86 Eagles tattoos: Also imperial

Great bird and to which many values ​​and connotations are attributed, I would dare to say almost all of them positive. In addition, it is a very important symbol in the USA. and there are many Americans who choose to tattoo this animal on their skins.

eagle tattoo 251

It is a very central element in American culture and therefore, some of the first meanings that this animal reveals to us is its relationship with patriotism or with issues in relation to the military for example. Not only that, but it has also been associated in American society as a symbol of freedom (probably associated with the image of an eagle flying between the mountains, following its path without any obstacle), we will return to this issue later.

eagle tattoo 31

Precisely of that privileged position of which we speak, being on the heights (above people) is one of the reasons why all these grandiloquence and power values ​​are associated. Able to leave the earthly, to follow his path and move on.

Throughout history and in a transversal way, the eagle has been considered a very important element in different cultures and in most of them it was considered sacred. Some of them associated it with the sun and sacred elements, as indicated above, with meanings related to religion and tradition. Other communities saw the eagle as an almighty animal, capable of contemplating everything that happened on earth from above. For others, a symbol of strength and enlightenment, this animal was thought of as capable of transferring luck in battles, as a symbol associated with triumph.

eagle tattoo 361

eagle tattoo 41

The tenacity, the speed of reaction and the ability to achieve what one proposes, can be attitudes and abilities that fit perfectly with the eagle. For these reasons, we can see that although there are many meanings that are associated with this animal; Each of the people who have tattooed eagles can be in turn for different reasons. What is completely clear is that, all the meanings that we have seen so far associated with the eagle are positive and all this has to do, in large part, to the positive perception that has existed on this animal over time and on the part from different cultures.

eagle tattoo 431

eagle tattoo 441

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, in North America it is a central element and it makes sense of great relevance to the culture we are talking about. Therefore, we can find out with certainty and without fear of being wrong, that Americans are one of the groups that most often tattoo this animal. Unlike other designs, the design of an eagle rarely appears accompanied by other elements (sometimes it can be accompanied by the American flag) and it is that the meaning it has is so powerful that it is not necessary to reinforce it with other elements as it can happen With other types of designs.

eagle tattoo 471

eagle tattoo 481

The eagle is one of the strongest and most beautiful birds. They can symbolize strength, light, wisdom or power. It is also military or patriotic inspiration. They can be quite beautiful in some parts of the body.

Let’s now see a large and extensive gallery.

eagle tattoo 09

We start with a somewhat strange, because the face of the eagle is not quite good. The red color has been used to highlight some parts.

eagle tattoo 06

This tattoo instead would be a good way to start our collection of imperial eagles. We see a huge eagle tattooed on the upper back with its large wings spread.

eagle tattoo 07

Tattoo on the shoulder and arm.

eagle tattoo 38

eagle tattoo 05

Small tattoo on the lower back.

eagle tattoo 15

Great eagle and other objects in the chest, among the different motifs that accompany the main element we see the eye of Horus at the top. This guy must be a great fan of tattoos, because although in the picture you can not see the full, we see how his arms are also full of them.

eagle tattoo 47

Great tattoo on the arm. Very beautiful tones that have been used. The eagle holds a skull with its claws.

eagle tattoo 57

We find the first American tattoo in this collection and it will not be the only one. The eagle is a symbol of the shield of the United States and is very chosen in the most patriotic tattoos. In this case, we see how a beautiful eagle grabs with its claws while flying the US flag. UU.

eagle tattoo 39

Eagle head with an anchor.

eagle tattoo 23

eagle tattoo 08

Great color ink design on the chest surrounded by other motifs of different styles tattooed on the arm and the rest of the chest.

eagle tattoo 48

On the chest with the words love and hate.

eagle tattoo 21

Big and in the back.

eagle tattoo 03

In the top message of this one we can read: The only mother I will not forget.

eagle tattoo 20

Very nice design on the chest and arms. Superbly chosen colors and designs, create a perfect harmony.

eagle tattoo 41

Colorful and on the leg.

eagle tattoo 42

eagle tattoo 36

With the US flag

eagle tattoo 46

This boy is dedicated to his father and mother.

