69 Nerd, Geek or Geek Tattoos

Some people may wonder, what are nerd, geek or geek tattoos all about? Well, it is a fairly recent fashion, since this group was not a big fan of this world a few years ago, so it is a field of recent appearance, so it offers a multitude of possibilities and new and original designs that have not yet have been tattooed; it is a world yet to be discovered.

It should be mentioned that there are few who dare to tattoo this type of designs and this is because, as previously mentioned, it is a recent group of people in this world that has not yet established itself strongly within the world. of tattoos.

There are two major categories that we can differentiate in order to better understand the different styles within the nerdy category, which is quite broad. On the one hand, there would be those more related to superheroes and, on the other hand, those that have more to do with video games.

We will focus first on the designs that have to do with super heroes. Two of the best known and daring in turn for the dimensions they imply are that type of design that shows the torn chest and under which a super hero costume can be seen, which is usually the spiderman or that of superman. It is a design style with a very good result, but that not everyone can wear due to its large dimensions (so it is recommended to be in shape to carry a design with these characteristics).

Second, there are the designs that refer to video games. A very common design within this field is the character Mario (the Mario Bross video game). In addition, on some occasions we can find him tattooed in a pixelated way, which gives him greater realism and originality if possible. It is a tribute to this game and a way to remember childhood or adolescence.

Although we have already talked about the two main categories, there are others that also have great importance within the world of nerd tattoos. Some examples are: the famous rubik’s cube; different mathematical equations can sometimes be seen; pac-man; star wars; Disney; Harry Potter; manga design; Pokemon; etc.

Do not forget this new field of geek designs, in which much remains to be done and in which we can find spectacular results on the Internet with different motives. Precisely one of the advantages that we find within this field, is the infinity of designs that it offers and that we can easily adjust to our body. It will also be easy for them to have an important meaning for us, in addition to a colorful and detailed visual result.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1068

In this image we see the tattoo in red of the characters that form a heart with the keyboard keys.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1053

Design of one of the characters from the famous American series “The Simpsons”. Specifically, he is the seller of comics. In the accompanying bullet, it says “Worst tattoo ever” (“the worst tattoo in the world”)

Geek Geek Tattoo 1028

Design of a molecule in the forearm.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1044

Design in the shape of the logo of Apple, the famous American multinational founded by Steve Jobs and which has been so successful for the masses for relatively recently.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1031

Tattoo with the letters of SEGA, the famous Japanese company in the world of video games

Geek Geek Tattoo 1052

This section will repeat the designs related to the world of computers and video games. This is one of them.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1058

Html tags are what this guy has tattooed on the nape of his neck.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1061

There is no doubt that this tattoo should be part of this gallery. In the letters we read the message “born geek”.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1043

Tattoo of the Marvel characters with the typical vivid colors.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1062

Impressive tattoo imitating the Spiderman costume with the spider inside.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1032

Geek Geek Tattoo 1033

On / off button silhouette tattoo

Geek Geek Tattoo 1034

Star Treck seems to be a central theme in this drawing.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1056

Small design in the palm of your hand.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1024

This guy carries the word “geek” which is synonymous with a large tattooed geek on his forearm.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1021

Tattoo with the letters “geek” (“geek”) on the chest of this boy

Geek Geek Tattoo 1029

Samurai with his sword, whose reflection shows other characters

Geek Geek Tattoo 1042

The famous Super Mario Bross mushroom with which you can earn a living in this video game.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1049

Electricity circuit that will undoubtedly belong to an amateur of this profession.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1037

On / off button in a strategic area, under the nape. Printed very equidistant and printed very cleanly.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1025

It seems that it is a binary code.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1026

Tattoo of a game console with the word “Old School”

Geek Geek Tattoo 1055

Like the previous tattoo, this one mimics the Apple logo, only this one is multicolored and includes the message “Think different”.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1067

Apple logo design with apple is also very common in this section.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1063

Game Over on this person’s neck.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1039

This boy’s arm is entirely covered by characters from the Super Mario video game: the turtle, the bombs, Mario, the mushrooms, etc.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1035

Grow geek is what is said on this website accompanied by the phrase: help yourself to learn new things.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1047

On and off button accompanied by a circuit.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1041

Different symbols tattooed on the forearm.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1027

We are facing a small design imitating a computer with hands on the keyboard

Geek Geek Tattoo 1022

Mask in blue and orange tones with a black border.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1051

Mac symbol in black tone.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1054

A red dice with a background of fire.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1023

Tattooed fingers with letters and forearms.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1036

Electricity circuit.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1060

Design of a dog in black ink and with the geometric contour, as if it were a video game

Geek Geek Tattoo 1048

Control of the game console accompanied by two mushrooms and a star associated with the Mario bross video game.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1059

No doubt video game fans will remember this type of design in a pixelated format.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1040

Binary code tattooed on the leg, above the ankle.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1057

Previously we saw some html tags tattooed on the nape of the neck. This time they cover the entire back.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1038

Control of a game console surrounded by hands that press the buttons

Geek Geek Tattoo 1065

Characteristic Linux penguin tattoo.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1030

Symbol of the logo of Mozilla Firefox, the famous internet browser

Geek Geek Tattoo 1045

Design that we can not guess what it is.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1046

More binary code.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1066

Black tone design.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1064

Symbol in black tones.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1050

Mac symbol making the skull ones.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1001

Dice design with multiple faces shaded in blue tones and accompanying the word “courage”

Geek Geek Tattoo 1008

Curious and fun design of a man at the computer and the Grim Reaper waiting with the scythe to take it to the underworld

Geek Geek Tattoo 1010

Design of the anime character Goku, very famous a few years ago and that was very popular among boys especially.

geek geek 1000 tattoo

Tattoo of the legendary video game character “Sony the Hedgehog”

Geek Geek Tattoo 1016

Design with the symbols of Chlorine and Sodium, for true chemistry lovers

Geek Geek Tattoo 1009

The characters of fantastic sagas and superheroes could not be missing either.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1011

Famous character that appears in recent movies.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1005

Bird geek, geek bird would translate.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1019

Colorful design imitating the figures of the mythical Tetris game

Geek Geek Tattoo 1007

Rocky looking symbol.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1013

An ingenious design that is w00t !.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1015

Yahoo! lettering tattoo, pretty geek

Geek Geek Tattoo 1012

In the form of html tags the words love and hate have been tattooed on the wrist.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1018

Original design on the head of this boy, who has made three holes imitating a billiard ball in line with his hairless head

Geek Geek Tattoo 1017

Curious design imitating the USB connection symbol

Geek Geek Tattoo 1002

Symbol of a cell and its parts, it can serve as a cheat sheet for an examination.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1020

Character from the legendary Saga of Star Wars, who have a multitude of followers around the world

Geek Geek Tattoo 1006

Like the previous tattoo, this one is in the shape of Princess Leia, also from the Star Wars Saga

Geek Geek Tattoo 1004

Design that is not a tattoo printed with ink.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1014

Heart in red tone.

Geek Geek Tattoo 1003

Funny design based on the characters of the video game Super Mario Bros: the star, the mushroom, Mario, as well as other designs

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