92 Tattoos with pirates, looters and invaders

Pirates have been a collective that we have all been attracted to at some point, especially when we are little. If we think about it, who has never disguised himself as a pirate? For whatever reason, there is a great interest in pirates and it may be due in part to movies related to them, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

On the other hand, there are many elements associated with pirates such as: parrot, treasure map, pirate ship, patch, pirate flag, telescope, bottle of rum, etc. It is also more and more frequent to find designs of female pirates, which have very sensual results.

In the first place, one of the elements for which tattoos and pirates are so closely related is because they used to carry different designs with different motifs, so from the beginning they are two closely linked worlds. As is well known, pirates were the “thieves of the sea” and were dedicated to looting and stealing on the high seas.

When we think of a pirate we have many ideas that we associate such as: being wild, free, stubborn, etc. We think of people who were not afraid, who lived life on a daily basis (without thinking about the past or the future) and especially people who got what they wanted, that is, who set out something and fight for it to to get it. Another idea that we associate with pirates is that they were drinkers and escaped from reality quite frequently.

It should be noted that pirate tattoos usually have very beautiful results visually and many elements can also be combined. On the other hand, it is not necessary to represent the figure of a pirate to refer to this world, but as already mentioned above, there are some elements closely linked with which there is no doubt that we refer to the pirate world.

Special reference must be made to the pirate flag. Although there are many elements related to pirates, the pirate flag is the quintessential element and there are various ways of representing it. In this case, my opinion opts for the traditional way of representing it, which is a skull with two crossed bones behind it and on a black background. An element that helps the dynamism of this design is to tattoo the flag in movement and with folds, which can greatly hinder the traces of the skull that must obey the movement of the flag, however, if this is achieved with success the result can be unbeatable.

For all this, we can see that pirates represent freedom, anarchy, disobedience, in short, people who do not follow the established order. For this reason, those people who feel identified with these values ​​and who do not want to be like other people and who sometimes challenge the established order to which they do not want to succumb, can get tattoos of this type of designs that, undoubtedly, are in accordance with their thoughts. and it will have a meaning according to their way of life.

Today we bring you a new collection of images and photos with great quality if you have really decided on some pirate tattoos. You can find pirates tattooed all over their bodies, big and small.

pirate tattoo 1006

Very beautiful and very well done this tattoo in which we see a large pirate ship on the arm.

pirate tattoo 1000

We see a ship again, a caravel, in this case without any color, only drawn by shadows.

pirate tattoo 1028

Impressive tattooed designs on the chest. Letas, clouds, lightning, a ship and a white skull on the lower chest, on the belly.

pirate tattoo 1027

Pirate with various weapons in hand and other pirate designs behind.

pirate tattoo 1010

We see a tattoo very similar to the one we saw at the beginning. A skull with a pirate scarf around it.

pirate tattoo 1021

A sexy woman in a hat. It has a logo on the shoulder like the old pirates.

pirate tattoo 1005

Famous character from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga faithfully represented with a multitude of details and colors.

pirate tattoo 1020

Skull with two crossed knives behind it and with a pirate hat.

pirate tattoo 1011

A pretty skull made in bold colors.

pirate tattoo 1030

Pirate skull with two backs, other blue tattoos and a star on the bottom.

pirate tattoo 1025

Swords and machetes are very popular in this category.

pirate tattoo 1034

Large pirate ship full of blue and gold colors that contrast with each other and with a large anchor that gives perspective and background to the design.

pirate tattoo 1002

It is the second time that we see octopus motifs.

pirate tattoo 1007

Another pirate woman with a parrot on her shoulder. This tattoo is not as good as the previous one.

pirate tattoo 1029

Caravel ship tattoos are often repeated throughout this gallery in addition to pirate caravel designs.

pirate tattoo 1037

Many different tattoos. A blonde girl with an eye patch, two blue diamonds, two roses, stars and a blue anchor.

pirate tattoo 1039

Another tattoo that has many different designs. Bone tattoos.

pirate tattoo 1032

I personally consider that the quality of this tattoo leaves a lot to be desired.

pirate tattoo 1035

A cannon of the typical old ships tattooed on the hand.

pirate tattoo 1019

Different perspectives of a great tattoo of a skull tattooed on the arm.

pirate tattoo 1031

Curious image of a pirate of large proportions and with poorly defined colors.

pirate tattoo 1033

Pirate cat. Cartoon design.

pirate tattoo 1001

Original skull after which two feathers are crossed instead of two bones and with a headscarf.

