48 Tattoos Featuring Symbol Motifs

Symbol tattoos are an almost infinite category, but we can explain one main reason why they attract so many people. This is because symbols are a simple way to represent a value, an idea, a meaning in a simple way and with a finish that is attractive, that is, it does not require tattooing a large element or a shape that does not we feel comfortable, it is simply tattooed and with an original result in most cases.

On the other hand, what the symbols offer is a little more privacy, since some mystery is achieved because many people will not know the why of that symbol, they will simply know it if you are willing to explain it, that’s why it is created a feeling of more privacy about our design.

As many symbols as existing categories and it is that we can name some of them such as: Celts, Vikings, Egyptians (and all the cultures that occur to us); love, friendship, terror (and all the feelings that come to mind); and a very long etc. So if we tried to list all the number of existing symbols we would fail in the attempt.

Another advantage of symbol tattoos is that they offer one item that many people are concerned about: size. This is because a small symbol, as long as the shape and details are appreciated, can express the same as a large one, because the size does not matter in this case, but the symbol itself and what it represents.

A current that has taken on a lot of force lately is the tattooing of the same design by two or more people. Some couples do it and also couples or groups of friends, to show the importance of the bond that unites them, so a design with these characteristics is a good option.

In my opinion, symbol tattoos usually have a more powerful result when they are tattooed only in a black tone, so the focus will be on the symbol, its essence and what you want to convey, that is, more in that which is intended to be shown, the meaning itself. If color is added, it could be lost that the person who observes it focuses only on what they want to communicate.

Finally to say that, it is important to search either on the internet or books for the meaning of a symbol and contrast it in different sources to be sure that what we are going to tattoo has that meaning. Although innovating in this space will not be as easy as when it comes to other categories, we can always look for symbols that are less common or less known that surely have very powerful meanings although they are not as well known by people in general; This can work in our favor, since once again we will get a more personal design and of which not everyone has to know the meaning.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and you still don’t know what to do, here we bring you an interesting gallery with the most curious symbol tattoos. Animals, objects, flowers and trademarks. You will have a choice, trust us.

tattoo symbol photo 18

If you’re expecting a baby, get these baby booty symbols tattooed

tattoo symbol photo 03

Tribal symbols or stars are heavily tattooed on the legs and arms by men

tattoo symbol photo 07

We see that this is the star image of the previous tattoo but simpler.

11 tattoos symbols

A simple tribal motif.

08 tattoos symbols

Accompany your tattooed symbol with the initials of your name

10 tattoos symbols

Symbol just above the ankle.

tattoo symbol photo 02

The back is the best place to tattoo a symbol like this

14 tattoos symbols

Dolls are one of the favorite places for initials symbol tattoos in 2016. This person has tattooed the Hindu OM symbol in blue.

29 tattoos symbols

Care symbols in black tone.

tattoo symbol photo 16

A skull on the feet is a very original symbol to wear tattooed and accompanied by a phrase that occupies both feet.

tattoo symbol photo

You can carry spiritual symbols tattooed on the neck and arms

tattoo symbol photo 11

Oriental characters within a symbol that appears to be a sun.

18 tattoos symbols

Color up your symbol tattoo, like these made in 2016. Hindu style tattoo highlighting the OM symbol.

09 tattoos symbols

A symbol in green and yellow tones accompanied by details in black tone.

tattoo symbol photo 15

A small letter behind the ear or a large letter on the back can be a good symbol to tattoo

tattoo symbol photo 17

They do not need to be very ornate symbols, it is enough with something that you identify with and that has a personal meaning for you.

13 tattoos symbols

A funny monkey is a very original and cheerful symbol tattoo

04 tattoos symbols

Sometimes curious tattoo symbols have a hidden meaning

02 tattoos symbols

It seems that it is a tattoo that has been recently made by the red around it.

12 tattoos symbols

Steering wheel printed in blue and black tones and with shading that works very well.

28 tattoos symbols

The heart and stars are one of the most used symbols for tattoos in 2016. Two hands shake hands so that love triumphs, which is undoubtedly the motor that moves us every day. Thank God I’m very much in love so I could perfectly tattoo this design.

15 tattoos symbols

This looks like the Star of David which is also known as “Seal of Solomon” or “Shield of David” behind the ear.

23 tattoos symbols

Triangle in red and black tones.

07 tattoos symbols

Numbers are also curious symbols for tattooing

tattoo symbol photo 01

Tribal style, this symbol tattoo on the esplada is the most

22 tattoos symbols

Tattooed stars and circles, geometry is also worn on the skin

27 tattoos symbols

Three rings in blue, dark green and black tones printed in a very careful way.

20 tattoos symbols

Too many stars in my opinion on this design.

tattoo symbol photo 19

Dragon symbol tattoo tattooed on a man’s back in 2016

17 tattoos symbols

Different symbol tattoos on the back

24 tattoos symbols

The leading figure of the Canadian flag.

tattoo symbol photo 05

The symbols are one of the most chosen designs to be printed by couples or friends, since it is simple and easy to tattoo in a similar way to have something printed in common.

tattoo symbol photo 09

Seal your love with this heart symbol tattoo on the ankle

30 tattoos symbols

Your name in abstract letters can also be a good symbol tatoo to wear

tattoo symbol photo 06

Black symbol with a red outline around it.

16 tattoos symbols

Music, astrology or planets have their place in symbol tattoos made in 2016

21 tattoos symbols

Blue star with an anchor in the middle and several Chinese characters strategically located in each of the corners of the drawing.

tattoo symbol photo 14

We find no explanation for these symbols.

26 tattoos symbols

A planet with rings around it and stars next to it.

03 tattoos symbols

Your initials are beautiful symbols that you can tattoo

tattoo symbol photo 04

Or a simple cross if you are religious.

01 tattoos symbols

The nape is a good area to print symbols that are small or medium in size because they adapt very naturally.

19 tattoos symbols

Or the Pi symbol, why not?

25 tattoos symbols

Tattoos with symbols on the wrists or chest that only you will know their meaning

tattoo symbol photo 13

A little strange or strange tattoo on this man’s chest made up of 3 circles of extraordinary thickness. Two circles together in the heart area and one separated slightly below.

tattoo symbol photo 10

Different symbol tattoos with stars. Although a priori it may look like a star of David, it is very similar but it is not exactly that. It is a pagan or inverted pentagram and has always been related to magic and misterior.

tattoo symbol photo 08

Other symbols to make them on the back and neck. It is only a sun within a cross. Sunrays have been exchanged for the structure of the star.

tattoo symbol photo 12

Original symbol tattoo done on a man’s shoulder. In this case they are again a Cross, a triangle that symbolizes harmony and creativity among others. At the top we see a hand that is holding a key. We are not sure but to symbolize that each person has the key to creativity and harmony in their life.

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