87 Skull or Bone Head Tattoos

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Skull designs are one of the probably most common tattoo designs that have been in print for the longest time, in a multitude of styles: old school, new school, tribal, nautical, etc. Not only aesthetically they can give a result that appeals to us, but they also carry meanings. Something that should be noted here is that women have recently started tattooing skulls too (they can also be given a feminine touch with a bow or red lips).

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The skulls easily attract our attention and although we are aware that they are inanimate objects, when we observe these elements it seems that they still have remains of life. Something that catches our attention and that is inevitable is the empty eye sockets, which are huge in proportion to the rest of the skull. Undoubtedly, the skull is a symbol of death and this is what it is related to, but there are people who tattoo it simply for an aesthetic reason.

skull tattoo 1260

skull tattoo 1364

A design that has become popular recently is that of two skulls (one male and one female with a heart in the middle at times). What this type of design symbolizes is eternal love; the skulls, which symbolize death as previously anticipated, appear in love, which undoubtedly refers to the famous phrase “until death do us part” and not only that, but with this design it is said that it goes further beyond death and that even this will not be able to separate us.

skull tattoo 142

skull tattoo 1611

skull tattoo 1546

Mexican skulls deserve a special mention, which have gained great importance in the world of tattoos in recent years. The Mexican skull may seem somewhat different at first than we are used to seeing, but it is simply the same shape only more decorated and with many details and colors. This allows the designs of these skulls to be much more attractive than we can imagine a priori and allow the tattoo artist more variety of styles. It is a good choice, which is why women opt more often.

skull tattoo 1663

skull tattoo 1858

skull tattoo 2027

In conclusion, skull tattoos that at first may seem very limited and unoriginal, have a wide variety of styles and designs, which, described above among others, offer visually very attractive results and can combine different colors and styles, details , etc. Therefore, both men and women currently opt for this style of tattoos and, in addition, it adapts very well to different areas of the body such as the back, arm, leg and even some people tattoo skulls on the insteps of the feet.

skull tattoo 1299

skull tattoo 1312

skull tattoo 1949

In this collection we will find skull tattoos, which represent the face of death. For many they also symbolize the mortal and ephemeral condition of life and of the human being. They are usually accompanied by meaningful phrases (often in Latin) and other motifs such as knives, fire flames, etc.

skull tattoo 2066

skull tattoo 2092

skull tattoo 556

The skull tattoo, the design par excellence to represent death.

skull tattoo 559

This design has the typical hat of a priest.

skull tattoo 563

This skull in unusual shapes reminds us of the Mexican Santa Muerte.

skull tattoo 576

skull tattoo 541

skull tattoo 561

skull tattoo 575

This design, like the one we have discussed above, bears a resemblance to the Mexican Santa Muerte in its interior shapes and colors.

skull tattoo 554

skull tattoo 582

skull tattoo 560

skull tattoo 564

Typical pirate skull design, accompanied by two flaming torches.

skull tattoo 549

skull tattoo 537

skull tattoo 555

This skull looks like it is connected to an electric chair.

skull tattoo 578

skull tattoo 557

skull tattoo 547

Skull design with childish shapes inside: flower-shaped eyes, heart-shaped nose, a bow, etc.

skull tattoo 580

skull tattoo 552

skull tattoo 583

skull tattoo 550

skull tattoo 573

skull tattoo 548

Rare skull design with feathers coming out of the eye sockets and a cross on top.

skull tattoo 579

skull tattoo 568

skull tattoo 566

skull tattoo 533

skull tattoo 532

skull tattoo 535

This skull with helmet and biker / aviator glasses, is accompanied by some letters at the bottom.

skull tattoo 562

skull tattoo 558

skull tattoo 585

skull tattoo 551

Children’s design of a boy’s skull surrounded by striking shapes and colors.

skull tattoo 538

skull tattoo 567

skull tattoo 574

Skull with an owl on top

skull tattoo 570

skull tattoo 534

skull tattoo 543

skull tattoo 584

skull tattoo 571

Mexican skull with the message “mi vida loca” at the bottom

skull tattoo 569

skull tattoo 539

skull tattoo 577

skull tattoo 553

Small skull in black ink, made on the back of the ear.

skull tattoo 531

skull tattoo 542

skull tattoo 536

skull tattoo 572

skull tattoo 565

This skull represents the punk movement.

skull tattoo 581

Strange design of an element with wings that can be a skull with an original shape.

skull tattoo 540

Skull in yellow colors and with a very original bluish background.

skull tattoo 545

White skull full of details and colorful elements that give it the least original result.

skull tattoo 546

Mexican skull with many details and shadows.

skull tattoo 544

Biomechanical influence design in which the bones of the hand can be seen through the skin.

skull tattoo 586

Skull silhouette with hat and funny posture holding a cup. It can be interpreted as a nod to the good life.

skull tattoo 511

Design of a skull inserted into a large eye design.

skull tattoo 501

An image of a face that turns into a skull in the lower area.

skull tattoo 525

Simple skull design in red, black and yellow tones.

skull tattoo 527

This skull in profile is surrounded by a snake.

skull tattoo 516

Horrifying is the sensation offered by that eye that we can see inside the skull.

skull tattoo 508

Design made with tribal shapes in black ink.

skull tattoo 528

Original design of this element in red and blue tones that offer a creative result.

skull tattoo 522

Black skull design that appears to melt into a flaming red star.

skull tattoo 513

Design of a skull surrounded by unnatural flames.

skull tattoo 510

Skeleton with a flower crown and surrounded by a printed flower frame with many details.

skull tattoo 521

Image of this element in black tones and that seems to light up in the upper area.

skull tattoo 507

Skull crushed against the arm of this young man.

skull tattoo 524

This design harbors an optical illusion: inside the skull we see a woman reflected in the mirror.

skull tattoo 526

Skull on a rather poor green background and with a bow that tries to give it a feminine touch.

skull tattoo 519

Skull smiles a few traces of tribal influence.

skull tattoo 509

skull that seems to be in the middle of the water and with glitters that add volume.

skull tattoo 500

Disproportionate skull, too much forehead and too small eyes.

skull tattoo 506

This skull is the lifeless body of a warrior with a sword and helmet.

skull tattoo 518

Skull printed in black tones and with fluorescent colors such as yellows and blues.

skull tattoo 505

Skeleton printed inside a circle that if we look at it from another perspective becomes the part of the nose and forehead of a large skull.

skull tattoo 529

Horrible skull design with twisted horns and surrounded by fire and other motifs.

skull tattoo 512

Skull in brown tone with shades in purple, blue and yellow tones.

skull tattoo 504

Skull with a punk crest and surrounded by flames that genuinely lack some color.

skull tattoo 503

Evil-faced skull holding something in his bony hands.

skull tattoo 523

Skull in blue tones and with quite human features that are somewhat disconcerting.

skull tattoo 514

This skull has between its teeth a kind of sword made with rectilinear shapes.

skull tattoo 520

Skull that burns into flames and seems to look directly at us.

skull tattoo 517

This design is accompanied by some letters at the top and at the bottom.

skull tattoo 515

Horrifying face in which if we pay attention we can discover a skull that serves as a tongue.

skull tattoo 502

Clavera with a kind of cape that reminds us of the figure with which death is represented. Flames in purple tones have been added.

skull tattoo 530

This unusual design is made up of two skulls: that of a human being and that of his dog in a fun position. Unlike other designs, it is funny.

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