56 Tattoo images: Yin and Yang

The tattoo of yin and yang may be one of the most viewed, at least, as far as symbols are concerned. This is not surprising if we pay attention to the fact that a very balanced and contrasting visual result is offered which is linked to a deep meaning and with which it is easy to identify.

yin and yang 61 tattoo

The important thing about this design is that the complementarity is emphasized and that there is no one without the other. It is important to mention that the important thing in this symbol is that a white dot appears in the black zone and a black dot in the white zone. This shows what we mentioned earlier, it cannot be essentially a thing, but to be that thing you need the opposite. An example of this in order to better understand the metaphor explained with this symbol is that a good person, for example, will never be one hundred percent good, but that there will always be a point of evil, something that is inevitable in order to balance things .

yin and yang 541 tattoo

yin and yang 101 tattoo

Something cannot be completely, but everything needs its opposite to exist. There is no rise without a descent, a winter without a summer, loneliness without knowing what the company is and thus an infinity of elements that we could name in this list.

yin and yang 121 tattoo

The yin and yang precisely stresses the equilibrium, although they are opposing forces they do not consume each other but when one enlarges the other also does, so you always end up finding the balance at the end. This is a concept very sought after by people who tattoo these types of designs, the importance of balance in all aspects of their lives, without forgetting that the extremes are almost never good and that the intermediates are usually the best option.

yin and yang tattoo 141

yin and yang 151 tattoo

You cannot discriminate and say that yin and yang are opposing forces, since at a given moment they can change positions. Two clear examples of this may be when the day becomes night or when life becomes death. The existence of one is marked by that of the other and vice versa, in the same way it happens with people without the other we would not be anything, we need others to be able to grow and develop, it is also a reference to the human being as a social animal.

yin and yang 201 tattoo

yin and yang tattoo 251

Although as we said at the beginning of the article it is a symbol that has been repeated many times in a variety of designs, we must be aware that you can always innovate and introduce new elements. By way of conclusion, yin and yang is an element with an attractive finish and that has a very relevant and deep meaning, although some people may not fully understand it, but it can be a good design to tattoo, although personally I would advise that innovate in some way, although it may seem difficult since the essence is in the color and shape, but you can add new elements or look for new areas of the body where you can tattoo it with different sizes.

yin and yang tattoo 261

yin and yang tattoo 271

yin and yang tattoo 291

yin and yang tattoo 301

yin and yang 561 tattoo

tattoo yin and yang 591

ying yang 1012 tattoo

Wonderful this design with letters of some oriental language such as Chinese or Japanese and this famous symbol.

ying yang 1008 tattoo

Dolphins procreating a Ying Yang. As you can see here, Yin and Yang can be formed with any object or drawing. These two famous symbols complement each other and each person has one of them. Some have positive energy and another negative.

ying yang 1035 tattoo

On many occasions we can see both symbols together and inside an orange sun.

ying yang 1000 tattoo

Made of water and fire. Just what we said before: Although it may seem a lie, this symbol can be constructed from many designs.

ying yang tattoo 1046

Ying Yang next to a Chinese dragon. Yin and Yan belong to the Chinese tradition so combining it with any symbol of Chinese culture is also a good idea.

ying yang 1024 tattoo

In the lower back and again formed by fire and water, which complement each other.

ying yang 1019 tattoo

Several Ying Yang symbols on the left arm of this man next to two symmetric dragons and in the center we can see several Chinese characters.

ying yang tattoo 1042

Yinga Yang tattoos in various places of the body. Men also choose this symbol to tattoo their skin. Be careful that tattoos, it may be that in the future you do not like it and you can not remove it completely.

ying yang 1001 tattoo

We have several designs on the forearm, arm and leg (magnificent for women) and a beautiful phrase that travels the arm from left to right.

ying yang tattoo 1026

In this case we can see the water but we don't see the fire and I really don't know what it is.

ying yang tattoo 1014

Ying Yang tattoo on a boy's chest. If you ever want to tattoo something on your body, you have to shave so that the tattoo artist has no problem.

ying yang 1025 tattoo

ying yang tattoo 1017

Leaves with the colors of yin and yang.

ying yang tattoo 1044

Another symbol deformed by the lower and upper areas and totally different from the previous ones.

ying yang 1006 tattoo

With the flag of Canada this time. If you are from another country, I am sure you can adapt this tattoo to do it with the flag of your country or with the flag of a country that you like very much. I love Switzerland so if I ever do it, the red cross may be a good option for me.

ying yang tattoo 1016

There are also with Japanese dragons.

ying yang 1021 tattoo

A white dragon and a black dragon circling the symbol. The animal on the left is a panther.

ying yang 1011 tattoo

Ying Yang of colors.

ying yang tattoo 1037

Dragon that surrounds one of these symbols.

ying yang 1004 tattoo

Printed with tribal elements in the upper and lower area of ​​the design.

ying yang tattoo 1043

Designs for women The majority of people who opt for these tattoos are women

ying yang 1030 tattoo

A sun with red rays in contrast to the blue tone of it.

ying yang tattoo 1027

Dragon with a colorful yin and yang in blue and yellow tones.

ying yang 1009 tattoo

Yin yang in small dimensions.

ying yang tattoo 1036

Nice design in red tones.

ying yang 1010 tattoo

Ying Yang for the shoulders And now tattooed on the leg

ying yang tattoo 1041

Yin and yang with a background of blue waves.

ying yang tattoo 1038

Red and black dragon on this man's back.

ying yang 1020 tattoo

Here we see another design, this time on a man, and with an evil dragon

ying yang tattoo 1034

Water and fire are two opposing elements such as black and white, so they appear repeatedly accompanying this symbol.

ying yang 1022 tattoo

Original design of a yin yang in which water and fire are mixed.

ying yang 1007 tattoo

Another tattoo with dolphins and it's already three or four

ying yang tattoo 1018

Ying Yang big

ying yang tattoo 1039

And Ying Yang very small surrounded by another symbol unknown to me at least.

ying yang tattoo 1023

Lion with flowers and the symbol of yin and yang.

ying yang 1005 tattoo

Another small copy with a ying yang

ying yang tattoo 1045

Colorful yijn and yang with very colorful blue colors.

ying yang tattoo 1015

With frogs and other spectacular designs, many colors and also with gray colors

ying yang tattoo 1033

An original symbol design with a colorful stained glass sun with which it contrasts.

ying yang 1002 tattoo

Yin and yang with great color and with a background shading that still highlights the main drawing.

ying yang tattoo 1032

Ying Yanh tattoo in the center of the belly

ying yang tattoo 1031

For the back

ying yang tattoo 1029

Girl with the tattooed side with a yinh yang tattoo

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