57 Mexican tattoos: Skulls and virgins

Mexican-influenced tattoos are currently in high demand. The immensity of symbols that this culture offers, which are full of many meanings and have very good results in aesthetic terms, are too many to explain one by one. For this reason we will focus only on two types of Mexican tattoos, which are in turn the most tattooed. These are skulls and virgins.

mexican skull tattoo 38

mexican skull tattoo 37

First, we will focus on the Mexican skulls. We have been able to realize the recent influence of these designs and it is even a currently very common costume.

The main meaning of the skulls is that of the dead and therefore, of course, the day when they can be seen the most is the day of the dead, the day of Halloween. Unlike the Spanish traditions in which, on the day of all the saints, flowers are brought to the graves of our loved ones, in Mexico it is also done but with some difference, since altars are built and color is the protagonist of it. party. In fact, the traditional Mexican skulls that we are used to observing are sweets that Mexican children consume mostly on this designated day of the year.

tattoo skull mexican 90

The characteristics of the Mexican skull are ornaments, especially in the area around the eyes, nose and mouth. Most of the time we can see these designs accompanied by other elements such as flowers on most occasions. In others, we can see the flowers integrated into the decorated skull itself. It is precisely one of the greatest advantages of these elements and it is that all kinds of details can be integrated on the surface of the skull without fear that they will clash. Above all, we must be aware of the importance of color in these designs.

photo skull tattoo 454

Second, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we will focus on the Mexican virgins. Better known as Santa Muerte, it is a design that can be similar to that of the Mexican skulls in terms of shape and color, however it is not so similar if we pay attention to the meaning. Some people consider her as the figure to go to when they have problems of various kinds such as economic, health or love.

In most cases represents protection and security and has also been seen as an element capable of guiding people on the right path. It is also seen as the connection that each person has with death, as a link between life and death, between this world and the hereafter. Although, as we have said, they can present different shades of color, it is important to highlight that black has a primary role and the traces that are made should preferably be in this shade.

To conclude, if we want a design with a Mexican influence, these two elements explained so far may be what we are looking for. It is important that we are aware of the differences that exist between each one to opt for one design or another.

If you are religious or have ever traveled to Mexico, we are sure you will like these designs. The most common Mexican tattoos are related to God, virgins and death. For them, the most important virgin is the virgin of death.

mexican tattoo 1015

We start with the design that will probably be most repeated in this collection: the image of the famous Mexican skull, the Catrina.

mexican tattoo 1010

Fun tattoo, although the image quality is not very good. A skull characterized with typical Mexican elements.

mexican tattoo 1021

The Virgin of Guadalupe, the most famous of the Mexican culture. In this design it appears with a level of detail not too high, however the coloring is great.

mexican tattoo 1002

Angel next to a very small heart in a prayer pose. The intense red color of the heart that accompanies the angel, together with its angelic crown of a beautiful yellow contrast very well with the sepia tone of the rest of the tattoo.

mexican tattoo 1009

Praying hands with a message at the bottom, in which you can read “The Virgin”. The design is made using only black ink, thus achieving beautiful gray tones.

mexican tattoo 1025

I really like La Catrina’s designs for their color. These designs are typical of tattoos of this culture, and their bright colors result in very striking designs.

mexican tattoo 1006

This boy shows us this fantastic tattoo located on the shoulder, in which we can see what appears to be the face of an Aztec warrior, which is accompanied by some tribal forms around him.

mexican tattoo 1037

Impressive Mexican woman. This image of the tattoo is magnificent, recreating the “dead girlfriends” so popular in the tattoos of this culture.

mexican tattoo 1043

Mexican gunfighter, perhaps it is a recreation of the historic Pancho Villa. The ancient Mexicans were like that, people of value and ready to fight.

mexican tattoo 1033

In the next image we are looking at a skull design that is impressive, and where the color takes on a huge role, achieving a fantastic result.

mexican tattoo 1001

Mexican skull with flowers and leaves and a purple shading that does not have a very good result. It appears to be surrounding this person’s biceps area.

