81 Egyptian tattoos: symbols and drawings

To orient ourselves we could start by saying that Egyptian tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos that exist and that they really have a very old origin. On the other hand, if we were to choose the most famous Egyptian tattoos today, we would certainly have to mention the ankh tattoo of Amy Winehouse or the tattoo of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and her children who have on the right arm Rashedd Wallece a star of the NBA

egyptian tattoo 815

As we know the Egyptians, one of the oldest cultures on the planet, about going out for art and the way of conceiving life. Not forgetting that the tattoo was also one of the significant elements in that society.

egyptian tattoo 958

But despite what you can think the tattoo practice is not widespread among the majority of the population, being related to the priestesses, princesses and dancers who tattooed an established pattern of parallel lines and shapes. No doubt these tattoos should have a meaning that today remains forgotten. But far from this, what we now call Egyptian tattoos, they have nothing to do with this concept.

egyptian tattoo 854

egyptian tattoo 74

At present, the motifs represented in the pyramids are taken and transferred to the art of tattooing, so to speak artificially. Trying to somehow transfer the magic, the symbology, and the beauty of those representations in the stone to the human skin in the form of a tattoo. These tattoos are chosen by both men and women in different parts of the body, with different designs, colors and sizes. That is why we have prepared a list of the most represented motifs in Egyptian tattoos so that it can serve as inspiration.

egyptian tattoo 945

egyptian tattoo 724

egyptian tattoo 711

Ankh It is a symbol of the oldest represented by a rounded cross at the top that in as a hieroglyphic symbol means life. In fact this tattoo represents eternal life. It is one of the most popular that is usually represented in any part of the body and in most cases of small size.

Eye of Horus or aka Wedjat. This symbol was used in its epic in ships, amulets, bracelets … etc., since it represented first of all protection. Their representation is summarized in the right eye of Horus, the hawk and god of heaven who are also accompanied by marks that represent tears.

egyptian tattoo 321

Eye of Ra In meaning it is very similar to the Eye of Horus since the god Ra and Horus became one according to legend. In fact both Ra, the sun god and Horus are represented by a sun. On the other hand it is very common to find the Eye of Horus or Ra tattoo incorporated into a pyramid.

egyptian tattoo 1283

egyptian tattoo 1127

Anubis If we keep in mind that Anubis was considered the god of the dead, it represents, in that sense, the protection of death. You will distinguish it because it is represented by a body of a man and head of a jackal.

egyptian tattoo 1205

Phoenix. Actually this bird in Egyptian culture was called Bennu, and was the representation of Ra's soul. According to mythology Bennu is born from the ashes of the sacred tree that was near the temple of Ra and symbolizes the rebirth.

egyptian tattoo 880

egyptian tattoo 87

Egyptian motifs are very common and recurring. They are full of symbology and at the same time are very aesthetic. They are mostly symbols of the Egyptian era. Pharaohs and pyramids are very tattooed in this collection.

egyptian tattoo 553

The goddess Isis spreading her wings, at the bottom we see some symbols of Egyptian writing whose meaning we do not know.

Egyptian tattoo 546

Although the quality of the image is not very good we can appreciate how the main element is the famous eye of Horus to which lines and other decorative elements have been added around it.

egyptian tattoo 544

All the motives of this man are related to Egypt and its culture. In the center it has the god Anubis with several pyramids in the background.

egyptian tattoo 535

More discreet than those we have seen so far, the famous eye of Horus is repeated, in this case tattooed on the neck.

egyptian tattoo 564

Pharaoh of a huge size on the back of a man who loves the Egyptian world.

egyptian tattoo 576

Very beautiful goddess Isis accompanied by a large pyramid in the background with the eye of Horus on the cusp.

egyptian tattoo 556

This may be the most popular symbol of Egyptian culture. Very popular among women.

Egyptian tattoo 534

A pharaoh or Egyptian next to the famous eye. This drawing is not very good, at least compared to those collected in this section.

egyptian tattoo 578

Printed as a symbol with a kind of wings, it is drawn in the lower back area.

egyptian tattoo 567

One of the simplest and most common tattoos related to Ancient Egypt is the Anj, a widely used symbol that means "life", that is why this cross is known as the cross or key of life, among other names.

egyptian tattoo 561

Osiris eye tattooed simply in a uniform black tone.

egyptian tattoo 570

It is the second time we see this symbol. It is one of the most famous Egyptian symbols.

egyptian tattoo 577

In this one, the eye of Horus has been given more prominence and has been decorated with more motifs, at the top the Anj symbol is repeated again.

egyptian tattoo 554

Design for the leg and ankles.

Egyptian tattoo 533

The same previous design but seen from another angle.

egyptian tattoo 562

It seems to be a symbol of those used by the Egyptians in their murals.

Egyptian tattoo 542

The anj of this tattoo is a bit peculiar, because we can clearly see how the famous key of life is represented, but the tattoo filling is very similar to the Celtic style and the way in which Celtic-style crosses are filled and decorated . It seems that this person has chosen to mix in a single symbol two very different cultures.

Egyptian tattoo 547

Two designs for the arm. They are not the best.

Egyptian tattoo 538

Ladybird with wings that seems to be holding the sun, will certainly have an important meaning.

egyptian tattoo 572

Forearm tattooed with a pharaoh or an Egyptian citizen.

