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For this article we are going to talk about Native American Indian motif tattoos. These tattoos are a great way for people to recognize and display their cultural and historical heritage and heritage. This legacy comes from the ancient inhabitants of North America, who were well known for their tattoos so full of symbolism, which still endures and is famous today. The most common designs used in these native tattoos often include animals, totems, celestial bodies, and other natural phenomena. Take a walk through our fabulous gallery of tattoo images with designs belonging to the Native American Indian people and discover a new world of captivating images and symbols.

The entire set of Native American symbology offers a language related to life, nature and the inner spirit of the most complete and transcendent, thus having little rival in depth and symbolic weight. Much of the responsibility for the power of this symbolic language lies in the fact that American Indian culture itself viewed all things, whether visible or intangible, alive or inanimate, as spirit-possessed. In fact, so much so, that this native people recognized a deep and inner power and meaning for all things belonging to the universe. As a result, all living objects and beings deserved attention and respect.

From all of the above, it can be deduced that the symbols of Native American art evoke concepts in the mind for which words often fall short, representing deep beliefs and unique world perceptions. Thus, the American Indian people, in general, are at all times aware and attentive to their relationship with “Mother Earth” and with all her creatures. In this way, the spiritual objective of the members of this magnificent culture is something as beautiful how to come to live in harmony with the universe.

Regarding the Indian symbolism used in this type of tattoos, it can be said that, depending on the particular native culture in question, be it nation, tribe or geographic region, the symbols can have a wide variety of different meanings. This is largely due to Native American culture looking at life and the world as a whole, moving away from separating each element. Thus, symbols are often used to represent the whole and the broadest view of life in the world. For example, a symbol of an animal not only represents that animal as such, but also aims to show its role in the universe, the environment that surrounds it, its way of expressing itself and its relationship with other living beings.

Among the multiple designs, those that are perhaps most popular are those that contain elements such as dreamcatchers, feathers, native Indian images, axes and bears, to name a few.

We hope that our article was interesting for you and broadens your knowledge. We would also like to remind you that, when you go to acquire a new tattoo, it is very important that you put yourself in the hands of experts, since a tattoo is for life, so quality and safety should always be your priority.


An arm cuff made of rope and an Indian feather


This man is passionate about everything related to the Indians because his entire arm is full of tattoos of this type. In this image we can only see one clearly and it is made up of a bracelet similar to the previous one and a skull just above it.

Skull with an Indian headdress on the head

Skull with an Indian headdress on the head. Although it is an original design and it has been tried to bring light with white reflections, the end result is somewhat dark and it could have been given a less saturated black tone to fix this and be able to offer a better result.

Indian design in a black tone with a touch of red that gives the design some personality

Indian design in a black tone with a red touch that gives the design some personality. The look of the character is well worked although the proportions could be worked more. What we fail to understand are the number of letters that appear on the head of this character, which do not give much sense to the final result of it.

Design of an Indian woman with black tones and with a very good shading

Design of an Indian woman with black tones and with a very good shading. However, there is one aspect that catches our attention and that is that, while the Indian woman’s left eye has been given a very good shading effect, it seems that she has forgotten to give the same effect to the other eye. The nose and mouth are somewhat disproportionate in turn … The end result is not very good.

Curious tattoo of a tattooed Indian in black tones

Curious tattoo of an Indian tattooed in black tones. The Indian’s expression is somewhat strange, since he has a gesture of disgust or we do not know very well how to define. That is the tattoo artist’s job, since the character must be given personality and this entails a clear facial expression that shows a specific sensation or feeling.

Design of an Indian with features that differ from those seen so far

Design of an Indian with features that differ from those seen so far. For example, the hat is an element that we are not used to seeing in other Indian designs, but long hair and feathers are elements that help to identify it as such. Therefore, it is important, if we add elements that do not usually appear next to a character such as an Indian, add others that identify him as such.

Careful representation in black tones of a face of what looks like an Indian chief

Careful representation in black tones of a face of what looks like an Indian chief. It looks like a portrait drawn in black tones. If we realize, representing the faces of the Indians only in black tones is another common aspect in this category and personally I consider that they have a better result.

Profile design of an Indian face

Profile design of an Indian face. The technique used in the layout is completely different from what we can see in other designs, it seems represented in oil. It is a difficult result to achieve, but as you can see it has a very nice and personal visual effect.

Design of an Indian with a face painted in black and white tones

Design of an Indian with his face painted in black and white tones. What is strange is that it seems to have a bird on the top of the head, although it may only be feathers.

In the case of this image we can see an Indian with a headdress of feathers and several painted stripes on his face

In the case of this image we can see an Indian with a headdress of feathers and several painted stripes on his face. The face and facial expression could have been better worked, especially regarding the gaze, which seems to lack strength.

Design in black tones with good tracing and blurring

Design in black tones with a good layout and blur. We cannot say the same for the proportions, for example the shoulder has a somewhat strange final result.

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Picture 61-7075

Picture 62-7078

Picture 63-7081

Picture 64-7084

Picture 65-7086

Picture 66-7087

Picture 67-7089

What does a girl think about these designs?

I am not in favor of tattooing people’s faces on the body, whoever it is, although I can understand each person’s reasons for doing it. For this reason, this section does not seem to me to be the most appropriate, but there will always be someone who finds a good reason to get these tattoos. Personally, for girls I prefer simpler and less flashy designs such as feathers or dream catchers. Without a doubt a well made feather will look great on the body of any girl.

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