83 Panther tattoos and other great felids

The panther can be one of the felines that generates more curiosity in the human being, since to the usual beauty of its species, many other characteristics are joined. Of course, sometimes (serve for general culture) the term panther is confused with that of leopard when, in fact, it integrates five species of felids.

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Terminology and scientific clarifications aside, the one that takes the cake in elections between those who want to tattoo a panther, is the black panther which, in reality, is a leopard, a jaguar with melanism, which is the opposite of albinism or leucism. It can offer great results. Imagine, for example, a black panther with deep clear eyes peeking out of her jaws through your chest, in an aggressive attitude that could come to say that you throw courage into life, with its difficult situations.

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Of course it can also be drawn in a passive or even pitiful attitude, which comes to capture the tenderness that, along with fear, inspires us the big cats. Remember, if not, the panther Bagheera, who reluctant and detached, succumbed to Mowgli's smile while he was still a baby. To that and the insistence of the nice bear Baloo, a couple that had such good times in the Jungle Book. Black panthers, in any case, have also been susceptible to being tattooed in a more iconic sense, that is, not in all their form or color fill, but also in sinuous tribal forms that can offer a more than satisfactory result.

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The panther tattooed on the skin can not only give you an aggressive or tender look. Think but in The Pink Panther, that known for entire generations fictional character whose movie was released in the early sixties, and then became a cartoon. I particularly remember your suggestive soundtrack. His adventures have inspired, yes, also tattoo lovers. His particular spiky figure, his ironic smile and his attitude of "I am the king of the mambo" look great on the skin. Of course, full color. How else do we know that it is the pink panther? It would also be great, by the way, in a night scene.

panther tattoo 111

If something shows The Pink Panter, it is that the panthers are at another level, so It is also a symbol for those who consider themselves on the front line, for their intelligence or for their style. At the forefront. The panther too It has been associated with Greek or Egyptian mythology, which attributes a prominent role as you can see in "The Egyptian Book of the Dead". The jaguar, which is also as we have said a panther, also attributed certain powers to the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

In short, it does not lack beauty or meaning for you to tattoo. If you want, just do it.


Spectacular tattoo on the back of a panther and a tiger in full color.


There are several inks that when the light is off, they look as it appears in this image.


Classic panther design, is the most seen in this article.


Tattoo of a panther on the flag of Japan


Great tattoo on the back of a huge black panther. We do not know if the Brazilian soccer team has any relationship with the panthers but I think not.


Tattoo on the foot of a black panther head next to a dagger. Unquestionably, it belongs to the Old School.


Many times, they are usually accompanied by a person's name.


Although this photo does not allow to see perfectly the panther that this famous one has in its low back, I wanted to include it so that you know that even the famous ones have these tattoos on their body.


Tattoo on the arm of a large black panther with blue highlights. Before we have seen one that used these colors. I don't particularly like anything.


Elaborated tattoo of several black panthers with a shaded background where hundreds of panthers and other animals like wolves appear.


Another 3D effect combining the tear of the skin with the blows of this beast.


Tattoo of a panther to cover the tattoo of an eagle


Tattoo on the back of a black panther in front. A different position than most panthers that appear climbing and scratching the skin.


This tattoo is already a few years old, it is very discolored. Or the ink would not be very good.


Tattoo on the back of a black panther with blue tones


The 3D effect games, causing the panther to tear your skin, take a lot.


Great tattoo on the belly of a furious panther. If we pay attention to the animal, it has nothing special.


This panther has been tattooed as a pet, to see who is the smart one who thinks of tame one! At least without dating a good pair of scratches.


Small tattoo of a black panther tearing the skin. It is a design that we will see repeated several times throughout this gallery.


It is not one of the best panther designs, neither the color (as far as filling is concerned) nor the design itself have been cured. It leaves much to be desired!


Another reason that is repeated many times is one of these animals being pierced by a knife or a dagger.


Great tattoo on the arm of a full color panther. We need another photo from another angle to see it perfectly but I haven't found another one.


Colorful tattoo of a panther with a curious crown where red, green and yellow colors have been used, among others.


Great contour tattoo of a panther head on the chest. This tattoo is not yet finished, only the silhouette has been tattooed, for now.


Scratches are also a reason that is repeated a lot in all these photos.


Huge panther very furious in the belly area.


Colorful old school style on the arm.


Aggressive panther in the leg.


