42 Photos with tattoos on the inside of the lip

On many occasions, trying to be original with a tattoo is quite complicated, all over the world people tattoo their skin, it is something that we humans have been doing for thousands of years, obviously, techniques have changed, fashions, cultures , etc. We are no longer surprised to see tattoos on the arms, wrists, ankles, legs, nape or back, perhaps it is more surprising to see tattoos on the lips, and I want to talk a little about that.


Lip tattoos have become very popular in recent years, unlike other parts of the body are tattoos with which you have to take greater precautionary measures, since it is a very sensitive area and we are always using it. When you decide to tattoo your lip you should be aware that you have to follow some pretty strict behavior guidelines, at least during the first days, you cannot drink acidic or carbonated drinks, the use of mouthwashes is not recommended, it is important to keep the tattoo as dry as possible (somewhat difficult because we usually wet our lips continuously) and closely related With this, it is convenient not to pass the tongue through the tattoo area. Like other parts of the body when tattooed, the lips can become inflamed, if the inflammation continues and becomes severe, it is best to visit the GP or a dermatologist. It seems that what I am telling is serious, but once you get the tattoo, if you have precaution there should be no problems of any kind and you will be able to wear the tattoo without any impediment.

And what does a tattoo look like on the lips if it is not visible on the lips? Well, very simple, opening your lips and showing it. The lips have the dimension they have and therefore, no room for great compositions so, in the event that you decide to get a tattoo you can choose between symbols, emblems, small words with simple fonts, flowers or stars, it is clear that the tattoo artist will try to draw you what you want but it will be very difficult to tattoo the Santiago Bernabéu with every detail on your lips.

Being difficult to play with the sizes, due to the dimensions of the lips, some people play with the words tattooing for example: bite me, kiss me, dangerous area, etc. A tattoo on the lip that could look quite good, and at the same time being fun is a set formed by waves symbolizing the wind and a treadmill in the desert, it would be a fun way to demonstrate the little success in the world of flirting and flirtation.

Tattoos, although they have become another form of fashion, are more than that, it is important not to get carried away by fashions, and more if we decide to tattoo a sensitive area of ​​the body such as the lips, Try to make decisions for yourself and be aware of the risk that they can entail.

With the word “crazy” on the inside of the lip. Most designs on this part of the body are initials or words with few letters.


Now the tattooed word is “NCL”


Made with black ink on the lip.




Most of these designs are black on the inside of the lower lip.



With the word “Kempen” on the bottom lip.


It is the first tattoo we see on the upper or upper lip.


This woman has both lips tattooed. The top one with the word “past” and the bottom one with the word “future”





This tattoo is of a man.



Another guy with a lipstick tattoo of letters or phrase.



Magnificent design or motif on the lower lip with the word peace. We all want peace in the world and we all have to achieve it.



Musical tattoo dedicated to 2pac, the singer.



Most are made with letters since any other design would be quite complicated.




On the inner or lower lip with a date



With the word love in English.





Another design with the word “love”


We better not translate these words!


I do not like this photo at all with this design. The letters are not well tattooed. Maybe it’s just a temporary one.



Tattoo with the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend and a small heart next to it. We don’t know who “Lernami” is. Maybe it’s her boyfriend or her son.


Design with black letters on the lip with the letters ATL. We don’t know what they mean.


Tattoo image with the word “Stench” for the lip.


Bottom or bottom lip design


Small heart on the inside or inside of the lip. “Heart hurts” is what I understand this design to symbolize.


And the last two images …


This boy has a diamond on his bottom lip. Hiding a tattoo more is impossible!


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