40 aggressive and dangerous panther tattoos

Panther designs are an element that we can not leave without mentioning and that deserve a few lines about it. As for the color, it is a design that makes it easy for the artist, since black will be the predominant color of the work, yes, if you want to achieve realism regarding the fur of the animal, you will need an extra effort apart from technique. by the tattoo artist.

Most of the time, the animal appears roaring (on these occasions it is usually tattooed only the head of the animal) and, on other occasions, the entire body of the panther is tattooed (which offers many possibilities in terms of body shape , position, etc.). Because if we want to focus on the facial expression of the animal, or we want a more general design of the animal, in which the shapes and movements of the body of the animal can be appreciated, we must choose one area or another of the body in which the design It fits in the most natural way possible.

This feline is related to values ​​such as: elegance, ferocity, strength, courage, bravery, power… As you can see, people who have tattooed this animal have to feel identified with the values ​​described above, which means that it will be about struggling people with the ability to improve themselves.

Important is that the concept of elegance has to be highlighted, which is a concept to which we are not used to appearing. It is especially relevant to speak about elegance in this context because the values ​​of ferocity or strength together with elegance completely change the meaning. This is because people who identify with this animal, can feel with courage, power, bravery, but this does not mean that they do it by stepping on others, that is, overcoming and overcoming oneself is a battle. alone and ideals are not to be pursued by stepping on others. This refers to the nobility, loyalty to oneself, values ​​that I personally consider very important.

Although the above explained is one of the meanings that a person can feel attracted to, there are some on the opposite side and that is, the panther is also related to values ​​such as aggressiveness or dangerousness.

Another element different from those discussed above, is that this feline is also related to the guiding spirit, capable of guiding throughout our lives and includes another element, being able to control the overwhelming power of a beast, that is, unites the concepts of guidance and control.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an elegant animal that identifies with some of the meanings discussed so far, the panther can be a good choice and the result to be achieved with great variations, if we decide to tattoo the head or the entire body of the animal as previously discussed.

Panthers are another of the most tattooed animals. Let’s now see some images of these animals tattooed on both men and women.

panther tattoo 15

We open our mouths in our gallery with this fantastic very realistic tattoo of a panther that seems to be pouncing with its claws out and showing its fangs in a most fierce and striking image.

panther tattoo 32

Tiger and panther, in the twins. Striking colors and strategically placed to make it look like they are fighting each other or ready for it. A very original and well thought out design.

panther tattoo 01

The same animal in the whole arm. It seems to be a kind of hybrid between a panther and a goat, with a snake’s tongue. It may be a free interpretation of a chimera, Greek mythological creature.

panther tattoo 52

This girl in the picture in case you do not know her is the famous singer of the group Spice Girls, specifically Gery Halliwell, one of those who after the breakup of the group continued her career in solo music. In the image we see how he has two small tattoos on his back, the one that concerns us here is the one that is in the lower back of a small panther.

panther tattoo 39

More cats. It is not the first time that we see that the tattoos of the family of cats are mixed, in this case we see again a panther in an attack position and quite furious along with the calm face of a leopard.

panther tattoo 50

This design is simpler than the previous ones, we only see the black head of a panther. The strokes are simple and perhaps too simplistic, but it is still beautiful due to the intense black color.

panther tattoo 45

This girl shows us her beautiful footprint of a panther, which is made in grayish tones and with a marked shading. The design is located over the area of ​​his left shoulder blade.

panther tattoo 46

This man has his entire chest tattooed with different designs. One of them the face of a panther somewhat strange, and I say strange because I do not consider that the quality of the drawing is very good. Perhaps he wanted to give it that different touch and a little poorly done, but compared to the other designs that he has perfectly made, I do not find much explanation.

panther tattoo 23

Aggressive position of the animal that seems to attack us, we would take it more seriously if the dimensions of the animal had been respected, as you can see it has not been done if you look at the head.

panther tattoo 42

Small and on the arm, in which we can see what is presumably a panther with the posture of climbing up the arm of this man. It may be too small for this person’s big arm.

panther tattoo 27

It covers the entire lower part of this girl’s leg in which we see a completely black design of the silhouette and outline of a black panther. It is certainly captivating and sexy.

panther tattoo 29

Panther tattooed with fluorescent ink with an original result that draws our attention. Choosing this type of ink is not something very common, so this is a very curious and unique tattoo that will not leave anyone indifferent.

panther tattoo 53

Very realistic image of the head of this black panther and that is unfinished by what we appreciate in the leaves that appear around the animal, so surely the final design will be even more impressive.

panther tattoo 05

Very original design of two panther heads on both knees. The one on the left leg seems to resemble a jaguar, while the one on the right leg is undoubtedly a beautiful black panther.

panther tattoo 02

Flower, panther and butterfly. Old School style colors with a somewhat forced and unnatural layout. The concept of the design itself is somewhat strange, because the head of the panther appears on the butterfly, from which the rose seems to sprout.

panther tattoo 40

Drawing of a panther with its mouth open on all sides. For sure, this is only the beginning of the tattoo, and from this sketch the colors will begin to be applied to finish the design, which is located on the side, one of the most painful areas of the body to be tattooed.

panther tattoo 47

Pretty little panther in what appears to be the center of the lower back. Presumably it is a quite feminine design, and also with quite a level of detail.

panther tattoo 18

We can see that flowers are introduced on many occasions and the reason is that it offers a nice contrast between the color of these and the black color of the animal’s skin.

panther tattoo 31

We see two more new images in which the colors used are those of the Old School style, mixing a large amount of black ink with more striking ones such as red and yellow.

panther tattoo 17

More panthers with their mouths open as a sign of attack.

panther tattoo 19

In this case it is the tattooed fist, with a somewhat worn black panther head to be added.

panther tattoo 26

A panther that seems to be climbing on the arm and with white gloss that give body to the design.

panther tattoo 22

This time we can see how the animal seems to be approaching us in a defiant attitude.

panther tattoo 37

Head of a panther in colored ink above the knee, a wide area that supports large designs.

panther tattoo 48

Nice and simple.

panther tattoo 43

Original design of a panther and an eagle that covers the entire chest of a man.

panther tattoo 33

Panther tattooed on the headpanther tattoo 21

Bad choice of tones this time, since instead of a panther it seems to be a fox.

panther tattoo 12

More panther heads, this time with Asian influence no doubt.

panther tattoo 36

Creepy design of a slim black panther with green eyes that seems to be in an aggressive position about to attack.

panther tattoo 07

Very realistic and beautiful design with blue glitters that give an impressive result.

panther tattoo 08

This is spectacular. A panther and the pyramids of Egypt.

panther tattoo 16

Head of a panther in black tones accompanied by an element that contrasts with black, a red flower that has been collected very intelligently.

panther tattoo 49

Two small ones on the fingers of the hand.

panther tattoo 35

Worn out black panther design that seems to tear at this person’s skin.

panther tattoo 24

More panthers showing their claws.

panther tattoo 51

This boy has the entire upper body tattooed and in the center we can see the head of a panther.

panther tattoo 41

This boy has one on his neck where he puts a panther but we don’t see the animal.

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