70 Messenger Pigeon Tattoos: Some are turtledoves

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Wearing a tattoo is a difficult decision to make, many factors influence the area of ​​the body where you want to wear it, size, design, style, colors.

Dove tattoo154

Today I will write about one of the most commonly used motifs in animal designs, pigeons. The pigeons are of the most tattooed birds, along with eagles, hawks, owls, seagulls, swallows and birds. Pigeons represent harmony, peace and religious motives, they are the representation of the holy spirit in the Catholic religion.

pigeon tattoo 1062

Those are the best-known representations of the pigeons, although there are many more, such as the dove in flight representing the end of the flood with an olive branch in its beak. Other legends and beliefs say that pigeons in flight represent the liberation of the soul when a person dies.

pigeon tattoo 334

pigeon tattoo 464

Anyway, the pigeons, like the rest of the birds, with their ability to fly, represent freedom, flying is something that man has always dreamed of, therefore, wearing a tattoo of a pigeon can represent that dream of flying and also, being a pigeon, a harmony.

Dove tattoo136

pigeon tattoo 1101

Pigeons are monogamous and faithful animals, they keep the same couple throughout their lives and are participants in the same care of their young, many people associate this behavior with family, companionship, eternal love and fidelity.

dove tattoo 152

pigeon tattoo 191

In case of carrying a tattooed pigeon, depending on whether we accompany the pigeon, it may have one or the other meaning, for example if it is accompanied by crosses, it will have a marked religious character, in the case of going with an olive branch in its beak, It can also show a religious meaning or a message of peace, since the white dove is one of the symbols of peace.

Dove tattoo153

pigeon tattoo 516

We should not forget the fact, very important for Spain, that the White Dove is a Marian invocation, that is, the appearance of a virgin. In Andalusia and Spain, Blanca Paloma is one of the names by which the Virgen del Rocío is known and there are many devotees who demonstrate their faith through a tattoo.

pigeon tattoo 542

pigeon tattoo 633

There is a widespread belief that pigeons are dirty, poorly hygienic and that they transmit many diseases, in many cities they are even controlling their populations to avoid public health problems. On other occasions the pigeons are being replaced by invasive species, such as the Kramer parrots or the Turkish turtledove. When someone decides to tattoo a pigeon, of course, they are not thinking about this idea that pigeons are not very hygienic and transmit diseases, of course.

dove tattoo 685

pigeon tattoo 698

pigeon tattoo 74

Finally, it is convenient to make it clear that, although many believe that bird tattoos and in this case of pigeons, are tattoos rather for girls, that is only a fact based on the data, it is not true that there are tattoos for girls and tattoos for boys, although there are more girls than boys who decide to wear these types of designs.

Dove tattoo126

Dove123 tattoo

Dove tattoo127

Dove tattoo168

Dove tattoo142

Dove tattoo135

Dove tattoo139

Dove tattoo133

Dove tattoo159

Dove tattoo143

Dove tattoo148

Dove tattoo164

Dove tattoo140

Dove tattoo147

Paloma170 tattoo

Dove tattoo163

Dove tattoo122

Dove tattoo129

Dove tattoo134

Dove tattoo158

Dove tattoo138

Paloma120 tattoo

Paloma150 tattoo

Dove tattoo157

Dove tattoo161

Dove tattoo130

Dove tattoo145

Dove tattoo151

Dove tattoo146

Dove tattoo166

Dove tattoo125

Dove tattoo124

Dove tattoo144

Dove tattoo155

Dove tattoo128

Dove tattoo156

Dove tattoo152

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Dove tattoo165

Dove tattoo141

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Dove tattoo121

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