a simple and minimalist way.

Small Angel Tattoo 1004

With a shaded background and an unequaled texture.

Tiny Angel Tattoo 1036

Two small angels printed as if they had been drawn in pencil with color details such as flowers in her hair.

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