This girl is in the transition stage with this tattoo. It is not finished but when it is going to be freaky, because the tattoo skeleton already leaves your mouth open.


A color panther head.


With a snake tangled. The resolution of the image is very bad.


As I told you before, I don't know what symbolism a panther has being dared by a sword but it repeats a lot.


These drawings and colors are very typical of the heavy / skater style.


The famous footballer Ljumberg with a panther tattooed at the waist and has the same design that we have seen many times already in this collection.


In my opinion, a horrible design. There is nothing we can stand out.


It is very typical the design of the panther climbing up the back, arm or leg.


Colorful tattoo of a panther with a message with the words "my love" and with two yellow arrows.


Exaggerating the facets and colors a lot. Curious design of a snake catching the panther.


Small footprints of panther treads in the belly. Maybe they are dog tracks, I'm not sure and that's why I included it.


Curious tattoo of an aggressive panther on the arm. His face is very aggressive. Scary!


All a beast that comes out of you. It is what is intended to be achieved with that effect at the base of the panther's neck, tearing the skin and letting out the head of this aggressive feline feline.


Very original with these simple lines.


I would not make a panther in this area of ​​the leg, or at least not with this design, if you look it has a dog collar, as a sign that it is domesticated.


Now he appears fighting with a snake. He is biting her!


It is the first time I see this symbol related to panthers and that is why it is here in this collection.


Simple tattoo of a panther footprint on the arm. As we said before, it can be the footprint of a dog, a tiger or a lion also because their footprints are very similar and it is not easy to differentiate them.


Huge specimen scratching the chest.


In this case the footprint has a giant size that occupies almost the entire arm and is surrounded by several Indian gadgets.


On the leg of a black panther in a very aggressive pose. The same design we have seen several times.


It is one of the ones I like most about this section, being made with shapes has a more original design.


Next to a rose with several green leaves next to it.


Nice image that also includes a frog and a chameleon and we can also see various nature motifs such as leaves, sun and clouds.


I don't like this design very much, among other things because it gives the impression of dirtying the view when looking at it with so many shadows and a color so poorly distributed. We see excess ink in some areas and very little in others.


Tattooed back design where we can see only a part of this animal's face, more specifically the eye.


Aggressive and with an open mouth like most that appear here. Most have an aggressive attitude but this is the worst and most aggressive of all.


Here only the animal's head has been tattooed, between green shades and gray shadows jungle effects.


Half sleeve, with many skull designs symbolizing death. The "sleeve" effect tattoos (those that fill the entire arm, or half sleeve, half arm) are usually always very loaded, because what is sought is to hide the entire arm, so it is not that a specific design prototype is followed Simply fill in, the more the better.


Little or nothing can we say about this motive. We have already seen many like this and most are too simple. After seeing more than seventy or eighty tattoos in this collection, I dare to say that I would never have one of these on my body.


Being a vertical design, with the appearance of being climbing your skin, these tattoos are usually done a lot on the ankle or on the arms, although they would also look great on the back, in the area of ​​the shoulder blade.


Symbolic design on the back with one of these animals surrounded by tribal everywhere.


This design is different from the rest that only show one panther. In this case the Ying Yan symbol has been formed using a tiger and a panther.


This is still fresh, although it should have improved some things before finishing.


To this have been added some details such as the mark of their claws on the skin.


The most typical design of these animals are like this one that we can see, in which it is seen from behind, roaring as it climbs the area where it has been tattooed.


This cat has a very successful face, transmits his fury very well. It is clear that in the majority of tattoos that we will see belonging to this genre, none will seem to be a sweet kitten.


I don't understand how someone truly chooses a design like this to have it on their body throughout their lives.


On this occasion, only the head and face of this animal has been tattooed.


A skull that is biting one of these wild animals and the panther is scratching it.


In this drawing, we can see a mythological being such as the dragon and a wild animal such as the panther. The colors used may not be the most suitable but everyone is free to do what they want.


It is just another animal of this type scratching and climbing the body of this man.


A wild animal that is coming out of the chest. A 3d tattoo


In this case no colors have been used and in my opinion, the result is not good if you include roses with the same color as another design.


It belongs to the Old School style: It has the same shapes, colors and expressions that tattoos that belong to that style usually have.


A furious panther surrounded by nature everywhere. You can see dozens of green flowers around it. A tattoo that covers the entire arm completely and the most striking are the claws so large that she has.


It is nothing more than a baby panther. It has hardly any details, it's just something black.


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