eagle tattoo 31

Spectacular design on the back.

eagle tattoo 44

This design is very similar to another we have seen before. It’s funny how people from different parts of the world and strangers choose such similar designs. Pages like ours help us a lot in which we offer you thousands of images of real tattoos so you can copy or to inspire you for your next tattoo.

eagle tattoo 11

eagle tattoo 01

Tattoo on the arm.

eagle tattoo 37

The colors used in this one are those of the Old School style.

eagle tattoo 17

Scene of two people trying to throw a spear at an eagle.

eagle tattoo 50

About the US flag

eagle tattoo 13

Catching a snake.

eagle tattoo 16

eagle tattoo 53

Very realistic this image that covers the entire trunk of this boy.

eagle tattoo 22

eagle tattoo 18

eagle tattoo 19

Holding a skull between its claws.

eagle tattoo 33

Eagle head on the USA flag

eagle tattoo 40

Design similar to the previous one.

eagle tattoo 04

Another design that occupies the entire back in which we can also see a skull.

eagle tattoo 35

Another eagle with the head something rarely represented.

eagle tattoo 56

Eagle perched in a somewhat strange position, if the inn is represented the best way is to make it be in profile and instead in flight.

eagle tattoo 02

Nice design on the arm.

eagle tattoo 49

Hyper realistic influence design of the eagle’s head and as background the American flag.

eagle tattoo 45

Ingenious way to represent the animal and it has been played with other shapes and textures.

eagle tattoo 51

Wings with Japanese letters in the center.

eagle tattoo 29

The look in this design is something that the tattoo artist has focused on so it has a very good result.

eagle tattoo 24

Nice and colorful image that occupies the entire back of this young man.

eagle tattoo 12

Little eagle with other reasons.

eagle tattoo 58

eagle tattoo 14

Brown eagle in attack position.

eagle tattoo 34

Colorful and on the side.

eagle tattoo 26

We see on this occasion a type of eagle different from what we usually see on other occasions: white-headed eagle, which is related to American culture.

eagle tattoo 32

In the arm.

eagle tattoo 55

Impressive design represented in large dimensions.

eagle tattoo 515

Bird tattooed in brown and white tone. A bit disproportionate if you look at their claws.

500 eagle tattoo

With wings wide open in readiness to catch their prey.

eagle tattoo 508

Showing his strength and with the US flag tattooed on one of his feathers.

eagle tattoo 509

White eagle on this person’s shoulder.

eagle tattoo 513

eagle tattoo 514

On a kind of rounded symbol.

eagle tattoo 518

Well drawn design of the face of an eagle with expressive eyes.

eagle tattoo 529

On an American flag in which part of an anchor appears, some flames of fire, a date and a phrase: what is synonymous with ornate design.

eagle tattoo 533

The imperial eagle is also a very common motive among indigenous style.

eagle tattoo 502

Black eagle that seems to be nailing two swords to a skull. Good execution in terms of the representation of red roses.

eagle tattoo 510

It carries a message between its claws. It’s about the name of two people (Michael and Joshua).

eagle tattoo 505

In orange tones but with a body that we do not understand, only wings are seen.

eagle tattoo 516

As seen throughout this entry, the eagle and the American flag are two closely linked elements.

eagle tattoo 501

The technique used on this occasion is very good and it seems that it has been represented in pencil.

eagle tattoo 519

On this occasion a good result is not achieved because we cannot figure out how the animal’s body is positioned.

eagle tattoo 503

Shield with two eagles with their backs against each other and with a red background.

eagle tattoo 504

In brown tones with its wings on a kind of blue symbol.

eagle tattoo 517

This symbolizes victory, because it manages to defeat the snake. It is the central motive of the Mexican flag.

eagle tattoo 535

Image of an eagle with a comic appearance printed with a very bright color that attracts our attention.

eagle tattoo 512

On this occasion this bird is accompanied by the phrase Vivuir to drive and drive to live.

eagle tattoo 525

Represented with a somewhat oriental style.

eagle tattoo 520

In lion position.

eagle tattoo 507

In black tones wrapped in the flag of the USA, two related elements.

eagle tattoo 511

With the claws ready to attack their next prey.

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