90 Images with hip tattoos

Hip tattoos are a type of design that women usually wear. It is an area that gives a lot of play because it is easy to hide and also to teach. Another of the great advantages of this area of ​​the body is that it admits tattoos from small dimensions, through medium-sized dimensions to large ones.

One of the biggest risks that exists in this area is that, when you lose weight or get fat quickly you can have stretch marks and if one of these appears in the middle of a tattoo it can spoil the final result, since a stretch mark is a part of torn skin let's say so, so that the design printed on top of this part of the skin will lose consistency and can be torn in the same way producing an undesirable effect in terms of the design result.


We could distinguish between two different categories within the designs that are tattooed on the hip and that is, on the one hand, those that are printed as a detail, which usually go to the front, around the hip bone and whose main motifs are usually flowers, stars, hearts, footprints, etc. This type of design fits with what was explained above, with the fact that it is usually women who carry designs in this area of ​​the body. Another sub category would be the one that fits in the part of the hip, specifically in the side, that is to say, to the height of the hip but in the side of the body, without being in the belly nor in the back. The designs in this area are larger than the one mentioned above and tend to be flower borders, large birds, large butterflies and much more.

As for the color, we must continue attending to the aforementioned division, since the printed ones as a detail are usually represented both in bright colors and in black tones, while those of larger dimensions that are located on the hip but in the area of ​​the side specifically, they are almost always represented in color. Before it was mentioned that they can be easily concealed designs for the area in which they are, however, when we talk about large-scale designs this can complicate things, since if we wear a short shirt our tattooed skin can remain exposed from a more or less easy way.

hip tattoo 550

An owl on each side.

The hip has to be considered as an area for tattooing, since although it has always been an area that has been used, there is always room for imagination and creativity for new designs in this area of ​​the body.

The hip is a quite popular area to get a tattoo, because it is easy to hide, it can be a sexy area and also gives the possibility of housing medium-sized, large or small tattoos, to everyone's taste.

Now comes the best, the gallery with almost 100 designs of different sizes and with different shapes and colors.

hip tattoo 534

Design of a four-leaf clover accompanied by initials on each side

hip tattoo 553

hip tattoo 555

This looks like the design of a species of green lizard with wings.

hip tattoo 571

This design is made with rounded shapes in black ink and flowers in pink tones.

hip tattoo 561

Typical design of stars of different sizes, one above the other.

hip tattoo 565

hip tattoo 541

Hibiscus species flower in pink tones, accompanied by a name.

hip tattoo 584

The hip is one of my favorite places of the body since it is an area of ​​the body that does not show the drawing if you do not want.

hip tattoo 583

Small and discreet wheel design with spiral teeth.

hip tattoo 576

I really don't know what it is. It looks like a small animal with wings. All we know is that it is made with black ink.

hip tattoo 552

This letter M in black ink ends as a pointed tail of a demon.

hip tattoo 577

hip tattoo 591

This design contains a message in Latin accompanied by flowers on the back of the back.

hip tattoo 558

hip tattoo 540

Heart design imitating a ball of wool with its corresponding sewing needles on each side.

hip tattoo 593

hip tattoo 574

OM symbol tattooed on the back.

hip tattoo 590

hip tattoo 586

Little tiger if I'm not mistaken. It is the typical design of a tiger that you will have seen thousands in this blog.

585 hip tattoo

The hip can also be a good area to house bird designs and other reasons.

hip tattoo 589

hip tattoo 567

hip tattoo 580

The eye of Horus as you see is not only popular only on the wrist.

hip tattoo 572

These two expressive eyes in the back symbolize that you have eyes behind that see what happens and talk about you behind your back.

hip tattoo 542

hip tattoo 568

hip tattoo 545

Black ink gun design.

hip tattoo 592

hip tattoo 547

This girl has tattooed a star with the Hello Kitty design inside.

hip tattoo 582

hip tattoo 543

The typical color pink design can also be popular in this part of the body.

hip tattoo 546

hip tattoo 579

hip tattoo 579

Small spiral design of very fine shapes, made next to the navel.

