80 Tattoos of phrases or texts with Chinese letters

The human body can be a huge canvas where you can draw and describe those feelings that captivate us, that make us fall in love, that attract us, that scare us, those we care for. Tattoos with words or quotes are a very good opportunity to express everything we feel.

Different styles and designs of letter tattoos on other parts of the body


In the West we are very attracted and attracted to the different alphabets that exist, because they seem exotic, different, original. Whether real or fictitious, among the fictional ones, the Elven alphabet would stand out, due to the great influence of literature and cinema. Among the real ones, tattoos in Latin, Greek or Arabic are very common, but perhaps the most, the different varieties of Chinese. There is always that doubt, rather, that joke among our friends of "is it true that what you have tattooed is what you really think?"

The reasons why we are so attracted to these alphabets so different from ours are obvious, I have commented a little above, they are exotic, at the time they were original (it is already more common to see them), they may remind us of our childhood and the children's series, also perhaps tattooing the skin was a common practice in the ancestral cultures of the East and by the very different tattoo techniques that we have imported from the Far East.

If you decide to tattoo a motto, a phrase or a word that evokes some kind of memory or feeling you can choose to take it in a very visible place, such as the forearms, neck, neck, wrists; Or rather, if you prefer it to be something intimate and more personal, choose to tattoo a less present area for other people.

The truth, I would not know to tell you which is the best place for this type of tattoos, obviously it also depends on what the tattoo means, how big you want it to be and how visible you prefer it. As I mentioned earlier, in the case of a tattoo with Chinese or Arabic alphabet, you can tattoo something intimate or personal in almost any very visible area of ​​the body, since most Westerners do not master these alphabets.

It should be remembered that the Chinese alphabet is not an alphabet like the western alphabet that we use Latin speakers or Anglophones. In reality, each symbol of the Chinese alphabet represents a syllable, and they are not called letters, but characters. There are up to 56,000 different characters, so that infinite words can be formed, is it still far-fetched that really in your tattoo with Chinese letters does not really put what you think? Would your doubt be more reasonable if the tattoo artist is an expert Chinese tattoo artist? They say that to make normal life in China it is enough to know about 4,000 characters, by the way, they are enough.


Returning to the subject in question, tattoos with slogans or words. In the case of chromatism, we also find a lot of variety, from monochromatic without any relief and ornamentation to polychromatic with reliefs, shadows, elements that accompany the chosen motto. In these cases, what is really important is the phrase chosen, perhaps you should be aware that everything that surrounds the tattoo should help explain what you want to show with the tattoo, it is not simply accessory, but that the really important thing is the phrase or slogan in question. In the event that you choose a tattoo with a very intense meaning for you and that you also want everyone to know that you wear it and that you feel proud or proud of what it means is when I do like to be accompanied by elements that give more presence to the tattoo. On the other hand, if it is simply to remind you of an important moment, a monochromatic tattoo may suffice, say between "simpler" comiilas.

The hands, wrists and forearm are the most visible areas to tattoo a phrase or a motto, but they may not be the most used, in that aspect we find the back, both up near the shoulders and just before the back, the belly, The chest or neck. But how tattoos with phrases or words are always so common , we can already find tattoos with slogans even in the most unlikely places, such as the sole of the foot, the ankles, between the fingers, on the head or in the pubis, among others. Who knows, even if we investigate and collect among the thousands of tattoos with phrases or slogans we can edit a poetry bestseller? Poetry and tattoo, a combination that surely gets many followers.

Chinese is one of the languages ​​that calls the most attention to Westerners. Whether for their millenary origin or for the curiousness of their spellings, they are increasingly used as tattoos to decorate our bodies. Next, you have a gallery of 53 tattoos in Chinese letters with a lot of glamor.

The Chinese letters are ideal if you want to wear something tattooed that only you know its meaning.


The vertical shape in the arrangement of the letters is preferred in these types of tattoos.


You can accompany your tattoo of Chinese letters with a word in another more readable language.


The forearm in men is one of the areas where these tattoos best fit


Accompany your tattoo of Chinese letters with a symbol that gives extra meaning


The length of the spine is perfect for its willingness to locate tataujes of Chinese letters


The toes is a very original place to have a tattoo, yes, small


In the feet one of the preferred areas is around the ankle.


Again the length of the column in girls is the favorite area to tattoo Chinese letters with glamor


Decorate your arm with vertical Chinese letters


The area of ​​the ribs, although painful is ideal for your tattoo of Chinese letters


To put a Chinese letter just below the neck is to be very original


In men the back area of ​​the arms is the most chosen to house tattoos


The spine for women is a very discreet and elegant place to wear a tattoo


Black ink is preferred for this type of tattoo


The neck can be an original place, although striking when tattooing


In black ink and along the column these tattoos are very common


Take your name or whatever you want in Chinese letters, very few will know what it means


Forearm, place to show off muscle and tattoo


Girls prefer places like the spine, more discreet to tattoo


Accompany your Chinese letters with flowers or other symbols


The back of the wrist is also a good area


The flowers are very helpful when it comes to accompanying your Chinese letters


Freshly made tattoo inside the wrist


You don't have to tattoo a phrase, a single letter also looks great


Discreet tattoo with only two Chinese letters


Each leg can house a different tattoo, but complementary in its meaning


Detail shot of a Chinese letter tattooed on the skin


The doll is a very elegant area for women


A dog footprint can also complete your Chinese symbol


Chinese symbols moving away from letters to look like drawings


Profiling Chinese letters still in the tattoo booth


If you want to have more than one tattoo in the same area, choose the back


Two freshly tattooed black ink Chinese letters


You can make your tattoo bigger by increasing the thickness of the edges


The leg is also a perfect place to get a tattoo in Chinese letters with glamor


Again the column in women as a tattooed area


In the forearm you can also decorate your muscles


The column area is not only a place for girls to wear a tattoo


Black and red, perfect colors for your Chinese tattoo that evoke the traditional East


Discretion in a tattoo in Chinese letters is guaranteed


The length of the arm is a good place to arrange your tattoo in Chinese letters vertically


The rib zone is a discreet and original place


A simple Chinese letter is worth permeating the elegance of this language


You can get a tattoo on your back if you want


Tattoo in vertical Chinese letters that run the entire length of the back


In red, yellow and black, is there anything else that evokes oriental culture?


You can also tattoo Chinese letters in pairs


You don't have to fill all the letters with color


Men prefer arms to wear tattoos


Accompany your name or date of birth with an inscription in Chinese


The length of the column is perfect for its verticality for this spelling


Again, the length of the column as the chosen place for a tattoo in Chinese


Chinese tattoo on the leg


Parchment with Chinese letters


Tattoo on woman's wrist


Chinese letters on the back


Otrod designs for women and men




Chinese letters tattoo on the lower back


Tattoo on the belly of man or boy


Leg and twin


Other designs and drawings for men



Chinese letters with flowers on the back


More styles of Chinese letter tattoos for women


Chinese letter and eye tattoos on a woman's neck and back


Chinese tattoos not very pretty


This time in the arm. Chinese letters on the arm


Another Chinese woman tattoo





For women



Full tattoo on the entire back for men or men


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