mexican tattoo 1027

Skull with various numbers tattooed on the forehead, 1 and 3. The skull is accompanied by two roses, within which two smaller skulls can be seen. A curious design.

mexican tattoo 1041

On the arm of a pair of dancing skeletons, under which the message “Until the End” can be read. One that produces fear.

mexican tattoo 1035

Skull next to two vegetables. A bit strange, I can’t find the relationship between the two objects.

mexican tattoo 1022

A very large one from La Catrina on the leg.

mexican tattoo 1020

Dragon shaded a symbol in black tones.

mexican tattoo 1040

Design with letters on one side and a woman with a flower and a purple bow.

mexican tattoo 1045

Skull surrounded by colorful flowers.

mexican tattoo 1052

Comic book-printed fighter with stunning gloss and texture.

mexican tattoo 1016

Skeleton of a Mexican gunman with a mustache.

mexican tattoo 1046

We have already said it at the beginning, of all colors, this will be the most repeated design throughout this gallery.

mexican tattoo 1042

Skeleton playing the guitar wearing a blue Mexican hat.

mexican tattoo 1013

Mexican with two bottles of beer in his hands. Tattooed letters above the Mexican man. A good idea for the arm. The quality is not very good.

mexican tattoo 1028

A denture.

mexican tattoo 1017

Death skull with a large typical Mexican hat.

mexican tattoo 1034

Two skulls of many colors. They are very difficult to do, but when they are done by a professional the result is magnificent.

mexican tattoo 1055

Skull on the chest with red flowers that give it a lot of color.

mexican tattoo 1007

Skulls of different sizes and colors tattooed on the arm.

mexican tattoo 1024

Blood has been highlighted in a red shade so it draws attention to the rest of the design.

mexican tattoo 1000

The Aztecs also belong to Mexican tattoos.

mexican tattoo 1031

The holy dead.

mexican tattoo 1039

More designs by La Catrina.

mexican tattoo 1019

Skull with great color, a design that has a very feminine and elegant appearance.

mexican tattoo 1053

Women in Mexico are really beautiful. If you like women’s tattoos, here is this one. In the tattoo, the girl has a Mexican hat. We can also see an eagle at the bottom.

mexican tattoo 1008

Beers and a heart in the center.

mexican tattoo 1051

Colorful skull with a red background that gives it even more color, the result is very ingenious.

mexican tattoo 1038

Three skulls with letters

mexican tattoo 1030

A black shading and a very nice saturated on the arm.

mexican tattoo 1047

Nice symbol printed with little firmness and with a too thick tracing that does not fit.

mexican tattoo 1003

Back tattooed with a guerrilla. Very well done and impressive.

mexican tattoo 1029

Eagle that appears to be clutching a snake with a rather fierce expression.

mexican tattoo 1026

Image of an original skull.

mexican tattoo 1044

Two more photos with tattoos of women.

mexican tattoo 1004

Beautiful portrait with shading in brown tones that has been achieved and offers a very good result.

mexican tattoo 1048

Eagle with a snake and with various colored motifs that give cohesion to the design.

mexican tattoo 1049

A design with an Aztec influence and a very beautiful rocky appearance.

mexican tattoo 1023

Tattoo with an Aztec design

mexican tattoo 1050

Mezicana skull with a lock on the forehead with a red shading.

mexican tattoo 1014

Original photograph of a design of a skeleton dancer with characteristics of the style of Mexican culture.

mexican tattoo 1036

Skeleton with a Mexican mustache and a cap. Very funny.

mexican tattoo 1032

Image of a character with a heart on which Angie’s name appears.

mexican tattoo 1012

Funny skull with a hat and a creative mustache.

mexican tattoo 1018

Virgin to whom a mask has been added as a Mexican fighter.

mexican tattoo 1011

A large animal printed on the chest although the lower area we do not understand why a cactus in the lower area.

mexican tattoo 1054

On this guy’s chest.

mexican tattoo 1005

To finish, this fantastic virgin surrounded by fire.

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