hip tattoo 531

hip tattoo 537

Koi fish design accompanied by a message and other floral motifs.

hip tattoo 535

hip tattoo 533

hip tattoo 575

This apple contains a worm that comes out of it in a fun way. It contains some Roman letters and numbers.

hip tattoo 573

hip tattoo 594

Nice fairy profile design with huge and beautiful blue wings

hip tattoo 554

hip tattoo 564

hip tattoo 557

This boy has tattooed a panther on his hind legs next to the navel.

hip tattoo 563

Tree branch with cherry blossoms with the typical colors.

hip tattoo 581

Printed letters that follow the body shape very effectively.

hip tattoo 588

Simple white flowers with a writing on the top.

hip tattoo 532

hip tattoo 569

Rabbit or similar animal design in green tones on a blue circumference.

hip tattoo 536

Nice flower design in purple and blue tones.

hip tattoo 562

Onito design, somewhat ornate, of several pads, flowers and brightly colored elements that occupy the entire lower back.

hip tattoo 538

Musical design made with the treble clef, some notes and some stars.

hip tattoo 570

Impression of a black sun, in my opinion the suns have better results when they are represented with warm colors.

hip tattoo 556

Nice image of a bee that leaves a trail of small blue stripes.

hip tattoo 595

A very small and blue shooting star.

hip tattoo 539

This girl has her hip surrounded by a multitude of black stars.

hip tattoo 578

Mickey Mouse design raised over a blue crescent.

hip tattoo 544

Hyper realistic butterfly with very successful colors and details that favor the final result.

hip tattoo 587

Curious design of a thick black path that recreates an element that we cannot define with certainty.

hip tattoo 518

This person has tattooed red boxing gloves.

hip tattoo 524

The flower tattoo is very common on the hip.

hip tattoo 519

Hummingbird pecked from a small flower. You can see at the top of the image that the design has not been finalized.

hip tattoo 515

Tattoo of a flexed Indian girl dropping her hair.

hip tattoo 527

Butterfly accompanied by two small red roses.

hip tattoo 502

Design with cherry blossoms on tribal shapes.

hip tattoo 511

Traditional star printed in red and black tones, a bit disproportionate if we compare the tips with each other.

hip tattoo 503

Original butterfly of sensual lines in blue and violet tones.

hip tattoo 525

This is one of the characters of the Super Mario video game. The green mushroom, more specifically, increased the number of lives.

hip tattoo 528

Image of a clover on which the word passion has been written.

hip tattoo 512

Unicorn surrounded by colored beads, swirl and a multitude of details around it.

hip tattoo 507

Here we observe the saturn planet with the ring.

hip tattoo 504

Image of a flower accompanied by a black stem of tribal influence.

hip tattoo 514

This girl has tattooed a star on each side of the navel. It contains the figure of Hello Kitty inside.

hip tattoo 522

Stickman of what appears to be a dragon although we do not know for sure what it is.

hip tattoo 529

Latin message that means "the words are blown away, the words remain written".

hip tattoo 508

Little favored result of a black and orange sun.

510 hip tattoo

Rabbit with somewhat disproportionate dimensions or perhaps it is a sensation that is caused due to the strange body shape that has been given to the animal.

hip tattoo 501

Nice and discreet blue butterfly design.

hip tattoo 509

Unicorn accompanied by a trail of flowers that judging by the state of it seems to be undergoing a good review.

hip tattoo 513

Tattoos of a robot and a futuristic gun.

hip tattoo 526

Chinese character printed in a black tone with a simple result.

hip tattoo 505

Peace symbol in this girl's belly.

hip tattoo 530

Photograph of a pretty rose well drawn and with good use of different shades.

hip tattoo 523

Design of a winged horse in black ink.

520 hip tattoo

Beautiful and striking colors bird.

hip tattoo 506

Image of an unfinished design of what looks like a penguin and some branches.

hip tattoo 521

Tattoo printed in small dimensions of various flowers and green leaves.

hip tattoo 516

Small four leaf clover design with small red stars on the sides.

hip tattoo 517

Design of colorful flowers accompanied by leaves.


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