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This time we show off with this elegant tattoo theme. We are talking about crown designs. And nothing represents royalty and all the power it contains like crowns. Take a majestic walk through our fantastic gallery of images, fall in love with a design and become a king or queen forever wearing one of these tattoos.

crown tattoo 151

Going back in time, to the days when the great kings and queens dominated the lands with an iron fist, this is why crown tattoos are often used as a great symbol of power and real right to control and dominate.

king queen tattoo 1113

The peak moment of any coronation of a new monarch or regent was that moment in which the new king or queen received the placement of the crown on his head, thus beginning his reign. That is why crowns tattoos are usually a symbolic representation of royalty, power and prestige.

king queen tattoo 905

For thousands of years, the crown has been a symbol of that elected leader, on many occasions by God himself, and destined to take control of the destinies of those peoples under his power. To visually represent this divine right, in the European monarchies, the Christian cross was usually incorporated into the design of the crowns, reinforcing the symbolism that the monarch was such by divine dictation and that it was guided by the hand of God.

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king queen tattoo 697

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In other traditions, however, the crown has had another kind of meaning. For example, in the Christian tradition, the crown of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus Christ during his penance journey when they ordered his crucifixion is known to all. This crown represents the entire weight of the sins of the whole world that Jesus Christ carried on his head, sacrificing for all.

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crown tattoo 431

Currently, with crown tattoos we want to express power, control and sovereignty, but it does not seek to represent a sovereignty over other people, but a control over their own life, their feelings, their thoughts and their actions, it seeks to represent that A person has taken control over his own life and he will use that power to also control his own destiny, and of course, to take responsibility for his actions.

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Crowns tattoos, in general, are usually tattoos to show and show openly and with pride, because of this, they are usually medium and large sizes. Although these types of tattoos can be worn on various parts of the body, the most frequent areas are the back, chest and perhaps also the arms, so they can be shown to everyone. These tattoos are worn by both boys and girls, although the latter is somewhat less frequent.

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Royalty may be a divine right, but what is a right, and a duty, for all is to take care of our skin. That is why we advise you that, when you get ready to get a tattoo, you go to specialized centers, to get the best results in a tattoo, something that is for life and, as such, you have to give it the importance it deserves.

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Most tattooed body areas with these designs As almost always there are many areas that can be tattooed with any type of designs. In this case, we can highlight areas such as the feet, the center of the neck, the ankles, the forearm, the back, the chest, the wrists and even the hand in men. I have also seen several crowns tattooed on the shoulder of some man.
Most used colors Black is a widely used color when we want a crown. Gold is also the other most used color since crowns are usually golden.
More men or more women? Is it more feminine or masculine? Many more women than men in this case. Perhaps the ratio is 70-30 in favor of women and could even be a little more.
Are they usually large, small or medium? In general, I have seen crowns of all sizes but the small ones are the most popular among women and those with a medium size in the male sector.
Symbolism or meaning. This is very ambiguous. Royalty is a meaning but not the only one. I could not say any other meaning.
Medium difficulty of designs Minimal difficulty and any tattoo artist can make you a crown and more if we talk about a crown without details like some we have seen in the gallery.

What does a girl think about these designs?

Who has not ever dreamed of kings and princesses? With becoming king of a certain place, living in a palace and wearing a crown and a long cape. The stories and series we saw when we were little has made us associate kings with this type of object, over the years we have known the truth, but even so the crown is still associated with power and leadership. I think it's a nice reason to tattoo for that meaning. I like to see discreet and tiny designs of a crown, either alone or on top of an animal to give greater importance to it. I much less like the designs of large crowns, it seems excessive and exaggerated.

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In this first photo of the galley, we can see a tattoo on the chest of a young man

We see a tattoo on the chest of a young man. The young man is Juan, a user of this blog who has sent us the image. His tattoo is composed of a letter E tattooed in gold and also has a golden crown and some precious stones, just above the letter.

Image 02-3751

Image 03-3753

crown2 "width =" 550 "height =" 550

In this case, we can see a medium sized crown tattooed on the arm, exactly on the biceps. It is a good area that you can hide using a shirt or shirt if you ever need to do it or you just don't like it anymore. I have many friends who hate the tattoo that was tattooed many years ago and that is why you have to be sure of the reason chosen.

Image 04-3755

crown "width =" 550 "height =" 413

In this second photo, we have chosen a woman to see that crowns are attractive and good designs for both sexes. The foot is always a good area for girls and that is why it is one of the most important areas when we talk about women.

Image 07-3764

Image 09-3771

Image 10-3776

Image 11-3781

Image 12-3787

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Image 15-3792

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On this occasion, the crown is just above a blue diamond

On this occasion, the crown is just above a blue diamond. It is a quite usual combination that as you have seen (If you have seen the entire gallery), it is repeated several times. In my opinion, it is a design too big since I like small diamonds. It is difficult to know if this arm belongs to a woman or a man, although from the lips that accompany the diamond, it seems to be a woman.

Image 53-3874

Of the biggest golden crowns we've seen in this entire collection

Of the biggest golden crowns we've seen in this entire collection. He has tattooed on his lower back and begins on one hip and ends on the other. It is also accompanied by a cross and nine green gemstones.

Image 57-3880

Image 58-3881

Image 59-3882

Image 60-3883

Image 62-3887

Image 65-3892

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