56 3d tattoos that have relief

Three-dimensional tattoos are a relatively recent fashion that is growing very fast and so it can be seen if we look around us, since these designs are increasingly common, although this does not mean that they are highly difficult for the artist in charge of tattooing.

Without a doubt, it is not possible to speak of a single meaning within this category of tattoos, since there are many designs, but we can speak of the most original ones. Why talk about the most original and not the most common? The difference with the meaning will not be much if we compare a tattooed butterfly and a tattooed butterfly in 3D, but the visual result will be very different and therefore it can draw more our attention; however, we will focus on answering the above question, in the most striking.

These designs are rarely seen, but there are optical illusions that have an impressive visual result if they have been carefully tattooed, perhaps it has less sense or meaning than other designs, but the final result in terms of visual terms is indisputable.

A sub-category within the world of 3D tattoos is that of insects, which are tattooed in such a way that they appear to be perched on the skin, so a perfect adaptation between design and skin is achieved. Shading and color saturation are important in these designs. The results are very variable, but in general they have a very realistic result that has a catch, and that is that people who do not like insects will not be a big fan of these designs.

Biomechanical designs are other important and increasingly popular designs. For those who do not know the meaning of biomechanical tattoos, they are those that show under the torn or broken skin parts of a gear or machinery, creating the optical illusion that the human body under their skin is structured in a similar way to that of a robot. A variance of this type of designs, are those that also show the skin torn by the paw of an animal, or simply with holes and under which different designs such as a map, a phrase, or terrifying designs such as an eye are shown or any fantastic creature.

In short, these designs are full of realism (most of the time) and can help the meaning to be conveyed to be done in a more provocative way and therefore have a more shocking effect on people who observe the designs.

Now we are going to see several designs that appear to be in 3 dimensions. They are very realistic and impressive designs.

3d tattoo 53

Puzzle pieces on the instep. In order for these designs to look good and give the sensation that the tattoo artist wants, he must be a great professional and very good. In this case it is true, since it has been achieved that a tattoo as simple as two pieces of puzzle achieves something that we can consider a work of art. It is not easy to make these designs and that the result is as good as it has been in this case.

3d tattoo 14

It is necessary to make good use of colors and shadows to give depth to specific areas and create the 3-dimensional effect that we are talking about.

3d tattoo 41

Tree with birds. This perfect design, although very dark, has been achieved with just black ink to create a perfect depth of trees and forest.

3d tattoo 39

Hand made up of puzzle pieces.

3d tattoo 45

Strange tattoo that covers the entire torso of this boy.

3d tattoo 21

Large cross on the back.

3d tattoo 18

Jesus on the cross.

3d tattoo 12

3d tattoo 57

I love this tattoo, due to the difficulty that comes from getting something of this type and having achieved it with flying colors. It is not easy at all to get this effect on the skin that looks like paper that falls apart and that hints so perfectly at a map with the compass rose in the center. I consider it, without a doubt, one of the best tattoos, not only from this section but from all the ones we have seen so far. Congratulations to the tattoo artist for creating such a good job and to the boy who opted for this tattoo, for his good choice!

3d tattoo 44

Big star with words inside. We see again in this tattoo the brittle effect that we saw in the previous one and that I liked so much.

3d tattoo 58

Girl’s head in the hand and arm. Magnificent work on the eyes.

3d tattoo 06

Small colored butterfly on the shoulder.

3d tattoo 42

Without a doubt, here we can see a unique design.

3d tattoo 56

Tattoo that mimics arm muscles. This is also a great job, which we imagine will have taken hours and hours.

3d tattoo 22

Incredible photograph of a biomechanical design that creates the illusion that we can see a foot inside.

3d tattoo 31

Other similar designs show the skeleton. In the image above we see the bones of the instep and foot, in the one below we have also done an excellent job giving the sensation that the skin breaks down and hints at the bones. Who after seeing these designs can say that the tattoo is not an art?

3d tattoo 36

Small pipe behind the ear.

3d tattoo 33

Great red rose.

3d tattoo 28

Tattoo on the lips. Shocking the result and daring the girl.

3d tattoo 08

Big spider on the shoulder.

3d tattoo 25

Large zipper on the side.

3d tattoo 52

Large flowers on the back.

3d tattoo 03

Very realistic tattoo on the arm. I am also fascinated by eye tattoos because I consider it very difficult to get tattoos well enough to make them look real. In this case it has been achieved.

3d tattoo 10

3d tattoo 32

Very original this tattoo that reveals the colors of the Italian flag.

3d tattoo 04

I love this too, you have already discovered that my weakness is tattoos that simulate that the skin melts.

3d tattoo 13

Shark that has been located in the area of ​​an amputated arm.

3d tattoo 26

Realistic tattoo with the face of Angelina Jolie.

3d tattoo 05

Big eye on the side.

3d tattoo 55

Laces on the instep.

3d tattoo 51

Later we will see a design that in my opinion has a better result, it is similar to the image but on the back.

3d tattoo 16

Spiderman costume on the chest.

3d tattoo 48

Rocky looking image very well done, cracks and perspective are perfect.

3d tattoo 46

Hands with fingers in different positions. I think the language represented is sign language.

3d tattoo 29

Original design of a woman’s portrait that appears to have been distorted.

3d tattoo 23

Great gargoyle with wings.

3d tattoo 43

Very realistic this tattoo. One of the best we have seen in this collection. This far exceeds a previous image in which he stated that it could be without a doubt the best tattoo we saw in the collection. Again, we congratulate the person who has been able to create this work of art.

3d tattoo 20

Skin that appears to have been sewn back on.

3d tattoo 27

Impressive hyper realistic design of a landscape reflected in the helmet of an astronaut, the use of colors is unbeatable.

3d tattoo 30

Impressive this design. Excellent work also this.

3d tattoo 24

Hyper realistic portrait somewhat unpleasant even by facial expression and nails.

3d tattoo 15

Gray and black chain that appears and hides under the skin; The area where the chain is inserted could have been improved and made more realistic.

3d tattoo 02

Garter belt on a girl’s leg.

3d tattoo 01

Creative design of a broken skin under which you can see a script, in it you can take advantage of putting phrases or paragraphs with which we feel identified.

3d tattoo 34

It seems that it is a mime looking in the mirror and with a background that reminds us of an old train station. A very original design with a unique result.

3d tattoo 07

Photograph of a biomechanical design, this time on the instep.

3d tattoo 11

Image of a character that seems to rise from the ground, a use of shadows and the gray tone that is incredible.

3d tattoo 54

Colorful design on the chest.

3d tattoo 49

Image of a spider on a kind of cracked skin.

3d tattoo 09

Photograph of an impressive design. The way the skin has been torn is very realistic and the perspective and background that the tattoo is provided with are perfect.

3d tattoo 17

Bloody tattoo with what looks like gunshots spilling blood.

3d tattoo 47

Without a doubt, in this image design and meaning come together, since it seems to be a person who tries to achieve something but cannot because of the obstacles he has.

3d tattoo 37

A unique design, achieved because it has been tattooed only in a white tone that is little used but with a result, as can be seen, with a lot of character.

3d tattoo 19

Spectacular face of this boy.

3d tattoo 40

Biomechanical design that appears to show a robotic gear under the youth’s forearm.

3d tattoo 38

Nice eye in which a child’s face is reflected.

3d tattoo 35

Although the blade perspective and shading are correct, the blood is unrealistic, it should be much darker and not as thick.

3d tattoo 50

Incredible image of what several warriors look like, it is important that we look at the use of space and the perspective which is impeccable.

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