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Tattoos have served countless things throughout the lives of people, some of the most important meanings for which some designs have been tattooed have been: love, so that people tattoo the date on which they they knew, the name of their beloved, a heart with the name, an unfinished tattoo that is completed by joining with the other person; the death of a loved one for which he is honored or remembered in this way, tattooing his face or date of death; a son, his baby's face or his baby's hand is tattooed, gripping the adult's; a mother, the classic "mother's love" within a heart … They all have one thing in common: the importance of relationships between people, of the bonds that are created between them.

initial tattoo 43

Very simple this on the wrist.

Initial tattoos are one of the best ways to refer to these human relationships we are talking about and the importance of the links that are created between them. It is a discreet and elegant way to take with us a person for life. This does not mean that only initials of people who have died are tattooed, since sometimes the initials of the couple or a friend are tattooed for example. The variety offered within this category is somewhat limited, but you can represent the letters of the initials with different styles, which can also show some personality traits of the person, that is, with letters with a more serious style or with an informal style.

initial tattoo 35

The doll is one of the most chosen body parts to make these types of designs.

initial tattoo 34

The doll is a perfect area to print initials or short words.

Although as we have mentioned before, with initial tattoos there is no reference only to dead people, in many cases it is one of the reasons why they are represented. This is an elegant way to remember someone forever and take it with yourself. There are many people who tattoo their grandparents' initials for example, since a very special bond is created between grandson and grandfather and this way can be a way to remember that special person.

initial tattoo 08

Two initials colored in bluish tones in a slightly pompous style.

In conclusion, if we feel strongly linked to a person, we can always tattoo this type of design. Personally, I consider that they have a more powerful result if they are not accompanied by other elements, since the simplicity of this type of design is precisely what reinforces its meaning. On the other hand, the area where they can be printed also offers many possibilities, since they are usually small; that personally is what I recommend, because if you tattoo in large dimensions the meaning is blurred. The most common areas are usually limbs, wrist, ankle, etc. However, there is a growing current and there are people who tattoo it on the neck. Whatever the person, if we have that feeling of a special bond and we want to remember it forever, a design of the initials of his name is a good alternative.

Now that we know a little more about these designs we will see different examples. Alone or accompanied by other drawings. It is a good idea to tattoo your initials or those of a loved one.

initial tattoo 32

The name of a girl called "Elliot" who is accompanied by a small heart.

initial tattoo 15

A B accompanied by stars, musical notes and even a halo. Represents the love for music and the aura can symbolize religiosity, someone who believes in the divine.

initial tattoo 07

A beautiful tattoo that does not stay in the simplet of the initial, but has several motifs that adorn it like flowers and butterflies.

initial tattoo 01

Curious image of several designs that seem to have little connection between them.

initial tattoo 21

Two letters next to two tracks. L and K which are the first and last name. The footprints are person and small so they belong to a baby.

initial tattoo 26

These initials are accompanied by a date and small colored stars.

initial tattoo 11

The style of these initials is very simple, on the inside of the forearm.

initial tattoo 06

This style of letters, reminiscent of the old letters so it is ornate and pompous of its lines that in this case join those of some letters with others creating a beautiful result. In this we see different initials that seem to come out of a pretty red heart.

initial tattoo 28

This is simple and discreet, on the wrist.

initial tattoo 40

Another small tattoo. Two initials in the hand.

initial tattoo 31

Two big ones cover this boy's forearm.

initial tattoo 19

This one is in the instep. We see again that normally girls choose to decorate tattoos of this type with other reasons, which do not recharge the tattoo but complement it perfectly.

initial tattoo 33

Photograph of a clumsy tattoo with areas where you can see a clear little firm pulse by the tattoo artist.

initial tattoo 25

Original this design.

initial tattoo 05

The initials that these people wear are on two simple wings and tattooed on the wrist.

initial tattoo 12

Here the angel stands out, but we can also see two small initials.

initial tattoo 42

The doll is an ideal place for the initials because it is a small and discreet place.

initial tattoo 29

Tattoo behind the ear.

initial tattoo 37

This cannot be simpler even if the size is a bit large.

initial tattoo 02

The letters are usually printed in Gothic styles like those that can be seen this time.

initial tattoo 38

A star with an M and the letters A and H on this young man's arms.

initial tattoo 16

We don't know what typeface it is, but the design itself has nothing special that we can highlight.

initial tattoo 03

Smaller tattoos. The latter on the finger. We see how the chosen size depends on the tastes of the person.

initial tattoo 18

This guy has chosen to get a tattoo on his back.

initial tattoo 36

Although the initials are somewhat more confusing, the result is more original.

initial tattoo 23

Image of a simple design printed in a uniform black tone.

initial tattoo 41

Very small this in which the two initials are joined and decorated by a small red heart.

initial tattoo 14

Originally printed heart with shading and glitter, also forming the infinity symbol to symbolize that love will never end and last forever.

initial tattoo 22

Four leaf clover next to two letters "S" and "I".

initial tattoo 10

EKT, they look like the letters that have been printed this time. They can be the name and two surnames of the person he loves or one of his children.

initial tattoo 24

Nice tattoo on the ankle that seems to have tattooed the name "gaga" that may be in relation to the singer.

initial tattoo 30

The lyrics of this are Gothic style.

initial tattoo 20

A double R represented in capital letters behind this man's ear. It can be a first and last name or even a person who has two names.

initial tattoo 04

With an A, a butterfly and a leaf.

initial tattoo 27

As we have seen, tattoos of this type are usually small and are usually done in smaller areas of the body.

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