pirate tattoo 1004

Pirate ship in black and gray tones with a very good layout and texture.

pirate tattoo 1036

Woman with tattooed arm with a pirate girl dressed in green.

pirate tattoo 1008

Excellent this design full of colors and motifs.

pirate tattoo 1012

Strange photograph of a tattoo of a female skull with scissors cutting through the area behind.

pirate tattoo 1018

Very nice this tattoo also that shows a pirate girl. The quality is excellent.

pirate tattoo 1013

Pirate ship along with two long English sentences.

pirate tattoo 1016

Better add colors or shades to this great drawing, right?

pirate tattoo 1022

This may be the best tattoo in this collection. We can see many different designs. A sun, clouds, a ship in the center, a mermaid, an octopus, a dolphin and other animals and designs.

pirate tattoo 1026

Image of a colorful pirate in bright, warm tones.

pirate tattoo 1014

On his head is a pirate ship.

pirate tattoo 1003

The design is not my favorite, but we must recognize that the colors and the technique used to color the drawing is magnificent.

pirate tattoo 1009

It can be seen from the trace that it is an old tattoo that needs a review.

pirate tattoo 1044

Very gloomy this.

pirate tattoo 1049

A somewhat childish design of a mouse characterized as a pirate.

pirate tattoo 1072

Skull printed in a hyper realistic way that appears biting two knives.

pirate tattoo 1042

Unfinished tatauje of a pirate ship with a pin up style influence.

pirate tattoo 1074

If you like lip tattoos here is one with a pirate skull

pirate tattoo 1083

Design of a pirate after which you can see a kind of spider web.

pirate tattoo 1088

Pirate Ship Tattoos

pirate tattoo 1085

Many of these pirate tattoos have ships.

pirate tattoo 1046

Hello Kitty pirate with a patch and a pink scarf on one of her ears.

pirate tattoo 1082

Innogalbe pirate woman pin up style, although we think it lacks some color.

pirate tattoo 1045

Design on the arm and shoulder. One of the worst in the entire collection.

pirate tattoo 1064

A helm and swords in cross.

pirate tattoo 1090

pirate skull holding a treasure map between its jaws.

pirate tattoo 1066

Pirate tattooed on his chest and belly

pirate tattoo 1051

Magnificent the design of this tattoo if you are a boy or a man.

pirate tattoo 1051

Pirate tattoos if you are a woman. Two designs or three, if you are a woman and you have decided on a pirate tattoo.

pirate tattoo 1080

pirate tattoo 1060

pirate tattoo 1077

Skull with a nailed back

pirate tattoo 1048

Pirate ship in hand

pirate tattoo 1075

pirate tattoo 1062

pirate tattoo 1058

The best we have seen in a long time. Pirara with many details. It is difficult to see such well-made designs.

pirate tattoo 1070

Pirate pistols in the belly or belly

pirate tattoo 1043

pirate tattoo 1061

pirate tattoo 1063

pirate tattoo 1089

Other designs that usually appear are the skulls, always related to pirates.

pirate tattoo 1056

Skull next to English letters.

pirate tattoo 1052

pirate tattoo 1087

pirate tattoo 1091

pirate tattoo 1069

pirate tattoo 1078

Treasure chest full of diamonds, gold and other precious stones.

pirate tattoo 1076

pirate tattoo 1068

pirate tattoo 1050

A pirate with a ship on each side of his chest, ideal for a daring man.

pirate tattoo 1041

A skull, with pistols or revolvers and a pirate ship on the left.

pirate tattoo 1073

pirate tattoo 1084

pirate tattoo 1071

Death and with a letter phrase at the bottom.

pirate tattoo 1047

pirate tattoo 1067

pirate tattoo 1086

Phrase under a pirate ship

pirate tattoo 1059

pirate tattoo 1053

pirate tattoo 1057

pirate tattoo 1054

Pirate skeleton for the arm.

pirate tattoo 1065

pirate tattoo 1081

pirate tattoo 1079

Another design on the arm and leg.

pirate tattoo 1040

Wife of a pirate with a back in both hands.

pirate tattoo 1023

Tattoo of a furious looking skull and a pirate scarf around the head.

pirate tattoo 1024

A somewhat childish and even hipster design of a girl wearing a pirate hat.

pirate tattoo 1017

Other skull motifs but this time on the arm of a young boy. It is a very large and horrible tattoo.

pirate tattoo 1038

Several reasons related to the sea, the main and most striking is a large octopus among waves.

pirate tattoo 1015

Another symbol that reminds us of the movies of pirates of the Caribbean, a pirate galleon.

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