Egyptian tattoo 549

In this photograph we do not know very well what is being represented.

egyptian tattoo 569

Eye of osiris with relief very well achieved, the white tone in contrast to the black gives a very beautiful result.

egyptian tattoo 555

The beetle is also a very famous symbol of ancient Egyptian culture, because they considered it as an amulet of life and power.

egyptian tattoo 550

Symbols tattooed on the chest of this young man.

egyptian tattoo 545

Skull with the face of an Egyptian pharaoh.

egyptian tattoo 560

Egyptian symbol inside the huge design of this man's back.

egyptian tattoo 574

I would dare to say that the divinity represented here in Ra, because of the great circumference with which it is represented at the top, which represents the solar circle.

egyptian tattoo 566

Typical image associated with Egyptian culture. In my opinion it lacks color.

Egyptian tattoo 543

On the back of the neck Eye of color and the other part of the tattoo made with black ink.

Egyptian tattoo 541

Two different designs of the eye of Horus.

egyptian tattoo 551

Two designs viewed from different angles. Design tattooed on the belly or waist.

egyptian tattoo 552

Very beautiful east of Isis and very similar to the first tattoo we have seen, in this case without any color, at least so far.

egyptian tattoo 559

Funny and original this.

Egyptian tattoo 536

Too bad that the quality of the photograph is not very good to be able to contemplate this drawing in an easier way.

egyptian tattoo 558

Egyptian design on the leg. We have not seen many in this area of ​​the body.

egyptian tattoo 580

Several Egyptian symbols printed with little order. We do not understand why the hands that come out of the symbol at the bottom.

egyptian tattoo 573

Many Egyptian symbols tattooed on a man's forearm. We can see many mathematical symbols.

egyptian tattoo 571

Design with various Egyptian symbols on the back.

egyptian tattoo 575

A colorful insect with wings in warm tones and with a very successful shine on its body and head.

egyptian tattoo 579

Again, we see the goddess Isis spreading large tattooed wings in the lower back.

Egyptian tattoo 548

Image in which you can see a poor quality design: poor precision and poorly saturated black tone.

Egyptian tattoo 537

Only of colors.

egyptian tattoo 557

The famous symbol on the right side of the back and on the arm in the following image.

egyptian tattoo 568

It is a very classic design that admits a multitude of sizes and can be represented in many areas of the body, all of them with good results.

Egyptian tattoo 539

Tattoo in the center of the back or neck.

egyptian tattoo 532

You can guess that there is a pyramid on one side and two sphinxes in the lower area of ​​it.

Egyptian tattoo 531

Horrible design of a sphinx in black tones that has a rather poor result.

egyptian tattoo 565

Bird that occupies the entire back of this young man, printed in a simple but worked way.

egyptian tattoo 540

It seems that it is a stamp printed on this young man's wrist.

egyptian tattoo 563

A sphinx printed in the forearm area. It also has a suitable shape for this area and fits very well.

egyptian tattoo 522

Bird printed on the neck with letters that occupy the column from top to bottom.

egyptian tattoo 513

The eye of Horus shaped like a rock.

egyptian tattoo 506

Esfine printed on the arm and with very bright colors.

egyptian tattoo 508

Eye of Horus design inside an orange circle with wings and sunrays.

egyptian tattoo 515

A symbol in the upper back of this girl.

egyptian tattoo 514

Mummy in brown tones and shades with shadows that give it volume.

egyptian tattoo 519

Black sphinx cat design. It is quite elegant on this girl's leg.

egyptian tattoo 529

A kind of sun with moon colors and an eye of Egyptian influence.

egyptian tattoo 517

Beetle with brightly colored wings and somewhat disproportionate dimensions.

egyptian tattoo 521

Eye of Horus whose eyeball stands out for its intense green tone

egyptian tattoo 503

Golden beetle with bright colors on its wings.

egyptian tattoo 507

Anubis design, Egyptian jackal. It is surrounded by small symbols.

egyptian tattoo 502

Nice eye in which the irises of the iris play a very important role that give a good result.

egyptian tattoo 524

Sphinx with somewhat strange colors, the truth of them has not been chosen in a successful way.

egyptian tattoo 530

The cross of Egyptian life with symbols and characters inside.

egyptian tattoo 516

Design of the mummy of Tutankhamun in the typical yellow and blue tones.

egyptian tattoo 511

A lion printed with traces in black tones and a large size that occupies almost the entire back.

egyptian tattoo 500

Black cat that usually has a very elegant result as you can see in the image.

egyptian tattoo 510

Sphinx printed on the leg.

egyptian tattoo 528

Egyptian pickling, typical amulet that symbolizes life and power.

egyptian tattoo 512

Sphinx on a mummy over a pyramid. For my liking, we have tried to put too many elements in the same design, so there is an ornate result.

egyptian tattoo 526

Sun with the key so common in this category in the center of it.

egyptian tattoo 505

Another design of clear Egyptian influence.

egyptian tattoo 527

This design also has typical characteristics of Egyptian culture.

egyptian tattoo 504

Tutankhamun design with the eye of Horus and the three pyramids at the bottom.

egyptian tattoo 525

Another beetle in mainly purple and blue tones and with large wings.

egyptian tattoo 518

Black design that occupies a large part of the back.

egyptian tattoo 509

When you try to put so many elements in the same design, results may be somewhat charged.

egyptian tattoo 520

A very beautiful eye of Horus with touches of orange.

egyptian tattoo 501

Original design of two sphinx cats along with yellow eyes on the top, all simulating the face of a feline.

egyptian tattoo 523

We finish with something strange in which many distinctive elements of Egyptian culture are mixed where the main one is the cat.

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